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(036) Bear Dismantling

Translator: Tseirp

In this town, the gambling parlours and shops were housed in the center, to the west was the residential areas and further west were the fields and farms within the city, to the east were workshops like the blacksmiths, the Adventurers Guild was also housed there and the labyrinth was even further east.

The difficulty level of the labyrinth in this town is below medium. Looks like at our current strength, we can easily clear it.

Advancing toward the east, the jobs of the people coming and going leaned toward those who fight for a living like Apprentice Swordsmen or Archers and the people with jobs like Blacksmith and Apprentice Alchemist increased.

「Job Appraisal」 is convenient when we arrive in a new town because I can understand the features of the districts when I use it.


” … Oh?”


Looking at the man dressed affluently who passed us by, I looked back.

That man’s job was unexpected.


“Did something happen?”

“No, that man just now, his job was Philanderer … I was thinking that there are people who become Philanderers for the fun of it after all.”


Although it’s strange for a person like me who remain as Jobless even though I don’t like it to say that.

Looking at that Philanderer’s wealthy appearance, I wondered if being a Philanderer is a profitable business.


“He’s probably heading toward the gambling parlours.”

“Gambling parlours?”

“The luck stat of a Philanderer is higher than the other jobs. Typically, money is required to change your job at the temple so people who enjoy going to gambling parlours don’t change their jobs for it but rich people like him do so and challenge the gambling parlours. In the first place, only wealthy people are able to become Philanderers.”


Ah, it’s a job that comes from leveling up Commoner but there’s a need to pay high taxes when a person is still a Commoner.

So it’s the reasoning that only wealthy people are able to pay the high taxes.


Commoners are unfit for battle so money is required to hire people to power level them as well.


“But then again, it’s a myth that people with high luck stats will profit in the gambling parlour.”

“I’d guess so. It might somewhat come in handy but it’s set up such that the bookmaker wins most of the time anyway.”


In Japan, you might be able to win in games controlled by computers like the pachislots or pachinko if your luck is good but for games like roulette or cards that uses dice, it is dependent on the bookmaker’s technique.

If that’s the case, you can no longer compete using luck.


“Oh, I’ll get some fruit juices. Auntie, 2 cups please.”


I found the drink releasing the sweet fragrance so I paid 14 sense and purchased 2 cups.

She scooped it out of a barrel, poured it into porcelain cups and passed them to us. So the high price is due to the porcelain.

It seems like the price would be 2 sense if we brought our own cups so the porcelain is 5 sense huh.


“Here, Haru’s share.”

“Thank you very much, master.”


The 2 of us drank while walking. It was a juice similar to lemonade. Honey was mixed in instead of sugar so it was quite easy to drink.

After we’ve finished, I placed the porcelains in my item bag.


Then, we arrived at the Adventurers Guild.

It was a building with the sword and shield sign hung above and a shut door different from the one in Florence.


Upon opening the door … the first thing that enters my nose was the smell of alcohol.

And then, I only had one comment. It’s exactly like a tavern.


No, the guild is most likely actually juxtaposed with a tavern. Looking at the woman carrying alcohol from across the hallway, I sighed.

It’s a place that I won’t get accustomed to.


It’s still daytime but they are already drinking alcohol.


It’s completely a gag if I say it myself but even so, I’m still going to say it.


… Go to work, you lot.


Well, there might be some here who have already finished their work.

There was a counter at the back so we headed there.


There was a man behind the counter looking through documents but he looked up when we approached and far from a business smile, he glared at us and spoke.


“I’ve not seen your faces before but is there something you want?”

“On our way here we hunted brown bears. We want to dismantle the bodies but may we borrow a place to do so?”

“The body is outside huh … there’s a vacant lot at the back. You can use it freely … incidentally, how many brown bears did you hunt?”


“I see … do you have the dismantling skill?”


“Have you experienced dismantling brown bears?”

“I dismantled 1 on the way here but it’s my first time.”


Why did he ask such a question?

As I was thinking,


“Wait a moment.”


The man said and took out a dagger from a drawer at the back of the guild.


