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SL Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Lit at that time

Translator: Tseirp

“I-I’m done changing.”

Lit said and came out, not in her gown for sleeping, but the usual clothes that she wore outside. She wore a dress for the festival today so it felt rather fresh instead.

“So-sorry. But I like this attire. Fighting alongside you in Logavia and living together with you as your partner in Zoltan … erm, I can’t put it into words well … I really enjoyed myself today at the festival too … but every day is happiness for me even when there is no festival. So, is this attire all right … or do you not like it? Should I change into prettier clothes?”

“No, I like Lit when you wear that too.”

We both blushed as we spoke.

Lit wanted to hide her mouth with her bandana but she gripped her hand tightly in front of her and looked at me directly without covering her mouth.

“So, you said you wanted to pass me something?”

I verified via touch the item within my right hand as Lit stared directly at me with her sky blue eyes.

At that moment, within Lit’s eyes, I recalled the time when I first met Lit in Logavia.


“We, the Principality of Logavia, can beat the Demon Lord Army even without heroes!”

Those were the first words I heard from Lit when I first met her.

At that time, Lit hated the notion of entrusting the fate of her home country to heroes who were outsiders.

In order to oppose us, although she did not directly interfere with us as we were both fighting against the Demon Lord Army, she tried to crush our reputation by performing deeds before us.

Lit thought that by doing so, she could change the thinking of the Logavia King who accepted the heroes, actively asked for our help and even wanted to hand the privilege to command the army to us.

In the capital of Logavia, I had spread opened the map we received from the King of Logavia on the table and was writing down the problems that we had to resolve.

“There are two occupied villages. The Demon Lord Army main army is deployed to the south. There are scattered Orc Hasa (light cavalry) squads to the east and west. The lumber supply from the mountain villages has decreased for reasons unknown. The northern mines have been attacked by a monster thought to be a Dragon. No signs of any reinforcement troops requested from the neighboring country of Sunland.”

Judging from the arrangement of the Demon Lord Army, one could tell that the Demon Lord Army’s final goal was to lay siege to the Logavia castle. Currently, their aim was likely to cut off Logavia’s food supply little-by-little by assaulting the villages as well as exhaust the Logavia troops sent to aid them.

That was definite as they were conserving their main body comprised of Demon Tercio (square formation infantry) and were participating in the battle with only the Orc Hasa (light cavalry) and Dwarf slave infantry.

“I am more concerned about the Asura Demon Shura Corp, that are under the direct command of the Demon Lord, joining the battle.”

The Shura Corps, comprised of hand-picked Asura who do not know fear and are of the same race as the Demon Lord Taraxon strike fear into the lords of Avalonia. Their armor comprised only of a piece of chain mail. Their marching speed was considerably faster than regular infantry and they were not affected by rough terrain.

They were especially adept at attacking from rivers and they would ride small boats to raid settlements. Even if the military gathers to retaliate, they would escape back to the river and the military would be incapable of chasing after them.

Human settlements were fundamentally built near rivers. Humans require a large amount of water for daily life. Furthermore, water was essential for farming and the transport of goods via boats was the most efficient. If you opened a map, you would probably notice that the towns and villages were lined along rivers.

“Although the Shura Corps has not made a move, we need to watch out for attacks from the river as soon as possible.”

If we followed the Logavia king’s proposal and acquire the right to command a portion of the troops, coordinating such efforts would be much easier.

“In order to obtain the command rights, we will have to gain achievements to make the nobles who resist that proposal understand. In that case, the first task will be to liberate the occupied villages and raid the orc positions to the east and west.”

At that moment, the door to the room was opened fiercely with a bang.

“Good work shutting yourself in a room when it is bright outside!”

“What, so it’s just Lit.”

I released my grip on my sword.

Lit looked at me with puzzlement when she saw my actions.

“Why are you still equipped with your sword in a room.”

“For self-defense. Next time, I would prefer if you knocked first.”

