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Chapter 0136 Autonomous Region Defensive Battle

Translator: Tseirp


Countries are constantly exposed to external pressures.

Continually exposed to external pressure.

No matter how peaceful it may seem, it is because there are those who deal with the external pressure that it can continue to exist.


Like a balloon in the water or a submarine sailing in the sea.

If it neglects to deal with the water, or if it fails, it would be mercilessly crushed by the water.

Any weakness would be attacked mercilessly.


It was the job of the administrative organization to deal with it, but … when the organization becomes too large, such as at a national level, each person would not be aware of it.

Would it be too cruel to blame them?

If the bureaucrats neglect their job and so do the ministers who lead them … the country will die.

And it was a sad fact that not all nations can survive the process.


Two unfortunate knights were about to be sacrificed by the country.

Zack Cooler and Scotty Cobook.


By no means did the two of them have a habit of slacking off and were involved because they didn’t return quickly on this day … that was not the case.

They were unfortunately a victim of the country!


…… maybe.


“Only two of us can fight. Ten non-combatants, including the Viscount’s wife, daughter, chef, butler, and maids …”

“You’re right. There are about 20 spears in the Viscount’s collection that can be used. A spear is a good way to attack from a distance so that we don’t have to remain at the gate. The Viscount’s wife has permitted us to use them.”

Zack and Scotty confirmed the current situation.


“There aren’t many things that are obsessed with this mansion so far. They are just heading straight down the road to the right.”

“I wonder if there’s something that interests them there. For now, let’s defeat those clinging to the gate with a spear. The gate isn’t designed for defense … so it won’t last long if they keep hitting it.

After verifying the situation, the two continued their defense of the mansion.


The thought that they should have returned earlier without slacking off crossed their minds for a brief moment.

But then the people in this mansion would have been sacrificed … that knowledge would have made it harder for them to sleep.



Autonomous Region.

The courtyard had now become a refuge for the local residents.

Those who lived in the mansions on both sides of the three houses of the Autonomous Region evacuated to the grounds after seeing the defense line that was quickly set up.


Many of the mansions beyond that laid down defenses too but over time they were overrun and casualties occurred.

The street the entrance of the Autonomous Region faces was one of the main streets extending from the Sanctum of the Royal Capital. In modern Japan terms, its width could easily fit three lanes on each side, the width of a six-lane highway.

At the moment, it was filled with monsters.

Moreover, the monsters were coming from both the left and right.


However, the line of defense held by the Autonomous Region elves with bows and arrows was extraordinarily strong.

If Ryo was looking at the scene, he would say, ‘Elves are best paired with bows after all!’

Perhaps it was a racial trait, as the elves’ forte is bows, not swords, spears, or axes.


Of course, there were some exceptional cases, such as Sera, who was particularly good with swords, but she was a rare case.

Besides, while Sera boasts transcendental swordsmanship, her skill with the bow was also top-notch.

It was well demonstrated in this defensive battle.


Not only Sera, but the elves who were participating in the defensive battle were never off their target.

The only difference was either they shot the critical points or struck next to the critical points.

Not a single arrow was wasted.


“Sera. I think we have accommodated most of the people evacuating from the surrounding mansions. Unfortunately, we have to give up on those who have not come … we can only pray that they can persist.”

“Yes, Baba-sama.”

“We must switch from the defense of the entire road to the defense of just the mansion … everything has a limit.”


Baba-sama was right.

Not to mention the arrows, even if they ration them, they would sometime utilize magic on their own.

Their magical power was also finite.


But Sera was aware.

From diagonally opposite, the mansion two houses over was still stubbornly resisting.

The enemies clinging to the gate were effectively defeated by thrusts with a spear.

Moreover, the defense was held by just two people.

However, in the last few minutes, their pierce accuracy had dropped.

They were probably tired.


“Baba-sama. That mansion diagonally on the other side two houses over. Only that location has not fallen. They are resisting with spears but it seems that they are nearing their limit.”

“Mmm? That is … the Viscount Westwood’s mansion if I recall correctly?”



“It’s bad Scotty. I can no longer lift my arm.”

“To think that our skipped training came back to bite us here.”

The Zack and Scotty duo were at the height of fatigue.


So far, they had managed to protect the gate.

However, in proportion to the accumulation of fatigue of the two people, the number of monsters clinging to the gate was becoming more and more.

It also meant that the durability of the gate was being worn down.

If nothing was done, the compound would be invaded sooner or later.


They already knew that no one was alive in the mansions around them.

And, the Kingdom’s Knights’ Order they were relying on has not suppressed the monsters.

Of course, they knew best how corrupt and weak the Knights were.

Still, they were one of the strongest forces in the royal capital.

It was beyond their imaginations that the strongest force they envisioned had already been destroyed.


As far as they could see, the people alive were only in a corner more than 100 meters away. That was the Elf’s 『Autonomous Region』.

