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WM V2C0437

Chapter 0437 All Fades into the Distance

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


The resounding clash of swords.


Ryo thrusts forward.

Taking another step and drawing the sword upwards in a motion resembling the character ‘U’, forcefully cutting upwards after the thrust.


He sliced off Garwin’s right wrist.


But it was a trap.


Abandoning his right hand, Garwin delivered a kick at a speed even Ryo couldn’t perceive, striking Ryo’s right leg.


Instinctively, Ryo took a step back with his left leg, creating distance.

The outer side of his right thigh was deeply cut.

Almost as if Garwin had concealed a blade in his toe, it was that deep…



Garwin must have judged that he wouldn’t be able to close the distance all at once, especially after injuring his leg.

He casually picked up the severed right hand from the ground and reattached it to his wrist.

Perhaps due to it being Erwin Ortiz’s body, it didn’t regenerate, but it seemed it could be easily reattached even if severed.


“That’s a cowardly move!”

Ryo pointed out.

“Well, even if you say that. That’s just how I am.”

Garwin retorted.



“<Complete Recovery>”

From afar, the voice of Demon Lord Nadia echoed, and magic rushed forth.

It was a healing spell aimed at Ryo through the ‘Long-Range Diffusion Mercy of the Goddess’.

In an instant, his injured right leg was restored.



“Well, you’re no saint either!”

Garwin pointed out.

“Even if you say so. This is all part of the Kingdom Army.”

Ryo retorted.



The battlefield now contained only Ryo and Garwin.

The ‘Phantom Soldiers’ created by Garwin had all disappeared, and his followers, Oranj and Isolde, lay defeated.

The only surviving Four General, Juke, remained within Erwin’s body…or so it seemed, as Garwin had possessed Erwin’s body and was now fighting with it.

Juke appeared to be still within Erwin’s body.




Garwin, considering the events that had unfolded so far, naturally finds some aspects perplexing.

(Slipping was due to ice forming on the ground. I understand that. The problem is becoming immobilized, all the <Gravity Rods> disappearing, and even the Phantom Soldiers fighting the Kingdom’s army vanishing. It should be viewed as having had my ‘power’ taken away…but how? Even Richard couldn’t do something like that.)


The answer is unknown.

But realistically, that’s not enough.

Something must be done. No one else will help.

(Well, whatever. There’s a solution.)


Taking a breath, he muttered.

“I just need to kill that magician.”


In reality, this answer wasn’t logical at all.

If this phenomenon was caused by alchemy, killing Ryo wouldn’t solve it.

However, killing Ryo and then ‘asking’ every one of the remaining humans might resolve it…


So, despite being completely illogical, it was a kind of solution to the problem.



There wasn’t just one answer.



For now…


“It seems… I have to assert myself with force after all.”

“If you have something to say, say it with your sword.”

Garwin laughed menacingly, and Ryo responded with a smirk.



Garwin closed the distance in one go.


Invading Ryo’s space, his opening move was an upward slash.


This was unexpected for Ryo.

Usually, the attack would come from above or with a thrust.


An upward slash was less common as an opening move.


Hence, his reaction was delayed.



He ended up taking the fully powered upward slash with Murasame…



Ryo, who is certainly not petite or frail, but slender compared to, say, a shield-bearer like Warren…took the slash without damage, but was blown away entirely.


If a force greater than Ryo’s entire mass is applied, there’s no choice but to be blown away.

If this was anticipated as an attack, there might have been a way to counter it before the force reached its peak, like redirecting the sword that was being lifted…



Ryo was sent flying.



Naturally, Garwin followed up with an attack.

Swiftly sprinting to where Ryo was blown, Garwin thrust his sword upward.




Ryo wasn’t there.


At that moment, Garwin leaped forward and, unexpectedly, took a defensive stance, rising back up.

It wasn’t a thought-out action.

His body moved unconsciously, driven by accumulated experience.


An ice sword sliced through where Garwin had been.


Garwin’s intuition was right.

And his intuition sounded another warning.

‘Watch out’.



Ryo, enveloped in fine water particles by <Water Jet Thruster>, appeared as if teleporting.

His first move was an upward slash, just like Garwin’s.


“Don’t underestimate me!”

Shouting angrily, Garwin completely parried Ryo’s upward slash and tried to counterattack.






The ice sword slipped through Garwin’s sword.



“No way.”

Garwin realized that the blade Ryo wielded was generated by magic, but…it was too late.


A single stroke.


Slashing from left waist to right shoulder.


Followed by a returning strike, severing the head.



(Dammit! No regeneration or rejoining! My power is indeed diminishing. But it’s not over yet, not by a long shot.)

Despite being decapitated, the body remained suspended in the air, facing Ryo directly.

Garwin chanted.



It was a spell to crush the target with abnormal gravity.





The gravity, akin to a pseudo-black hole, was generated but didn’t behave as expected.




This was an unexpected situation for Garwin too.

However, he soon realized.


The flow of magic power in this body was abnormal.


“I can’t control the magic power in this body? Juke?”

Addressing Juke, one of the Four Generals who had taken over the body of Erwin Ortiz and was controlling it, Garwin spoke and call out to him.



“This body… is mine… I won’t let you do as you please.”


