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(037) Rare Guest at the Weapons Shop

Translator: Tseirp

“Oh man, boss, you’re so evil, if you just said that you are strong then we won’t have done such a thing.” (Random lackey among the 5)

No, even if I don’t say anything, they should be able to come to that conclusion if they think about how I hunted the bears.

Or maybe these guys thought that I was a Peddler who bought the bear pelts from other towns knowing that their prices are higher here?


“Nope, just like how you guys thought of ways to shake down others such that you won’t become Thieves, I’ve also thought of ways to punish people without leaving behind any aftermath.” (Ichinojo)


Since Haru mentioned that a person will not become a Thief if it is done in self-defense, I continued to intently beat up the adventurers who attacked us at the backyard we did our dismantling work.

What I was doing  can be taken as torture but it was something I had to endure if I am to survive in this world from now on.


There were some who were about to flee but naturally, I did not allow them to escape.


“Well then, carry it all into the guild and honestly tell them everything after that.”

“””””Yes boss!”””””


The 5 of them saluted while they could not stand properly due to the bruises, abrasions, bald spots and dislocations that can’t be said to be serious injuries on their bodies and helped me carry the dismantled bears.


They each separately carried the bear meat, pelt, internal organs, and wolf meat. The bear gall bladders was an expensive compound even among the internal organs so it seemed like it could be traded for an especially high price. Apparently, there are skilled Hunters who only extract the bear gall bladders when they hunt too many bears.


Incidentally, there’s something else. I imagined that the bear paw would be treated as a luxury food item but in this world, rather than a luxury food item, its price even among the edible meat was low. It was slightly disappointing.


The entrance to the Adventurers Guild was not wide enough for the cart to enter.

We had to carry them by hand.


I had the adventurers who attacked us carry the internal organs and such while Haru and I carried the pelts.

The room for the purchase of monster materials was a separate room so I had them carry the materials there.


” … I’m surprised, those are stunning pelts … The dismantling was done perfectly. So you hunted forest wolves as well huh.”


The guild staff said that he would immediately appraise the items but I did what I had to do before that.


“Ah, before that, please listen to what these people have to say.”


The 5 people who carried the materials over winced.

Then, the 5 of them began their confession.


While trembling in fear.


“For the time being, they claimed that they have not done any further crimes but could the guild investigate it?”

“Understood. For now, you lot, carry the bear meat to the food warehouse and ask them to weigh it, also, I can roughly judge the weight by looking so don’t try to deceive me.”


Somehow, this guild staff is well known in the guild so the 5 of them all saluted and left.


“The bear pelts will be 360 sense each, we’re buying them at 20% higher than the usual price since they are requested items. Next, the bear gall bladders are undamaged so it should be about 4000 sense in total. The wolf pelt will go for 50 sense each while the fangs will sell for a total of 40 sense. I’m sorry but we do not purchase wolf meat here, however, I’ll write a letter of introduction for you so you can sell them to the butcher in the west street. This amount of meat could likely cover your accommodation charges. Next …”


The staff listed the respective prices.

I don’t know if the prices are low or high, but looking at Haru’s tail, the pricing should be quite decent.


“Including the fee for the mastery of dismantling, it will be a total of 9800 sense. I’m sorry but no manner how much I utilize my own discretion, 10000 sense is impossible.”

” … Haru, what do you think?”

“I believe it is sufficient. At the very least, I don’t believe it is an inappropriate amount.”


I guess. I mean … 9800 sense, in other words, 980000 yen? (TL: For those lost with the native currency conversion, 1 sense roughly = 1 USD)

If I hand over the remaining 2 silver coins, it would become a gold coin you know?


So that’s why those guys tried to steal it.

Even those guys who were killed by the bears risked their lives to hunt the monsters.


Using Haru’s adventurer’s certificate, I received the money. 9 bundles of 10 silver coins and 8 loose silver coins.

We unexpectedly got our hands on a lot of money.


“Oh yeah, this kumakiri knife, thank you. It was extremely easy to use.”


I maintained the kumariki knife with the method taught to me by Margaret-san and returned it.

The man kept the knife in his breast pocket without taking it out of its sheath,


“Yeah, since you’ve earned a large sum, you can purchase it from the old man at the neighbouring shop.”


and declared so.


… He’s right.

Even during the battle with the bears, I could not pull out my iron sword after piercing the bear so I want a sword with a good edge.

I also want to buy a sword for Haru anyway.


“Then I’ll go have a look. Thank you.”


I bowed to the reception man and followed his suggestion.

I thought that it would be best if the receptionist is a beautiful lady but a service-minded person who can get the job done is more helpful after all.


I placed the large sum of money in my item bag and left the Adventurers Guild.


… Also, I was hungry.


