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WM V2C0420 Part 2

Chapter 0420 Movement in the East Part 2

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


Near the eastern border of the Kingdom.

Belonging to the Gecko Trading Company’s main branch in Rune, the Third Caravan, assigned to the eastern border, consisted of three freight carriages moving along.


“Finally, we can return to Rune…”

“Haha… It must have been hard on you, Chloe.”

In response to the murmurs of Chloe, the leader of the escort team, caravan head Evans chuckled.


Chloe knew.

Evans may speak kindly, but deep down, he didn’t truly think that way.


Evans is a merchant.

He’s become a man almost entirely driven by instinct to maximize profits by pushing the limits.

Of course, he’s willing to put himself in danger for the sake of his comrades and subordinates in the company, but at the same time, he loves making profits.



So she can’t afford to let her guard down.



“Still… it doesn’t feel right to be traveling like this with a virtually empty cargo.”

(See, I knew it! )

Chloe muttered to herself in response to Evans’ words.


Indeed, traveling with mostly empty freight carriages was an uncommon occurrence.

Moving with no cargo was not advantageous for the caravan.

After all, it meant there would be nothing to sell upon arrival at their destination.


But this time, they had no choice.


“It can’t be helped, Evans. There was nothing available for purchase in Hafrena City. In their current state… even our supplies were barely sufficient for them.”

“That’s true. Since the city was accommodating so many refugees… Thanks to that, the government bought up all the food we brought at a high price.”


The sales amounted to a considerable sum.


Leaving everyone in the caravan with satisfied faces.

Upon returning to Rune, they were sure to receive a physical special allowance.


“Besides, who would have thought that the Kingdom Knights would be present. Hafrena is the central city of Viscount Hafrena’s territory, and it’s quite well-defended compared to the surrounding cities. With the large number of refugees it accommodated… it makes me wonder if it was designated as a defense point.”

“That’s possible. There were even a couple of company commanders among them. Wonder if it’s going to turn into a battlefield…”

Chloe pointed out, and Evans responded, recalling the details.



By the way, the personnel composition of the Third Caravan consisted of six company members, nine guards, and three freight carriages.

With two company members and three guards per carriage, the ratio of guards was quite high.


This was because they often traversed areas with poor security along the eastern border.

Making it the basic personnel configuration for the Gecko Trading Company’s caravans in the eastern border area.



“Still, it surprised me that the First Caravan had already delivered goods to Hafrena city. I wonder where they got their information from…”

“Well, that’s because Zieg-san leads the First Caravan. He’s always ahead of the game when it comes to gathering information around the eastern border.”

Chloe nodded repeatedly at Evans’ response.


“Nevertheless, the eastern border feels quite ominous, doesn’t it? Not as much as beyond the border, but… Half of the refugees in Hafrena are said to have fled from the Union territory. Moreover, it’s the first time we’ve received orders to return to the main headquarters in Rune…”



The Gecko Trading Company’s main headquarters in Rune had been urging the caravans traversing the eastern border area to return to Rune as soon as possible.

They even used hawks for communication.


Because of this, Evans decided to depart with empty carriages.

If there hadn’t been orders to return, he might have tried to arrange cargo by any means possible….


In that regard, Chloe was relieved.

While Caravan Head Evans was certainly competent in many respects, he was by no means omnipotent.



“The First Caravan left before us, didn’t it? They were quite ahead of us.”

“Yeah, they did. About four or five hours earlier, I think? They left with the patrol team scouting the surroundings.”

“If they went out with the patrol team, they’re less likely to be attacked. They’re quite shrewd, aren’t they?”

Chloe expressed admiration from the perspective of the guard captain.


Evans chuckled as he responded.

“Well, I suppose that’s true… Besides, with someone like Luce in the first caravan, not even ordinary bandits would dare to touch them.”

“True… both Luce and you, Evans, are a bit too strong.”

“Strong, huh…”

Evans sighed heavily in response to Chloe’s assertion.




About thirty minutes after the Third Caravan left Hafrena city…


A man riding a horse hurriedly approached from the front.


It seemed that he didn’t have business with the Third Caravan, so they passed each other.

However, even as they passed, the man on horseback glanced at the flag carried by the Third Caravan.



A city illuminated by moonlight… the Gecko Trading Company’s flag.



After passing each other, the man on horseback turned his horse around and returned.

“Something wrong?”

“He was staring at the company’s flag the whole time.”

Chloe asked, and Evans answered.


The man on horseback, looking agitated, said from atop his horse.


“I’m from the patrol team. Members of the Gecko Trading Company, just like you, are fighting up ahead!”


With just those words, he turned his horse around again and galloped towards Hafrena city.




“Yeah. All escort members, get on the carriages. Head to the rescue at full speed!”


The entire Third Caravan, with everyone on the carriages, raced forward at full speed.



To save their comrades!




“Evans, look!”

Chloe, the leader of the escort, pointed to Evans, who was driving the lead wagon.


In the area she indicated, all three carriages were already broken, and over twenty people had fallen.


“Engaged in combat? Why!?”

Evans couldn’t help but exclaim.


Currently fighting were six individuals.


Five men wearing red light armor, resembling knights against…


Evans shouted again.


The only one fighting was Zieg, the head of the First Caravan.

But in the next moment.


Zieg was blown away.



“Shit. <Ice Wall Package>.”



Finally within range of Evans’ magic, he cast.


Ice walls surrounded the five knights in red armor from all sides and above.

It wasn’t a spell meant to defeat them but to hinder their movements and rescue allies.


