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Chapter 0442 Archipelago

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


“Abel-san, Ryo-san, this is the ‘Sogyokutei’ inn. Please come in.”

Banhu guided them to the ‘Sogyokutei’ inn, a rather large and impressive two-story building located in the center of the town.


Leading the way, Banhu took them to a reception desk at the front.

There, a woman, likely in her twenties and bearing a resemblance to Banhu, greeted them with a smile.


“These are Abel-san and Ryo-san.”

Banhu introduced them in Central Countries language to the woman who had greeted them in the local language.

And then…


“Welcome, Abel-sama, Ryo-sama. Please register here.”

The woman spoke in the Central Countries language.

She surmised from the fact that Banhu spoke the Central Countries language that they didn’t speak the local language and switched to the Central Countries language to be understood.


“Impressive, how very professional.”

“She’s well-trained.”

Ryo muttered, and Abel replied in a low voice.



“A guest register?”

The paper presented to them was in Central Countries language.

Even that was meticulously prepared.

They were required to write their names, country, and the reason for visiting the town.

Much like being asked the purpose of visit when entering a country on an international flight.


“Recently, regulations have become stricter. We can’t allow guests to stay without filling this out.”

The woman said with an apologetic look.



With that single word, Abel began to write:

“Abel, Kingdom of Knightley”.

He noted “Work” as the reason for visiting.


“It’s not tourism… is it?”

“Even though you were enjoying your meal so much?”

“Like you’re one to talk!”


Even if they were visiting for work, it’s still fine to enjoy their meals…



Abel finished writing, and Ryo began to fill out the form:

“Ryo, Kingdom of Knightley, Work”.


However, Ryo found it curious.


Originally, Ryo had reincarnated from Earth.

And somehow could understand the Central Countries language.

Reading, writing, speaking, everything.

Whether it was Michael (pseudonym) or a ‘god’-like entity.

Who ‘set’ it that way was unclear.


But he couldn’t understand the local language here.

Neither the spoken words nor the written characters.


“It would have been nice to at least have universal language understanding if not all magic attributes.”

Ryo muttered something that would likely irritate a linguist.



With the paperwork complete, they moved away from the reception.


“Thank you for staying with us, Abel-sama, Ryo-sama.”

Banhu, who had been waiting right behind them, bowed.

Now that they were confirmed guests, he addressed them with more formality.


“Not at all. So, about the map…”

“Abel, you’re rushing too much. Quality inns usually have a welcome drink.”

“A welcome… what?”

“It’s where they offer a drink as a gesture of hospitality, saying ‘Welcome, please have a drink’. The inn’s specialty drink refreshes weary travelers and captivates them with that one cup.”

Ryo answered Abel confidently.


However, Abel had noticed something.

Banhu, who had been flawless so far, showed a momentary flustered expression.


But it was only for a moment.


“Please head to the dining area, and I will bring you the drink along with the map.”

“See! As expected of a fine inn. Let’s sit over there and wait.”

“No… I don’t think they had planned on the drink.”

Ryo happily headed to the dining area, and Abel followed, muttering quietly.


A bit away, Banhu started preparing the map and drinks while murmuring to himself.

“Welcome drinks… what a wonderful idea! I didn’t know there were inns like that… Yes, it might be nice to have guests fill out the register while drinking it. I need to suggest this to father right away.”



“Excuse me.”

A man in his mid-twenties, who looked very similar to Banhu, brought coffee to Ryo and Abel.

“Here you go, this is ‘Sogyokutei’ special blend coffee.”


Ryo happily smelled the aroma of the coffee.


“It’s been a while since I’ve had coffee.”

“Well, you’ve been building the ship all this time.”

Abel replied, also enjoying the aroma as he answered Ryo.


Then, they both took their first sip at the same time.



“This is…”

Both Abel and Ryo exclaimed in admiration.


With the first sip, they felt it was delicious.

With the second sip, they understood that there was no unpleasant aftertaste.

With the third sip, the richness and bitterness balanced perfectly and spread in their mouths.


“This is delicious.”

Ryo smiled and gave his honest opinion.


“Thank you.”

Banhu, who had spread two maps on the neighboring table, bowed happily.



“I’ve been drinking only Kona coffee lately, but this is also delicious…”

Since Abel had been confined to the Kingdom, he had become an avid drinker of Kona coffee, which is grown there.


“As for me, I ran out of Kona coffee on the way, so I mostly had dark continent coffee after arriving there.”

When Ryo left the Kingdom as part of the delegation to the Western Countries, he had loaded a large amount of Kona coffee onto the carriage, but it ran out around the time they entered the Theocracy.

After that, it was mostly coffee from the dark continent… which was delicious in its own way.



In conclusion, coffee brewed with care is delicious.



Once Banhu finished spreading out the two maps on the neighboring table, Abel pounced on them and began examining them eagerly.

Ryo continued to sip his coffee slowly.

Muttering things like, “The map won’t run away”, or “The aroma of the coffee will”.


For some reason, Ryo looked like he was trying to appear important… but, being the premier duke of the Knightley Kingdom, he was indeed important.

Still, Abel, who was poring over the maps, was not only above the premier duke but also the king, the most important person of all…



After finishing his coffee, Ryo stood up from his seat and walked over to the table where the maps were spread out.


He looked at the maps.


One was a regional map centered around the town.

The other was a map of the town itself.

Since he couldn’t read the letters on the town map, he couldn’t understand it…


So, he started by looking at the regional map.


“There are so many islands… is it an archipelago or a sea with many islands?”

Ryo muttered happily.

Seeing this, Abel muttered as well.

