Chapter 0414 The Arena…

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While Amon was fighting a ‘Spirit Smoke’ on the first floor of the atrium and Graham was slaying the ‘Spirit Smokes’ with his holy sword in a part of the assembly hall arena… in fact, a more gruesome battle was taking place in another part of the assembly hall.


In the east side audience seating area.

There, guests from the eastern countries of the Dark Continent were beginning to evacuate outside the assembly hall.

The ‘Chief’ and other senior guests had already left the auditorium, but three-quarters of the guests were still there.



“Hey, the Spider monster is here!”

A scream rose from the audience seating area.

The unmistakably grotesque creature, with the face of Cardinal Sacharias on its head, the face of the Pope on its abdomen, and the faces of the four bishops on the knees of its four legs, approached the east-side auditorium rapidly from the arena.


Then they chanted. The knees.


“<Fire Cannon>”

“<Fire Cannon>”

“<Fire Cannon>”

“<Fire Cannon>”


Four voices echoed from the Spider monster.

It was four Fire Cannons firing in rapid succession.


When already, the <Fire Cannon> magic shoots ten balls of flame in rapid succession.

Multiplied by four.



With just a single quadruple volley, ten percent of the audience seats were reduced to rubble.

Even those who quickly defended themselves were not unscathed.

The balls of flame shot in rapid succession were a menace, but the destructive power of each ball was also very high…


“What the hell is this magic…?”

“We can’t block them with our gauntlets…”

“If only we have enchantments…”

“Hey, where’s Kinme-dono?”

“Kinme-dono is already outside protecting the ‘Chief’…”



The guests were forced to fight amidst a grueling evacuation…




The carnage which could be described as a massacre of the guests from the eastern countries, was clearly visible to the cardinals and archbishops.

But none of them could afford to offer to help.

Even Graham, who was getting fed up with the endless ‘Spirit Smokes’ that appeared no matter how many he slashed.


“That spider monster is definitely not a creation of man… Then, perhaps the power of a holy sword could be of some use.”

No one replied to Graham’s muttering.


The only one who could make an effective attack against the ‘Spirit Smokes’ was Graham with his holy sword.


Stefania, who had only been praying from behind, moved as if she had steeled her resolve.

She took out one of the three holy swords from the bag on the ground and picked it up.


“Chief Stefania!”


The Inquisition officers, her subordinates, exclaimed in astonishment.


It is said that if a holy sword is held by a person it doesn’t recognize as its master, it will absorb their magic power or even their life force.

The three holy swords on the ground now were swords that had been without a master for a long time.



Stefania took one of them, and even pulled the sword from its scabbard.


But nothing happened.


That’s a good thing.


Holy swords basically don’t glow like magic swords.


The fact that Stefania didn’t collapse from being drained of her strength…


“Seems you’ve temporarily approved of me as your master, huh.”

Stefania’s muttering was heard by the Inquisition officers around her.


Then Stefania ran to Graham.



“Graham-sama, I’m here to help!”


Thus began Graham and Stefania’s sword performance.



Stefania is the head of the Inquisition.

In some cases, situations arise in which the Inquisition must forcefully bring wayward priests before the Inquisition.

In such cases, the chief who leads the Inquisition cannot be weak in close combat.


The previous chief, in particular, was known as a vampire hunter and had fought with vampires that are overwhelmingly superior to humans.

His successor, Stefania, must not be weak.



In fact, the skills of her predecessor, Graham, wielding the holy sword before Stefania’s eyes, was brilliant.



A relatively safe fight, though he seemed to be wielding his sword not at full strength, but with a great deal of leeway.



Stefania also wielded her sword, not quite surpassing him, but almost as good.


“Stefania, you have improved your skill.”

“Thank you, Graham-sama.”


Compared to the situation where Graham was fighting alone up until now, the number of people fighting with the Holy Sword had doubled.

He now had some breathing room.



But still, if asked if he could break through the ‘Spirit Smokes’ in the arena and go to the rescue of the guests from the Eastern Countries, it would be impossible.


Perhaps, at that very moment, the remaining cardinals and archbishops, and possibly the priests in the audience seats behind them, would be attacked by the ‘Spirit Smokes’…


(It seems cruel, but the people I need to protect the most right now are not the guests. But the priests here.)

Graham had already made up his mind.

It was probably the same for Stefania, who was swinging her sword next to him.

The fact she didn’t suggest, “Let’s go help them” already said it all.

She, too, was calmly analyzing the situation.



It was a painful decision obviously.



They hoped something or someone would appear to change the situation.


Such a convenient thing won’t happen, and such a person won’t appear… they know that.


Even Graham was aware of his desire for such a heroic being.


“What a foolish desire.”

He mocked himself.

But despite his self-mockery, he couldn’t deceive himself.


Even though he was considerably younger, he had absolute faith in Roman the Hero because he never gave up at any point and often discovered breakthroughs in resolving problems.


But there was no more hero.



“If the guests from the eastern countries perish, we will be next.”

The Central Countries delegation, directly across from them, put up a solid defense and withstood the ‘Spirit Smokes’.


That was because the command capabilities of each of the three countries were extremely high.

Also, the fact that there were several holy sword-wielders probably played a big factor.

Although the audience seats didn’t seem like they would be easy to defend, it didn’t seem like they would collapse just yet.


If he were that spider monster, he would most likely choose the priests as his next target.

Since they are probably easier to crush.

“Damn, we’re still not out of the water yet…”


A heroic and powerful being who can break out of this situation…


Graham was thinking that when he looked to the west, where the audience had already retreated and the seats were vacant…



Only to lay eyes on four adventurers.


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