However, there are quite a few monsters between the Autonomous Region and the mansion.

That was a distance that was hard to reach when bringing along as many as ten non-combatants with just two people.

“Well, what should we do?”


At that time, just as Zack was wondering if he should prepare himself for the worst.

He glanced at the Autonomous Region by chance.

A woman with long platinum blonde hair, who seemed to be the commander, looked in his direction.

Then, she raised her hand and motioned for them to come over!


He did not mistake it.


At that moment, Zack made the decision.



“Scotty, let’s go to the Autonomous Region.”

“Oh, that sounds great … but how? Can we survive the trip?”

“It will probably be okay. The commander there will help us.”

Scotty felt that Zack’s conviction was a little strange but said nothing.

At least, even if they stayed there, it was certain that the situation would gradually worsen.

Rather, he was impressed by Zack’s decisiveness at that moment.


Scotty at the lead with ten non-combatants following and finally Zack in the rear.

It was decided that they would head for the Autonomous Region in that formation.

The rest was timing.



In the distance, Sera noticed that people were gathering in the courtyard of that mansion.

“So the other side has finished preparations?”

Sera muttered.

And then she told the first team.

“Follow the plan.”

After giving that command, she raised her hand toward the mansion.

Then the man in the mansion also raised his hand.

“Okay, let’s get started! First team, release!”

Until now, they had only shot arrows at the monsters that approached closer than a certain distance.


However, the arrows fired with Sera’s command only struck those between the Autonomous Region and the Viscount Westwood’s residence.

And it was not just one volley.


Rapid fire, rapid fire, rapid fire.


In a blink of an eye, a pathway with no monsters formed.

After verifying that, the gate of the mansion opened and they started running toward the Autonomous Region.


The first man arrived and ushered those behind in.

However, at that moment, the last man who was at the rear fell.



Zack cursed.


Because he had kept fighting, his feet were unsteady.

Before he fell, he knew that an orc was just beside him.

And then he fell … and knew it was the end … even the optimist Zack had no choice but to think so.


But … he saw a silver light flow between the orc and him.


And decapitated the orc in one swing.


“Can you stand?”

The platinum blonde-haired woman asked without turning to Zack.


“Ok, then stand and run.”

Zack stood up as he was told and ran towards the Autonomous Region.


Normally, he would say, ‘How could I leave a woman?’, but at that moment he didn’t think about that at all.

He could clearly tell that she was an amazing Swordswoman, one that Zack would never come close to.


Once Zack entered the courtyard of the Autonomous Region, that woman’s command echoed on the road.




With that command, the elves who maintained a line of defense on the road entered the Autonomous Region all at once.

The woman entered last and the gate was closed immediately.

It was easy to tell that the gate was a sturdy gate incomparable to the gate of the Viscount’s residence.


“Zack … that was close.”

Scotty was almost crying.

When Zack fell, he thought that it was over.

Now that they were saved and protected in a safe place … his tear glands relaxed too.


“Yeah … we were lucky.”

Zack replied but he was looking at the woman who helped him earlier.

He knew she was the commander there.

At the same time, he saw earlier that she was a skilled sword user.


“I heard that all the elves are beautiful men and women … it’s certainly true but that commander is by far the best among them.”

Scotty added on, following Zack’s line of sight.

“Yeah, definitely.”

Then Zack walked towards the woman as if he had decided something.


“She saved me so I want to thank her and ask for her name.”

Zack replied Scotty as they walked over.


“Thank you for sheltering us. Scotty Cobook, from the Kingdom’s Knights’ Order.”

“Thank you for your help earlier, I’m Zack Cooler, from the Kingdom’s Knights’ Order.”

“Oh, don’t mention it.”

Sera commented it wasn’t a big deal in response to Scotty and Zack’s greetings and was about to move away.

“Oh, if you don’t mind, could you please give me your name. I’ll have to write a report later since the Autonomous Region assisted us …”


Zack lied a little.


Sure, there were requirements to report, but … there have not been any written in years.

“Um … I’m not actually a member of the Autonomous Region. I just happened to be here. I’m Sera, swordsmanship instructor of the Knights of the Margrave of Rune.”

“Swordsmanship instructor of the Knights of the Margrave of Rune…”

Zack was at a loss for words.


Rune was the largest city on the outskirts, and even within the kingdom, it was a city on a scale that competes for the largest or second-largest excluding the royal capital.

Moreover, the Knights of Rune were known for their strength.

Now that the level of the Kingdom’s Knights’ Order has dropped, it could be said to be one of the strongest Knights’ Orders in the Kingdom.

The swordsmanship instructor for that order … easily convinced them of the skillful display of swordsmanship just now.

“No wonder … that sword …”

Zack muttered, remembering the swordsmanship display he witnessed when he was saved.


“For the time being, take a rest. We don’t know when this chaos will come to an end.”

Then Sera walked toward Baba-sama.


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