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Chapter 0383 Intermission – Empire Unrest Part 1

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Let’s turn back the time a little.


The Duchy of Rubin has territory from the eastern to the southern part of the Empire.

During the era of the Former Emperor Rupert VI, many powerful nobles were wiped out, so the current nobles hold quite vast territories.


When the current Emperor Helmut VIII ascended the throne, it was one of the ducal houses created.

A ducal family established by the 14th child and 11th princess of the Former Emperor Rupert VI.

That is the Rubin Duke household.


The head of the family is Fiona Bornemisza, Duchess of Rubin.

The former commander of the Emperor’s Magic Division.

Currently, the Emperor’s Magic Division has been disbanded.

Due to Helmut’s military reforms, there are only 20 armies, 10 magic armies, and the Imperial Guard Knights.


Although the Emperor’s Magic Division was disbanded, its members were now members of the Rubin Duchy’s Magic Division.

After it was decided that the division would be disbanded, 600 members came to Fiona, who had established a ducal household and asked for employment.


Of course, Fiona hired them all.


Some of the most elite members of the Imperial Army came to offer their services… and moreover, they were subordinates that she had taken care of and raised.

There was no reason not to hire them.


In the first place, if she opens a ducal household, she would have a duchy army anyway.

To maintain public order within the territory, military power was necessary… that can’t be helped.

If so, those with it are far better than those without!



In that way, the former Emperor Magic Division became the core force of the Duchy of Rubin’s army.




“Master, did you hear that Brother Konrad was accused of high treason?”

“Fiona… that method of addressing me. Well, it’s fine. I read that report too. I wonder what His Majesty the Emperor is so anxious about…”

Oscar answered Fiona’s question.

He is Fiona’s husband.


Even so, he is sometimes called ‘master’…

It seems that long-held habits are difficult to break.


“Ah, sorry, I just…. Anyway, I’m going to the Imperial Castle.”

“I’ll go too. I don’t think anything will happen… No, if Konrad-sama was imprisoned, something might happen. Marie, tell Jurgen. While we’re gone, he’ll have full authority over the Duke’s army.”


Marie, Fiona’s chief maid and adjutant, responded to Oscar’s words.



Konrad Bornemisza, Duke of Stein.

The third son of Former Emperor Rupert VI. He is the half-brother of the current Emperor Helmut, and also Fiona’s older brother.

During the attack on the Knightley Kingdom Whitnash Garden Party, he was once targeted along with Fiona.


At the same time as Helmut ascended the throne, Konrad was also converted to a noble and founded the House of Duke Stein.


Konrad was now suspected of rebellion against the Emperor and imprisoned.

That was unusual.



However, it was also a common occurrence historically in the Debuhi Empire.

Former Emperor Rupert VI himself caused the death of many of his brothers after ascending to the throne in his twenties.


There was a possibility that they would rebel, so I took the first step… that’s what Rupert says, both then and now.



However, Fiona could not accept it so easily.



As soon as Fiona and Oscar arrived at the Imperial Castle, they requested an audience with the Emperor.


“I’m sorry. His Majesty is currently busy and unable to meet with you.”

“That’s ridiculous!”

Fiona cried out in response to Helmut VIII’s consul Martina Doner’s answer.



Oscar called softly, deliberately speaking slowly and calmly.


With that, Fiona regained her composure.


“I understand. Please tell Brother Helmut… His Majesty that Fiona will return to her territory.”




That was all there was to that exchange.


However, that was enough information for those who had survived many death threats.


“Helmut-niisama seriously intends to kill Konrad-niisama.”


“Brother Konrad’s territory, the Duke of Stein, is the territory of the former Count Wallatal and Count Gemunten. In other words, it is the northwest corner of the Empire. Although it does not directly touch foreign countries…”

“Aside from the north, it is a very important territory as a check on the west. Even if His Majesty is planning to kill Konrad-sama, it is not a good time to do so now.”


In the carriage returning from the Imperial Castle to the Rubin Duchy, Fiona and Oscar were discussing.


