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IS B6C91

Chapter 091: Luciel’s plan

Translator: Tseirp


After returning to the Healer’s Guild, we headed directly for the basement.

The underground 1st floor has completely been converted into a pasture.

” ………… I guess the fields on this floor have already been moved to the underground 3rd floor.”

“So amazing.”

“Paula and the elf are rivals who love magic tools nya. Looks like Dolan-san regulated their competitive spirit well.”


Their words were exactly my thoughts.

The ones who are delighted with this new setup are only Fornoir and the horses but well I guess that is fine in its own right.

However, I wonder how the underground 3rd floor is like?

I became curious and would not be able to calm down without confirming it.

We immediately descended down the stairs.


” … This is definitely abnormal.”

My true feelings spilled out from my mouth.


We arrived at the underground 3rd floor.

It had always been Dolan and Paula’s workshop to the right-hand side while the opposite end was a wall.


Where the wall once was now spread a field of about an area of 10a (1000m2) with trees planted without much particular order.

In addition, similar to the underground 1st floor, a pseudo-sun have already been properly constructed.


I’ve certainly thought that by entrusting it to him, Dolan would have expanded the underground 3rd floor but I did not imagine that they had already progressed to half the goal.


” … If I ever had the desire to make it, won’t they be able to create an underground country?”

Lionel and Cathy could only nod at my mutterings.


When we approached closer, the Hacchi tribe Haniru-dono noticed us and flew over.


“Philosopher-sama, they are amazing alright. If it is here, we would be able to live with a peace of mind.”

“Hahaha. Well, even I was surprised by this. However, the city of Ienith does not seem to be as safe as you think so it is safer to slowly move in after the base for Haniru-dono’s Hacchi tribe is made.”

” … I see. Then, please allow us to accompany you when you all head for the forest for the next material procurement. I’m thinking about bringing along individuals from the settlement as well as the seeds of the flowers and trees that produce honey.”


I noticed a slight look of sympathy exuding from his gaze toward my efforts but he seems more positive about it compared to yesterday … eh? Isn’t this a sign of OK? I asked to confirm.

“You mean?”

“Yeah. Please let us assist you.”


Alright!! With this, the personnel required for the domestic affairs of the underground have been perfectly assembled.

This time, a large portion of credit went to Dolan and Paula, they certainly did a good job.


Looks like Dolan have firmly grabbed onto the Hacchi tribe’s hearts.


While praising Dolan for a good job in my mind, I told Haniru-dono that tomorrow night we will have a meeting with the bear beastman Brian-dono and the slum’s boss Dollarstar-san.


“I see. Philosopher-sama not only did work for this underground area but also worked hard at various other places as well.”

“Yeah. Nevertheless, I initially anticipated that it would take a long time, longer than half a year, for this place to take form so I would be better able to concentrate on the work above ground if your Hacchi tribe is here.”

I smiled while nodding to show that I felt really glad.


“If that’s the case then shouldn’t we immediately head for the forest?”

“No, we are still constructing the storage facility to house the materials and considering whether to confer anti-fire precautions. Either way, we would have to head toward the forest to procure magic stones.”

It would be troublesome if our usage of magic stone underground is leaked out so I had given up on purchasing magic stones from the Adventurer’s Guild.


“So it means it will be soon?”

“Yeah. I plan to do so a few days later. At that time, with the dwarves and elves, we should be able to transplant the trees without much burden on them so please don’t refrain from letting us know which trees to transplant.”

“As expected of Philosopher-sama to think so far ahead.”

Staring at me with sparkling eyes, I could not say that I did not give much thought into it and I applied a mask of smiles from beginning to the end.


I wanted to continue with work but it seemed like time for lunch so I called for everyone to have lunch.

By the time we reached the canteen, Naria had already finished preparing the food. Apparently she was aided by the slave boys and girls that she taught.


“How is it Naria?”

I didn’t specify anything.

“It’s going well. I should be able to push them up to the minimum line if I have 3 months.”

I don’t know what her minimum line is but the slave boys and girls all had happy expressions.


The slaves here were made up of humans and half beastkin, with 3 boys and 8 girls.

Apart from the 3 elves, the boys and girls here were all below 20 years old, with some even younger than me. Those orphans under 15 were taken care by the adults and the others received occupational training from Naria for a year.


I also knew that apart from Naria, the off-duty healers and priest knights also taught them various things.


There were prototypes of schools here so I strongly felt that to let the younger generation succeed, there needs to be a school that allows anybody to enter and provides an environment to study after all.


After lunch, I returned to the guildmaster’s room and looked at the parchments I received from Dolan and the others.

” …… So we need more than 2000 orc-class magic stones huh … Why do the 2 of you look so delighted?”

“Well~ Going to the forest or to the labyrinth, I don’t mind either of them.”

“Do remember to bring along escorts when you go out nya.”

“No, I’ll be bringing you guys along. I’ll be bringing you guys along but there definitely won’t be combat, please cherish your lives more.”

“I’ll firmly guard you this time as well.”

“I’ll tightly escort you this time nya.”


While thinking that the 2 of them completely blazing with motivations felt both reliable but also slightly sweltering, I slightly changed the topic.


“I fully understand that the 2 of you are very competent … taking into consideration the horse beastmen that appeared in the reports, there might be cases where we need to fight with beastmen.”

” … Well, I’m pretty sure we will have to.”

“I’ll decide on whether to kill them or incapacitate them depending on my opponent’s strength nya.”

“I’ve killed monsters and killed animals for food but I have never killed those who can speak the same words as humans. I might not even be able to fight.”

Coming to this world, I have killed monsters and animals, dismantled them and ate them.

However, I have not killed people or beastmen.

Even though it is a life all the same … and I understand that it is contradictory, but I still feel that there is something different.

