Simple Character Glossary for Chapter 383-385 Intermission

Translator: Tseirp


[Royal family]

Rupert VI: Former Emperor. He abdicated two years ago and went into seclusion. Currently in the delegation to Western Countries.


Helmut VIII: Current Emperor. He ascended the throne two years ago. He is the first son of Former Emperor Rupert.


Konrad: Duke Stein. He is the third son of Former Emperor Rupert. While attending a garden party in Whitnash, Knightley Kingdom, he and Fiona were attacked.


Fiona: Duchess Rubin. Commander of the Former Emperor’s Magic Division. The disbanded members of the Emperor’s Magic Division were transferred to the Rubin Duchy’s army. She is the 14th child and 11th princess of Former Emperor Rupert.


Sigismund: Duke of Alant. He is the second son of Former Emperor Rupert.




Oscar: Explosive Blaze Magician. Count Ruska. Vice-commander of the Former Emperor’s Magic Division. Husband of Fiona, Duchess of Rubin. Commander of the Rubin Duchy’s army.


Marie: Fiona’s chief maid and adjutant.


Jurgen Bartel: Oscar’s adjutant. Acting commander of the Rubin Duchy’s army.


Marchioness Kurkova: Rules the Marquis of Kurkova, which is adjacent to the Duchy of Rubin. In her twenties. Her husband, Marquis Kurkova, has already passed away.



[Subordinates and others]

Martina Doner: Consul of Helmut VIII.


Rand: Aide to Duke Konrad of Stein.


Volker Arbelein: Commander of the Stein Duchy’s army.


Flora Leisenheimer: Commander of the Empire’s Tenth Army.


Elmer: Advisor to the Empire’s 10th Army.


Mainz: Sigismund’s butler.


Theo Byrne: Viscount Kirnach. Supreme Consul of the Duchy of Arant. Flora Leisenheimer’s teacher.


Linus Warner: Former Viscount Kruger. In the final chapter of volume 1, he planned the strategy for the Imperial army to invad the Kingdom. He is the son of Marquis Musel, who led the Imperial army at that time. On the run.


King Hahn: King of Horsemen. He led the equestrian tribe and took control of the Corridor countries of Schulz and Ayteke-Bo. Because he hurt his sister, he has a one-sided grudge against Former Emperor Rupert VI.


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