His mouth moved, and those words were spoken.

But it wasn’t Garwin’s voice.


The voice of a young man, corresponding to the appearance…


“I can’t believe in this situation… it’s been snatched back by the duke brat…”

This time, it was Garwin’s voice.


From one body, the voices of a young man and a Djinn alternated.


And the young voice said…

“I am Erwin Ortiz, Duke of Shrewsbury, a noble of the Kingdom. I won’t allow you Djinn to have your way.”

“Dammit. Hey, Duke, let go of the magic power. If you keep this up, it’ll go out of control.”

Garwin’s voice sounded panicked in response to Erwin’s voice.



From an outsider’s perspective, it appears like one person playing two roles, creating a surreal scene…

However, Garwin, who understands the situation, was genuinely anxious.


Due to <Implosion>, abnormal gravity was occurring.

In this situation, half of the magic control had been lost. And the lost half was running wild.



Gravity bends space.


Even without knowing the theory of relativity, Garwin, who has used it many times before, knows that the two are closely related.

Thus, among the Djinn experts who handle gravity, some can bend space and teleport.


If this continues, the caster himself will be sent to some random space.





The rampaging magic power is drawn to a powerful force.

Like lightning striking a high place…


Could that powerful force be… the water-attribute magician who was fighting moments ago?

That’s certainly true, but rampaging magic power tends to gravitate toward objects rather than creatures like humans or Djinns.



One such object with immense power… was the absurd alchemy device that was healing the entire battlefield.

If the rampaging Implosion were to collide with it… would the surrounding area vanish…?

Or would it be sent somewhere else?



The nature of a rampaging spell is unpredictable.

Even for Garwin, who has been using this magic for a long time…



“Hey, you priests! Get away from that contraption! The rampaging magic power is being drawn to it!”

Garwin said earnestly, truly believing it to be the case.


Originally, he planned to collect Fragments of God in this eastern region of the Kingdom for his complete awakening… but that plan had been completely derailed.

Instead, he found himself in a situation where he couldn’t even move his own body.


Moreover, it was he who had cast the Implosion spell.

Because he lost control of his magic here, regardless of where the Implosion runs wild, Garwin himself would inevitably disappear from this place.


Ultimately, he couldn’t obtain the Fragments of God.


So, he gave up.

It didn’t matter what happened, he wouldn’t die…


And if he couldn’t awaken, then it didn’t matter what happened to the humans either…

It didn’t matter.

But somehow, he felt uneasy about the idea of the entire area disappearing.



Garwin, cruel and driven by destructive impulses, had killed many humans in the past.



But perhaps karma finally caught up to him.

The priests didn’t move a muscle upon hearing Garwin’s voice.

They didn’t trust him.


It couldn’t be helped.

After all, he had done so much.


“Damn it…”




A voice cried out.


It was the water-attribute magician.


“Not there, go over there!”

And so on.


“Huh? What…?”

Rampaging magic power tends to gravitate towards objects with powerful forces.

And the most fitting candidate in this situation would be that alchemy device, wouldn’t it?



But then Garwin realized.



He had made a big oversight.



“I see…. Richard’s ‘Ex’ was there.”



King Abel still stood, supported by his sword.

Although it was disguised as a magic sword, it was originally King Richard’s sword…




Ryo yelled as he flew towards Abel with <Water Jet Thruster>, and the rampaging <Implosion> magic power surged towards Abel’s sword at the same time.



Then, all sound disappeared.



And then… five figures disappeared from the scene.



Djinn Garwin’s main body.

Four Generals Oranj’s body.

Four Generals Isolde’s body.


And Abel.


And Ryo.





Rihya muttered.



Sera muttered.



Abel and Ryo disappeared.


Author’s note:

This marks the end of Volume 2 the Western Countries arc! Thank you so much for reading until here.


Everyone, don’t be alarmed!

Ryo and Abel are both alive!

They were just sent to the same location!

Volume 3 Eastern Countries arc… it’s a secret where they were sent to… a secret.


In Volume 3, we’ll have the 2 of them go on an adventure together… since in Volume 2, they were separated.

In Volume 3, the story will focus on the 2 of them more than ever… maybe.

There will be some Side Stories before the start of Volume 3.

Among them, there would be a big one.


The first enemy in Volume 3 is also troublesome!

Even Ryo, who can go toe-to-toe with the Djinn… can’t defeat this enemy in his current state… hehehe.

If you read the first chapter of Volume 3, you will understand… hehehe.


In a country where the King and the Premier Duke are gone… you’re curious about what happens to the people left behind, right?


There are many countries around the Kingdom that they need to be careful of!


Until the start of Part 3… why not reread Part 1 and Part 2…


Or, for those who don’t yet know about ‘Water Attribute Wizards’, let them know about its existence…


It’s like, ‘Now that updates have stopped, this is your chance to start reading!’


Or, I think it would be a good idea to read and compare the differences between the Web version and the Novel version.


From Volume 3 onwards, the content is quite different, but there have been additions to Volumes 1 and 2, as well as quite a few revisions.


Especially the battle scenes.

Also, the conversation between Ryo and Abel.


Thank you for reading Volume 2.


And I look forward to seeing you again in Volume 3.


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