It was going to be night time soon so we had to find an inn as well.


” … Night … huh …”


I looked at the sinking sun and sighed.


“Are you thinking about Carol?”

” … Strictly forbidden from leaving the place at night. I was thinking that it is as if she’s the direct opposite of vampires … that’s all.”


I said so and entered the weapon shop next to the Adventurers Guild.

Swords, knives, spears, armors of various different types were on display in the weapon shop.

I tried looking at the sword kept in a showcase exuding a famous sword-like atmosphere.

200000 sense … 1 sword is 20 million yen huh.


I wonder if it is lucrative to be a blacksmith.

It might be nice to pass the time by becoming a blacksmith and forging swords after I raise Jobless to the highest level and acquire all the skills.


I will spread my name as a blacksmith the same time I graduate from Jobless.

However, to become a blacksmith, I apparently need to level Hammer-user to get Apprentice Blacksmith before I can become a Blacksmith.


“Welcome. What are you looking for?”


A young man came out to the counter.

This guy is a blacksmith? I thought but the guild reception man mentioned ‘old man’. No matter how I look at it, this guy is too young to be called that.


I tried looking at his job and 【Apprentice Blacksmith Lv4】 came up. He’s most likely something like a disciple of this shop’s owner.


“Yeah, I borrowed and used the kumakiri knife in the Adventurers Guild and the sharpness was excellent so I hope to get 1 as well.”

“Ah, kumakiri knife huh. Please come this way.”

“200 sense huh … maybe I’ll buy 1 then. Also, I want a sword with a sharp edge as well. One about this size.”


I took out my iron sword to show him.

I yearn for a greatsword but I wanted to place emphasis on usability.


“If that’s the case, then how about the steel sword here?”


Steel sword huh. It’s certainly true that it will be easier to use than an iron sword.

The price is 1000 sense? I still don’t know well enough if it is expensive or cheap but I’ll buy it.


“Haru, do you have anything you want?”

“No, nothing really …”

“I see, by the way, Haru, please walk there slowly.”


I ordered her to slowly walk along the dagger corner. (TL: it can refer to either daggers or short swords)

As Haru slowly walked, her tail swung greatly in front of a particular sword.


” … Fang of the Fire Dragon?”


The price is 3000 sense huh.


“It’s a dagger made from the fang of a fire dragon.”


The male sales attendant took the dagger and put some force into it.

When he did so … the dagger lit with fire.


“It is capable of converting physical attack power into magical power and release flames. It is useful for Swordsmen with low magic attack power and also because it can perform long-ranged attacks.”


I accepted the sword from the man and tried it myself. Of course, I held back.

Oh, the sword certainly gets lit on fire.


“Then, I’ll have 1 of this. Haru, use this.”

“Eh … I already have the short sword.”

“Keep 1 as a spare. Since you never know what might happen during a fight.”

” … Thank you very mu …! Shopkeeper, sorry but please hide me!”


Haru said so, flew behind the counter and hid in the back.


“Eh? Haru? What’s wrong?”

“Sorry master. Please assume that I am not here.”



When I was still thinking about that.


“Umu, so this is a commoner weapon shop … what a dirty shop. Sebastan, does this really belong to the best blacksmith in Belasra?”

“Yes, Oregeru-sama. That was what I heard but the information was from a hoodlum’s information shop at any rate.” (TL: Oregeru is the noble that wanted to buy Haru)


The ones who entered was a man in wealthy-looking clothes and a butler about 50 years of age.


Looking at their jobs, I conjectured the reason for Haru’s strange state.


【Noble Lv14】

【Combat Butler Lv49】


… Haru, so it’s because of this?


However, this person …


“However, Sebastan, there doesn’t seem to be any majestic sword fit for my use.”

“Yes, as expected, we can’t hope to find a sword befitting of Oregeru-sama without hiring an exclusive blacksmith.”


… He took out something that looked like a toy sword, a sword that was even smaller than a short sword.

The sword was shining gold but the blade was rounded such that it didn’t look like it could even cut paper.


… Short legs with a short and stout body … and also a voice as if it had not even broken.


Isn’t he just a brat.


“Well, a fading shop like this would likely gain prestige since I’ve come to visit. Count yourself lucky, shopkeeper! I’ll have this in exchange for advertising cost …”


Oregeru tried to carry one of the swords on display … but could not carry it and gave up,


“It doesn’t matter. We’re going to the gambling parlor Sebastan.”

“Yes, Oregeru-sama.”


The 2 left as the Apprentice Blacksmith young man and I remained silent.

Then, Haru’s face popped up.


“Haru, perhaps that person is?”

“Yes, he’s the person who wanted to purchase me, Oregeru-sama.”


So it’s a person like that.

… Seriously?

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