“He’s definitely thinking of something mischievous.”


He was right.


Ryo was imagining that the sound of ‘archipelago’ was cool, that there must be many pirates, and that they might be able to enjoy delicious fish dishes…

Ryo was indeed thinking of something mischievous.


…Well, if you only look at it like this, it’s not really mischievous.


“This must be a sea teeming with pirates, and we will defeat them and get a treasure trove of pirate loot!”


That is where the mischief lies.

Abel sighed at Ryo’s typical light novel-style expectations.

His face already said, “I knew it”, without needing to say a word.

As expected of Abel.


“The scenario you always talk about, that pattern, doesn’t exist. Well, there might be pirates, but we definitely don’t need to defeat them. That’s what the navy and the marines are for.”

“What? Marines? There are marines?”

Ryo reacted with surprise to Abel’s words.

Marines sounded too much like modern Earth.


Of course, Ryo knew that marines started around the 16th century…


“They board enemy ships after grappling them and take control. That’s what marines do, right?”

Abel answered, looking a little puzzled.

For the king of the Knightley Kingdom, the existence of marines was only natural.



Come to think of it, Ryo had never seen the kingdom’s navy or fleet…


“When I get back, I must go inspect them!”

Ryo vowed firmly in his heart.


After all, he was the premier duke.

If he flexed his position, he should be able to get a look.

“Kukuku… it’s an evil duke’s forced inspection.”

“Why are you laughing so creepily…”


Abel looked at Ryo’s creepy laughter dubiously.


However, Abel’s expression turned serious again as he looked back at the map.

Then he spoke.

“It’s clearly a region far from the Central Countries.”


That was why his expression was serious.

Up until now, they had been thinking of returning to the kingdom as quickly as possible… but they had to change their plan.


“If returning is difficult, I at least want to contact them quickly.”

Ryo reacted to Abel’s muttered words.


For some reason, Ryo tilted his head.

Abel couldn’t understand why Ryo was tilting his head.


“The king is absent, you know? It would cause a lot of trouble.”

“But we have His Excellency the Prime Minister back in the kingdom, right? With Marquis Heinlein there, would there be any issues?”

“Th-that is…”

Naturally, Ryo spoke in a small voice about the king and prime minister, and Abel was flustered.


Then he thought.

He thought a lot.

He thought intensely.


“Nah, it feels like all problems would be resolved…”

Abel accepted his defeat.



“Well, but, Rihya might worry, so we should at least let her know that you’re alive and she doesn’t need to worry.”

Ryo said, nodding.


“You’re right… just in case. Just in case…”

“Abel, if you’re getting discouraged by something like this, you need to toughen up.”

“Whose fault is it?”

Ryo said, wagging his finger, and Abel yelled back in irritation.


But Abel quickly came to his senses.

After all, it wasn’t just the two of them here.


“Sorry, Banhu, this is just our situation. Don’t mind us.”

“It’s fine.”

Abel said, and Banhu said with a smile, bowing.

Despite being around ten years old, his composure was impressive.

Ryo nodded appreciatively.


As if he were an uninvolved third party.


The reason Abel was shouting was in no way perceived as related to him.


That’s the kind of person Ryo was.



“Abel, it might be a bit one-sided, but if it’s just to let them know we’re safe, there’s a way.”


“I think so, at least. Of course, it won’t work unless the kingdom is prepared to receive the message… but Kenneth is over there. So, I think it’ll work.”

“What will you use?”

Abel asked in response to Ryo’s words.


“We’ll use this.”

Ryo replied, flicking the earring dangling from his left ear with his finger.




Before they modified the ‘Soul Resonance’, they took another look at the other map.

However, the conclusion was the same.

“If we can’t understand the text…”

“It’s inconvenient not knowing what’s written.”

Both Abel and Ryo sighed lightly.


But then, a divine intervention.


“How about using an alchemy tool to translate it into Central Countries language?”

Banhu suggested.



Both were speechless.


“The Central Countries’ language is one of the most widely understood languages in the world. Alchemy tools that translate from other languages to Central Countries’ language are quite commonly used. Even in this town, while not exactly cheap, they are obtainable.”

“Long live alchemy!”

Ryo rejoiced at Banhu’s explanation.


But then he turned to Abel and pointed out,


“Abel, you didn’t know that?”

“I didn’t, but you didn’t know either!”

“It’s fine for me. I was in the delegation. But Abel… you should know these things for your work.”


Even Ryo understood that it would be bad to loudly mention Abel was the king.

So he referred to it as ‘work’.


“Now that I think about it, I do remember hearing about such an alchemy tool.”

“Too late!”

Ryo said, exasperated.


Of course, Ryo’s logic that it was okay for him not to know because he was in the delegation was flawed.

But he just didn’t let anyone feel that way.


“Ryo, you can’t justify not knowing either!”

Abel felt it, and rightfully pointed it out.



In the end, you shouldn’t blame others.



“I saw something that translated languages into the Central Countries’ language in the Western Countries. The guests from the Dark Continent had them.”

Ryo recalled seeing the alchemy tools that automatically translated languages into Central Countries’ language when they saved the guests from the Dark Continent.


“It might be something similar.”

Nodding once, Abel turned to Banhu and said,


“We definitely want to get that alchemy tool.”

“Understood. There’s an alchemy shop that ‘Sogyokutei’ favors in town. I can take you there anytime.”

“Alright, take us there now!”

Abel decided immediately upon Banhu’s words.


Ryo was wide-eyed in surprise…but muttered,

“Abel, you don’t have any money…”

“Ryo, I’m counting on you for the payment!”



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