Something within me must have gone wrong.

I felt like trembling from the fear of thinking about it but Lionel spoke in a calm voice and Cathy spoke after him.


“That is alright Luciel-sama. Except when it is unavoidable, allow us to carry out the dirty work.”

“Luciel-sama can reach out your hand as always nya. We will drive away the hands of the wicked nya.”

… Isn’t that way too cool? There must be a reason why they stubbornly deny getting released from the slave contract. I’m not sure if I can resolve it but I set my mind to one day repay my debt towards them.


” … Thank you.”

The 2 of them laughed and we discussed the plan harmoniously and spent our time conducting combat training in the underground 4th floor after we came to a conclusion.


The next night, Dollarstar-san and 3 subordinates and Brian-dono and 2 followers visited the Healer’s Guild and we began our meeting in the guildmaster’s room together with Haniru-dono and the others.


“Thank you for gathering today. The reason why we are gathered here today is with regard to a new domestic affairs plan. I’ve had you all pledge previously so I believe you all already understand but please allow me to explain slightly more into detail. We’ll first start with some self-introductions.”

I smiled slightly and looked at all their faces. Dollarstar-san raised his hand and began his self-introduction.


“I function as the boss of the slums district, the name’s Dollarstar. We came into contact with the S-rank Healer-sama there because my youngsters attacked him and were turned into slaves. He found out about the situation with regards to the half beastmen and offered a helping hand. I bet my life and swear allegiance.”

Saying it so over the top will cause the others to pull back okay.


The next to raise his hand was Haniru-dono.

“I am Haniru of the Hacchi tribe. My clan in the forest was saved by Philosopher-sama when we were on the brink of destruction. I’m impressed by Philosopher-sama’s magnificent plans so I wish to cooperate in this business venture.”

I noticed that the bear beastmen’s eyes grew brighter when they heard Hacchi tribe.


“I am the bear beastman, Brian. Our race was being oppressed due to our small numbers but Luciel-sama gave a helping hand and offered honey so we chose to affiliate ourselves with him.”

Affiliation … sounds like the merger and acquisitions of some listed companies? It’s like I acquired the bear beastmen company from Ienith using honey …

Although it is the truth, he talked about honey unnecessarily but it’s great that Haniru-dono smiled when he heard that, but I wonder if he felt some aversion toward it or felt irritated.

For the time being it seems alright so I sighed in relief.


“This time, we will advance our discussion is 3 stages. First, the dismantlement of the slums district. Second, the dwellings to attract adventurers for the establishment of the school. Third, regarding the new business.”

After declaring that, looking at the surrounding, other than Brian-dono with a blank look, the others all nodded in silence.


“Firstly, the schedule for the dismantlement of the slums district, or before that, have the construction schedule for the Healing District been decided upon?”

“I’ve not heard from them. They most likely plan to blame it on us if the schedule is delayed anyway.”

Well, if that’s how they do it, we’ll just rapidly push forward our work.


“I’ll push them during the next meeting. Half a day should be enough for us to convert the area into a vacant lot. However, we need magic stones so please take into consideration that the soonest it will be done will be one month later.”


“Is it really alright to prioritize the construction of the healing district? I have already obtained consent from the slum residents to move to new residences so aren’t there other things we ought to do?”

Dollarstar-san asked worriedly but I’ve already confirmed that there would not be any problems with Dolan and the letters have already been written so there should not be any problems.


“Yeah. There are none as of now. We’ll move on to the second agenda now.”

I confirmed with my surroundings and continued.


“With regards to the school and adventurer’s dwellings, the houses for the school and adventurers will be constructed parts-wise so it’s alright.”

I said and nodded with a smile.


“What do you mean by parts-wise? In the first place, is a school possible?”

Brian-dono could not take in everything and it was obvious that the approved agenda from the representative meeting attended by all the leaders was not transmitted to him.


“Yes. That was approved during the meeting with the leaders.”

“That will all be paid for by Luciel-sama?”


“It seems that way right? There are various gimmicks applied here but ultimately I will not suffer any losses. Though, please keep this a secret.”

It looked like Brian-dono was interested in the school apart from his interest in honey.


“For the 3rd agenda, it would be easier to understand by actually seeing it. Please follow me.”

It was then that the eyes of Dollarstar-san, Brian-dono and their followers who entered the underground for the first time were opened wide.


And when they knew of the plan, Brian-san and his 2 followers all unanimously said.

『Are you a god!』


I was reminded of the time when I first met Paula and laughed, but I immediately denied it and only said a few words.

“Let us all work hard together from here on out.”

The bear beastmen all transformed with a 『Bofun』 sound and roared.


『Kuma~~~!!』 (TL: Kuma = Bear just in case you all don’t know)

After their cries ended, Brian-dono prostrated on the ground with his enormous frame and spoke.


“We vow to do our best from now on for the sake of Luciel-sama and honey.”

That overly large impact dumbfounded everyone in the beginning but laughter soon rang out.

Seems like they transform every time they get excited.


Thinking that the bear beastmen are really amusing after getting to know a new fact about them, I requested a few things that I wanted Brian-dono to help with.


I assigned Kefin squad and Yarubo squad to escort them to ensure that they reached home safely.


“What do you think?”

“There shouldn’t be any problems with them. However, other than the dragonewts, we might get tripped by the other 7 races if we do not thoroughly investigate them.”

“Please leave that to me nya. Apart from when we depart for the forest, could I have a little freedom to move around nya?”

“I’ll assign Kefin and the others as well but please do not push yourself too hard.”

“I understand nya.”


Thus, the first behind-the-scenes meeting had ended.


In preparation for the leader’s meeting 2 days later, I thought of causing a stir.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

I’m working hard to gradually up the tempo.


TL: He’s still keeping the business plan a secret >.< …


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