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SL Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Drake Rider and Winter Demon

Translator: Tseirp

Zoltan had five churches. One in each of the districts.

However, apart from the church at the central district, they were regular houses that have been renovated slightly to become wooden churches. Of course, I wasn’t implying that was bad.

God Demis and his three Apostles do not desire luxurious praying sites. They would not mind even if they were housed inside the dilapidated church in South Marsh.

“Then I wonder why do people build a gorgeous church such as this?”

We were waiting for the 『Winter Demon』 outside the church. Apart from us, there were many others who wish to join in the dance with the 『Winter Demon』.

Zoltan’s central district church was a large church with two spires and the main hall had an arch-shaped ceiling. Solemn light shines through the expensive stained glass into the interior lined with paintings and sculptures made with religious motifs.

“I’m guessing Zoltan’s carpenters were not capable of making this.”

“I think so too.”

Lit agreed with me.

In order to construct this church, Zoltan authorities took the trouble to invite architects from outside to perform the construction.

“Well, this is still considered simple compared to the Imperial Capital’s Cathedral.”

Ugeuge-san hopped on top of Tise’s shoulder.

“Ugeuge-san says that it looks like a building worth climbing.”

“Ahaha, I guess it would look like an adventure playground for Ugeuge-san.”

Ugeuge-san tilted its head and danced as if jesting as we laughed.


Ruti looked up at the church and spoke.

“We need it, not the Gods.”

“We need a luxurious church?”

“We do not appreciate beautiful things if they are not inside a beautiful place. The Gods may not mind the location but I think we find it necessary to arrange a proper place for praying.”

I looked at the carvings on the church door.

A scene where seven demons were fleeing God Demis’ light in fear was depicted on the door.

“The seven demons who deny Divine Protection huh?”

The Seven Demons, who led the humans to deny the Divine Protection and caused the world to go into chaos, that were sentenced to eternal torture in the respective seven layers of hell.

There was a female figure among the demons that was openly depicted as being nude which was the popular motif among artists.

“Ah, Red! The 『Winter Demon』 is coming!”


The 『Winter Demon』 completely covered in black cloth and wearing a mountain goat’s head tottered over … or not really as he was still moving with a strong gait.

Despite dancing since the morning, this year’s 『Winter Demon』 seemed to have quite considerable stamina.

Behind him, the 『Drake Rider』 and 『Sage』 chased after him while riding on the float.

“Come back here, 『Winter Demon』 ! I challenge you to a fight!”

The 『Drake Rider』disposed of all appearances and leaped off the papier mache float, swinging his imitation spear.

It was quite a dangerous move but the 『Winter Demon』  acted afraid and avoided it exaggeratedly before fleeing by bouncing away.

“It’s amazing that he can perform such movements while in that attire.”

Compared to the 『Drake Rider』 who was only wearing a papier mache armor painted in brown,  the 『Winter Demon』  was wearing a mask made of real mountain goat skull and was clothed entirely in thick cloth, both of which restricts movement but the movements of the 『Winter Demon』  were enough to leave one with admiration.

The 『Drake Rider』 was supposed to be dashing but it somehow felt like he was being made a fool of so the audience started laughing before long.

At that moment,


The『Drake Rider』  looked in our direction and stopped moving.

More importantly, I heard that voice before.

“Ooo! You are my beloved Valkyria!”

The 『Drake Rider』  ran to Ruti’s side noisily.

Then, the 『Drake Rider』  took off his helmet and revealed his actual bearded face.

Ruti looked at his face.

” … Who?”

And tilted her head.

“He-hey! I’m the knight who crossed spears with you on the bridge!”


Ah~ I remembered now. He was the bandit knight that was obstructing the path on the bridge. If I recalled correctly, he was called Otto.

However, Ruti seemed like she completely could not recall and tilted her head with a frown.

“Ruti-sama. He is the knight you threw off the bridge on our way to Zoltan.”


Ruti hit her palm with her fist.

“Ooo, you finally remember my face! I am called the 『Drake Rider』  Otto. First Squad leader of the glorious Fafnir Knight Order.”

“No, I only somewhat recall something of that sort happening. I totally do not recall your face or your figure.”

Ruti can sure be harsh. Otto seemed a little down.

“But it is truly fate that we meet here once again. This is God Demis’ guidance. Now, join hands with me to defeat the 『Winter Demon』together. Then, we shall slay the Hill Giant Dantak and become nobles together!”

Otto said as he stretch his hand out.

But I gripped his hand.


“What are you … wait, you are the coward from that time.”

“Who is the coward here.”

“It is cowardly to do a surprise attack!”

“No, you were the one who attacked first. Furthermore, when you were naked.”

I felt weary when I recalled the scene at that time.

Furthermore, I was currently grabbing Otto’s hand because I did not want him to touch Ruti.

” … Mou.”

Clear discomfort could be seen on Ruti’s face. Although Otto didn’t seem to have noticed.

If Otto touched Ruti’s hand at that moment, she would probably thrust him away with all her strength. It would just be a mere thrust but it was humanity’s strongest thrust after all.

On my estimations, at the very least, he would be blown to the wall at the distance, fracture all the bones in his body and will have to take months to recuperate.

“Let go, coward, will you only understand after I cause you some pain?”


“It hurtttttttsss!!!”

He tried to shake free so I twisted his arm joint.

Otto desperately tapped my arm with teary eyes to indicate that he give up.

“I-I said I give up!”

“This isn’t really a match anyway.”

“Ar-are you angry about something?”

“I’m not angry.”

The surrounding people started laughing loudly as Otto gave out miserable whimpers.

This won’t do, I’m gathering too much attention.

I reluctantly let go of Otto’s arm.

“Co-coward! Fight me fair and square!”


I wonder which part of that was cowardly?

Also, why were Lit and Ruti making preparations?

It’s already an overkill, it will be a complete overkill if the two of them joined as well.

Suddenly, a large shadow stood behind Otto. It was the 『Winter Demon』.


The thick arm landed on Otto’s head with a thump.

With just that, Otto’s body slammed into the ground.

Then, the 『Winter Demon』grabbed Otto by the scruff of his neck and slowly dragged him away.

“Eh, Danan?”

The 『Winter Demon』looked back after I said that and I saw a wink of an eye from inside the mountain goat mask.

Wasn’t that guy supposed to be recuperating!?

When they returned to the central district, the 『Sage』 seemed to be angry with Otto for going off somewhere without notice and pretended to hit him repeatedly.

That comical gesture roused the audience to laugh loudly.

“The『Winter Demon』 defeating the 『Drake Rider』  is an ominous sign. A long winter is coming.”

I heard a voiced mixed among the laughter.

I turned around to look but I could not tell where that voice came from.

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