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GC V8C235

(235) Demon Elephant extermination

Translator: Tseirp

“Elephant … man.”

A huge elephant man stood in the dimly lit room.

It was an elephant that stood on two feet and was wearing clothes. It would be an orc if the animal counterpart was a pig, a kobold if it was a dog but an elephant huh?

The elephant that stood close to ten meters tall — it exuded such huge presence but it didn’t seem to notice that we opened the door as the elephant remained standing with its eyes closed.

I wondered what was that magical beast called?

“I’m guessing it is similar to the Indian god, Ganesha-sama?”


“A Hindu god.”

So it was not a magical beast but a god huh?

Suzuki seemed to have been referring to a god of good fortune so it seemed profitable to make a wish to it.

I see, sounds like a virtuous deity.

So that was why it didn’t attack us when we entered.

I took a look around the room, wondering if perhaps there were any records regarding this god and found words carved into the walls.

One paragraph was written in the common language that both of us knew which the other paragraph was written in a language that was foreign to me.

Let’s see —

【Never interfere with the sleep of the violent Demon Elephant that is sealed within the room housed in the barrier. This information is placed here in hopes that an adventurer capable of defeating the Demon Elephant appears. The Demon Elephant’s weakness is — Adventurer Crocky Baren.】

【Translation: Sygiros】

【※ A portion is indecipherable】

Eh, so the key point could not be translated.

“Ooo, so this ruin was constructed for the purpose of sealing this magical beast in the first place. I see, it’s no wonder that even I don’t know about it. The citizens would probably feel unsafe if they knew that a Demon Elephant was sealed nearby so the country concealed this fact. And so the criminals utilized the place.”

“I see, it’s true that it is safe as long as you don’t enter this room. Wait, so it’s not a god! It’s a magical beast! It’s written there that they are waiting for people capable of defeating it!”

“I only said that it resembled Ganesha-sama, I never said that this elephant was Ganesha-sama!”

Just as we were shouting at each other, the presence moved.

The elephant man ― the Demon Elephant gazed down at us.

It’s awake ― we woke it up.

“It’s all because Kusunoki-kun was making such a racket!”

“No, you are the one making all the noise now! Ah, never mind. Let’s just defeat it if it is meant to be defeated! Slash!”

I took out my steel sword and used Slash.

Suzuki released a Grand Cross at the same time as well.

They were full-powered attacks without holding back ― but even though the attacks tore the clothes of the Demon Elephant, they were all blocked by its extremely thick skin and failed to injure it fatally.

“So sturdy!”

“Does it have Physical Defense 2000 or something!? Is it trying to be a Metal King?” (TLN: Reference from Dragon Quest)

“Metal Kings are easy though as all you need to do is hit it continuously until you get a critical hit. I don’t believe this Demon Elephant’s HP is in the two digit range though.”
“In that case ―”

I took out the Rod of Aklapios from my item bag and chanted.


The flames that I cast formed a huge ball and hit the Demon Elephant’s head directly.

But ―

“Completely ineffective?”

After the explosion cleared, the Demon Elephant didn’t show a single change in expression as it lifted its large foot.

I could immediately tell that it raised its foot to stomp on Suzuki.

Wait, why is Suzuki standing there in a daze?

“Suzuki, run!”

I ran as I shouted. But I would not make it at that rate.

I cast Oil Creation on my own feet.

I applied Magical Power Boost to it so 10 times the usual volume was spilled onto the floor.

With that, I had reduced the friction of my feet against the ground to the lowest limit,

“Boost Wind!”

I then created a propulsive force behind me and tackled Suzuki, saving him at the very last moment.

“Ah, thanks, Kusunoki-kun.”

“Sheesh, what are you doing spacing out.”

“Well, I thought of finding the elephant’s weakness. I used my skill called Weakness Observation. The skill would tell me the weakness of my opponent but I will not be able to move for ten seconds after activation.”

“Don’t use such a dangerous skill. You would have died if I didn’t save you.”

“Haha, I did it because I knew you would save me.”

I won’t feel happy at all even if a guy said such words to me.

I applied the Clean spell to my oiled shoes and restored them.

Unfortunately, I have no interest in BL.

And I do not intend to please Milky.

“So what is its weakness?”

“It seems that all we need is a hard strike on the crown of the Demon Elephant.”

But the opponent is over seven meters tall you know? How are we going to strike the head of such an opponent ― no, well, with my physical ability, I am able to toss Suzuki over the Demon Elephant’s head.

Just as I had that though, I heard a thunderous slam behind me.

The Demon Elephant had fallen over.

Ah, obviously it would trip if it stomped on a floor that has been filled with oil.

“Er, so all we have to do is strike the head of the Demon Elephant that fell?”

“Erm, hitting its head from above will apparently cause damage to its entire body. But there might not be any point if it has fallen down … what do you think we should do?”

Waiting for it to stand up felt wrong as well.

Furthermore, I used Boost Oil Create and Boost Wind after Neete robbed my magical power just now so I had consumed most of my MP and will not be able to cast large spells.

But if I wish to cut it with a sword, taking its thick skin into consideration, slashing it directly with a steel sword would break the steel sword instead.

If only I had an even sturdier sword.

“That’s it!”

I used the Sword Creation skill.

A Sword of Light formed. As it was a sword made from magical power, its cutting edge was much better compared to a steel sword.

With this sword that Miri recommended for all situations other than when I wish to conceal my strength ―

“Crown Strike & Helmet Split!”

Crown Strike was a skill to increase the attack power to the head while Helmet Split was a skill to reduce the opponent’s defense when used to hit the opponent’s head.

I swung my sword onto the Demon Elephant’s head as it tried to stand up.

A compound strike made up of three skills including Sword Creation ― if this could not defeat the opponent, we would have to give up on relying on physical attacks.

However, there was no need for any further planning.

The sword I created crushed the skull of the Demon Elephant ― I was certain of that sensation that was transmitted through the sword.

And I seemed to have been right.

I leveled up.

That meant that the Demon Elephant had breathed its last.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Opportunistic Thief skill: 「Packing」acquired】

【Opportunistic Thief skill: 「Fire Resistance (minor)」has skilled up to「Fire Resistance (small)」】

【Opportunistic Thief skill: 「Ignition」acquired】

【Opportunistic Thief skill: 「Fire Resistance (small)」has skilled up to「Fire Resistance (medium)」】

【Opportunistic Thief skill: 「Immense strength at the scene of a fire」acquired】

【There are no further levels for Opportunistic Thief】

【Title: Peak of Opportunistic Thief acquired】


Now that I think about it, I swapped my job to Opportunistic Thief.

Eh? Does this mean when I use the Job Seeking skill, I can only level up my first job?

Packing should be a skill to wrap whatever you steal in a wrapping cloth?

Ignition sounds more like an arsonist’s skill rather than an Opportunistic Thief skill.

I felt that ‘Immense strength at the scene of a fire’ have no relation with an Opportunistic Thief. Instead, it sounds like a skill that a superman of justice would use. (TLN: FYI, Opportunistic Thief is written as ‘scene of fire thief’ in Japanese.)

But I was a little happy to see my Fire Resistance increase.

The peak of Opportunistic Thief huh … if I get the Instructor skill, would I be able to open an Opportunistic Thief class?

… I would obviously not open one though.

“It looks like … you defeated it. I guess it is my defeat.”

“Yeah. Looks like it is my win ― eh? So where is the smuggling crew’s boss?”

I looked around but there was nobody else after all.

We only found out later that the smuggling crew boss was mixed in with the thieves we defeated.

He was way too much of a small fry that we didn’t notice that he was the boss.

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