“Self-defense? This is Logavia, you know? Who would come to attack you?”

I shrugged my shoulders and didn’t answer.

I did not have to go out of my way to explain to her that I could not calm down if my sword was out of reach due to all the consecutive battles.

“So what are you here for?”

“I heard.”

Lit walked briskly to my side. She moved her face closer with a grin on her face.

I was momentarily fascinated by those beautiful eyes when Lit’s face appeared directly in front of me.

“I heard that the proposal to hand over command rights of the soldiers to you people have been put on hold.”

“Thanks to somebody.”

“Thank you for the praise!”

I was wondering why she came here. So it was to say that. Lit sported a smug look on her face.

“For that reason, you people can set off to save another country.”

“That won’t do.”

Lit’s expression turned indignant and she grabbed my shoulder as I returned my gaze to the map.

“There is any number of other countries who accept heroes. Can’t you people do battle there? There are wealth and fame to be gained there, there is no particular need to stick to this country.”

“The front line of the northern region will collapse if Logavia were to fall.”

“I know that too, that is why I said we will defend it.”

“Defending is not enough. You can just accept us and defend. We will happily leave this place after the defense is successful.”

Lit could not find the words to refute my words and her gaze wavered for an instant.

However, she quickly stood back up and sighed.

“All right. You people are fighting to win against the Demon Lord Army, I will recognize that.”

“Thank you.”

“So, returning to topic, why are you staring at the map all on your own.”

“I will first organize the information before I consult my companions.”

“Eh? Don’t you have a Sage among your companions? That person doesn’t do it?”

“Hn … well.”

After seeing my ambiguous expression and wry smile, Lit might have guessed something and her expression softened for the first time.

“So you have it hard too.”


After that, Lit looked at the map on the desk as well.

“You investigated quite a bit for such a short time.”

“Because we would not be able to start setting a direction if we don’t have information.”

After staring for some time, Lit took the pen on the table and also added notes to the map.

“There is an inn here where merchants who sell goods stay.”

“In other words, a key strategic infrastructure?”

“And it is not depicted in the map but there is a hill here. It should be advantageous if you set up battle formations here.”

“Hm, conversely, it would be difficult to regain if the enemy sets up there.”

“Also, what does this note that says ‘to hold down the east’ mean?”

“That is if that location gets occupied, it would be difficult to defend the entire river.”

” … That is true. I will let the army know about this. Is that all right?”

“Of course. But if the Demon Lord Army main army takes action, they should give up on defense and fall back to this point.”

“It certainly isn’t a terrain suitable for defending.”

“I believe it will still be some time before the main army set up to the south move to this point. While there is time, the focus should be to complete the harvesting of crops and gather them along with supplies and villagers into this city.”

“But this is not a city that can accommodate that many people.”

“There’s a need to prepare temporary housing … hey.”

Lit took her gaze off the map and stared directly into my eyes.

“Why are you helping me?”

“You plan to live in Logavia until the defensive battle is over regardless of whatever I say, right? In that case, rather than let you stay here leisurely, I felt that it would be better to make you guys do some chores. Don’t be mistaken, it is not that I am recognizing your help.”

“I see. That is certainly helpful to me … But, hmm.”

I inadvertently grinned.


Perhaps Lit thought that I was making a fool of her when she saw my expression and her tone became sharper.

I quickly shook my head.

“You’re mistaken. It’s because it has been a long time since I did the initial information sorting with someone else.”

“You’ve seriously have had a hard time.”

“So, well … thanks.”

“Do-don’t be stupid! I’m not helping you in particular! I am doing it for Logavia’s sake!”

Lit covered her mouth with her bandana.

It seemed that Lit had the habit of covering her mouth when she laughed or was embarrassed.

I remembered that was when, after seeing Lit’s gestures and found it extremely cute, I no longer disliked Lit who had never failed to hide her animosity toward us.

Author’s note: Please let me write another 1-2 chapters reminiscing Lit’s tsundere period!

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