“It’s a kumakiri knife. I’ll lend you this so use it … if you take an interest in it, you can purchase it from the neighbouring weapon shop. The old man would be happy.” (TL: Kumakiri = literally bear cutter.)

” … Thank you, that will help.”


I’ve had plenty of bad impressions of the Adventurers Guild but there are good people as well huh.

While thinking that, I left the Adventurers guild and doubled back to the back door from the outside.

Seriously, even though there are kind people in the Adventurers Guild as well. (TL: He’s implying that there are still bad people in the guilds, you’ll know what he meant by the end of the chapter)


I took out the brown bears from my item bag and began dismantling them.

Haru dismantled the wolves.


Of course, I set Haru and my jobs as Hunters.


During our idle conversation as we were dismantling, I found out that it is not taboo for the white wolf tribe to hunt wolves so they apparently don’t have a sense of community with wolves. I thought that it was a misstep to let Haru kill the wolves but looks like it’s fine.


Dismantling a bear took 20 minutes each. Thus, it took 3 hours to finish dismantling all 9 bears.

Haru could dismantle the wolves in half the time but she also took quite some time.


Even so, the 「Dismantling」 skill sure is amazing. If we dismantled them normally, it would have taken a multitude of the time we spent.


Dismantling II 【Hunter Lv15】

Allows one to know the dismantling procedure like the back of their hand.

Dismantling technique, muscle strength, speed, and finesse are significantly increased.


Thanks to this skill, we could do our work quickly, carefully and splendidly.


During that time, my Hunter level also raised by 3.

It’s now Lv29. I wonder what skill I’ll acquire when it becomes Lv30.


Well, dismantling 9 bears gave me growth similar to dismantling 3600 bears so I guess it would level me up to this extent.

To be frank, dismantling 1 bear is more tiring than defeating 1.


“Okay, we’re done dismantling them so shall we bring them away?”


The moment I said that.

5 men approached us.


“As I thought, they’ve finished dismantling, big brother.”

“That’s true, this is lucky. Hey, kids, I won’t say anything bad so will you hand over those bears to us?”

“Come on~ It’s fine if you just hand them over in good faith. You don’t want to experience pain right?”

“We’ll give you the bear meat as thanks.”

“It’s important to have a spirit of volunteerism.”


Stealing a person’s quarry in broad daylight?

Most likely they overheard our conversation in the guild.


“Won’t you become Thieves if you do so?”

“Hah, people become Thieves when they steal other people’s things or when they pursue those with serious injuries. What we’re doing is barely out of the scope of stealing you know?”


The man proudly boasts about something he shouldn’t be proud of.

… What are they talking about? Are these guys … idiots?


~~ Side Story    Happening at the same time. The real idiots? ~~

The highway that connects Florence and Belasra has a mountain road along the way but it is still a single straight road.

Of course, there are forest roads for the sake of Lumberjacks carrying lumber and animal trails naturally formed by animals pushing through the forest but they can’t be mistaken for the highway.

People will definitely never get lost, one shouldn’t be able to get lost, if there are people who will get lost, then they will definitely be …


“Oh man, Belasra sure is far, Elise.”

“Belasra sure is far, Jofre.”


Within the forest without even an animal trail, not to mention the highway, Jofre and Elise were advancing.

In other words, they were completely lost.

The 2 of them who lived in Florence for a long time understood that they were amateurs in travelling.

Which is why they relied on someone.


Someone who look like they are a professional in journeying.


“Well, Centaur looks like he is saying that it should be around here so it shouldn’t be wrong.”

“They’ve said that Centaur has been to Belasra countless times right.”


Centaur … the donkey that the 2 of them purchased, most likely did not imagine that he would be relied upon to such an extent. He was merely aiming for the places where there are things that he wishes to eat. Through the undeveloped lands where people have never stepped foot in, he was pioneering … no, merely grazing as he advanced. (TL: Lol >.< I can’t stop laughing. Which is worse, getting lost on a straight road, naming the donkey centaur or relying on a donkey for directions)


It is still a long way ahead before the 2 of them arrive at Belasra.

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