As the three carriages of the Third Caravan arrived, Evans, Chloe, and all the caravan and escort members disembarked with potions in hand.


Then they rushed to the fallen.



Evans ran first to a young boy of about fifteen.



It seemed Luce had been stabbed in the abdomen with a sword.

And the wound was quite deep.


“Eva… a member of the patrol team… rushed out… couldn’t create Ice Wall…”

“It’s okay, don’t talk!”

Interrupting Luce, Evans poured half of the potion directly onto the wound on his abdomen.

Then he brought it to Luce’s mouth.

“It’s a potion, drink it.”

Following Evans’ instructions, Luce obediently took small sips.


As he drank, the wound on his stomach seemed to glow slightly, indicating that it was healing.


As he continued to drink, his breathing began to stabilize.

He’s probably going to be okay!


At this moment, Evans finally felt relieved.



Due to losing quite a bit of blood, Luce would likely find it difficult to move, but his life had been saved.

Looking around, potions were being distributed.


The Gecko Trading Company’s caravans kept a considerable amount of potions in stock.

They knew that just one potion could save a person’s life.


And this time, it seemed to have saved quite a few lives.


“Fifteen members of the First Caravan, and five patrol members, we managed to make it in time.”

Upon hearing the report from Chloe, Evans nodded vigorously.

The rush with the carriages had paid off.



“But those knights in red armor…”

The five knights enclosed within the ice wall.

They were trying to break the <Ice Wall>…


“I wonder what they are, really? Are they even human? They seem to lack expression or emotional fluctuation…”

Evans muttered.

Hearing that, Chloe also nodded.


While trying to break the <Ice Wall>, their expressions weren’t angry.

‘Expressionless’ was the perfect word to describe them.



However, the strength behind their sword swings against the ice wall, and the sharpness of their thrusts were quite something.



“It’s only a matter of time before it breaks…”

Evans could tell because he had cast the <Ice Wall>.

At this rate, it would likely be broken in less than two minutes.



And the situation was beginning to change.



“Boss! Something’s approaching up ahead!”

A caravan member pointed in the direction of the north and shouted.


Indeed, there was rising sand smoke, indicating something was approaching.


Whatever it was, it wasn’t an enemy they wanted to fight.


They had rescued their comrades.

And even helped those who weren’t their comrades.


Since their objective was achieved, they had to retreat.


The problem was where to retreat to…

Anywhere other than Hafrena city was too far.



“There’s no choice. Everyone, get on the carriages. We’re heading back to Hafrena city!”



Thus, the Third Caravan of the Gecko Trading Company’s Rune Headquarters retreated after saving the First Caravan and the patrol members of Hafrena.


Back to the city of Hafrena that they had come from moments ago.




“Evans-dono, I am grateful for your aid in saving our patrolmen.”

Bowing her head was Viscountess Mirabel Power of Hafrena.

Having just come of age this year at eighteen.

She had dull blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a face that exuded both seriousness and intelligence.



Due to the turmoil from the Eastern Unrest three years ago to the Kingdom Liberation War, many noble families in the eastern part of the Kingdom were extinguished.

The House of Viscount Hafrena was no exception. All direct descendants were gone, and the territory was on the verge of being confiscated by the royal family.

But then a young girl stepped forward.


Mirabel, who had served as a priestess in the temple of Hafrena city.

Revealed herself as the illegitimate child of the previous Viscount of Hafrena.


Proof of her status, sealed in a letter and entrusted to the temple for emergencies, along with the testimony of the temple’s high priest, were presented to the royal family.


Since the royal family was also troubled by the extent of the extinction of eastern nobility, this petition was promptly processed, and Mirabel was reinstated with the surname ‘Power’ and officially appointed as Viscountess Hafrena.


That was two and a half years ago.


Since then, Mirabel had devoted herself entirely to the reconstruction of the territory centered around the city of Hafreina.

Having spent her childhood in the temple, she was inexperienced in governance.

Therefore, she gathered talented individuals.

Through the temple’s mediation, she succeeded in securing talents from the south and west.

As a result, the Viscountcy of Hafrena was able to develop at a considerable pace, even among the reconstruction areas in the east.


Currently, it is recognized as one of the central areas in the vicinity, even by the royal castle.


Thanks to that, even the Royal Knights had been dispatched this time, albeit only two companies of 100 men.



That same Viscountess Hafrena herself bowed to Evans, a mere merchant.



“No, my lady. Please, raise your head. It was only natural for us to come to their aid since our comrades were also involved this time.”

Evans hastily replied.


As a merchant who travels near the eastern border, Evans is aware of the circumstances surrounding Viscountess Hafrena’s ascent to nobility and understands that it’s the result of her upbringing, having interacted with people from all walks of life since childhood at the temple.


However, even with that understanding.


The difference in status between a commoner like Evans and a noble like Mirabel is significant.

It’s only natural for him to feel flustered when a noble lowers their head to him in public.



In this flustered state, help arrives.

The two company commanders from the Royal Knights stationed in Hafrena city.


“Viscountess, everything is ready. Isn’t that Evans-dono from the Gecko Trading Company? Didn’t he leave just a moment ago?”

“Zack, they saved the patrol team. Didn’t you hear the report?”

Zack, a man addressed as such, expressed doubt upon Evans’ return, but another company commander explained.


“Yes, Commander Cooler, Commander Cobook, we are back again.”

Evans replied to the two Company Commanders of the Royal Knights.



They were Zack Cooler and Scotty Cobook, who also belonged to the ‘Second Sons Union’.



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