“That’s right… the corridor countries that we didn’t have to think about until now.”

“Yeah. For the equestrian tribes, the distance from Ayteke-Bo, the easternmost corridor country, to the Imperial territory is something they can feasibly traverse.”

Oscar agreed with Fiona’s words.



It was different from the previous corridor countries.


A powerful king.

A mobile people.

If the neighboring Empire were to show an opening…



“Would they attack a country with as much national power as the Empire, even though they have powerful horsemen?”

Marie expressed her doubts.


“Yes, normally it would be unthinkable. However, it seems to be a public fact that King Hahn, the King of Horsemen, has a desire for revenge against the Empire. Even the ordinary people in the country of Schulz, where he lives, are aware of it. The desire for revenge should never be taken lightly. Sometimes it can outweigh reason.”

“There are those who say it is foolish for a king of a country to be carried away by his emotions. However, the king’s emotions are contagious to the people. The passion of the people can be an opportunity to greatly move the country. Wasn’t there a king who utilized the passion of the people, led them, and reunited a divided kingdom?

“King Abel of the Knightley Kingdom…”


Marie answered Oscar’s explanation and questions while swallowing her saliva.


Because it reminded her of the final stage of that war, the fierce battle between Oscar and the Kingdom’s water magician.

That was an inhuman battle.



“King Hahn… from what I’ve heard, he’s not an opponent you should ever show weakness to.”

Both Fiona and Marie nodded to Oscar’s words.




The Third Spire of the Imperial Castle… also known as the Prisoner’s Tower.

A prison to house people of noble status.


Duke Konrad Bornemisza of Stein was imprisoned there.

Of course, it was not like he was tied up with chains or anything.

On the contrary, even his magical power was not sealed.


“Your Highness…”

“Rand, don’t make that face. Well, it was more forceful than I expected, but I told you that this would happen eventually, right?”

Konrad’s aide Rand said with regret, and Konrad flatly declared the complete opposite.


“Are you sure you won’t try to escape?”

“Of course. What His Majesty is aiming for is for me to escape from prison. That way, he can use his authority to sentence me. To that end, he didn’t seal away my magical power to make it easier for me to escape from prison. It would be a waste to fall to such tricks, wouldn’t it?”


“In the current situation, the powerful people in the Empire must understand that His Majesty is trying to eliminate me… and they are exploring how others will react. They plan to back the winning horse.”


Konrad explained in a rather amused manner.

Even though his life could end at any moment.


“If this had been my father instead of Helmut-niisan… without a doubt, everyone would be on Father’s side. But my brother isn’t quite there yet.”


There he took a sip of coffee.

Before he knew it, it became ‘Helmut-niisan’ instead of ‘His Majesty’.


Rand, who was listening, didn’t say anything.


“The reason why Helmut-niisan wanted me to join the delegation to the Western countries was to kill me on the way. However, our father came forward and I remained in the Empire. To erase me, he needs to finish everything before the envoys return. So, this timing… but, brother, you weren’t the only one who was making preparations.’’


The whisper at the end was so quiet that even Rand couldn’t hear it.



Two days later, an emergency report arrived at the Imperial Castle.

“My apologies. I would like to report that Linus Warner, the former Viscount Kruger, has started a rebellion in the north.”


“Linus Warner? Tthe son of Marquis Muesel? I heard that he fled after the marquis’ family was disbanded, but… he is still alive?”

Helmut VIII frowned at the report.


The one who commanded the Imperial army’s invasion of the Knightley Kingdom three years ago was Marquis Musel, and the one who planned the strategy was his son, Linus Warner, Viscount Kruger.

After losing to the royal army led by King Abel, he returned to the mainland of the Empire, but was held responsible for the defeat by the previous Emperor, Rupert VI, and had his family disbanded.



“Is there an Imperial army in the north?”

“Yes. The Empire’s 15th Army is deployed there.”

Consul Martina Doner answered Helmut VIII’s question.


“Okay, then have the 15th army attack Linus. Eliminate them as quickly as possible.”




At that time, everyone thought that the rebellion would be easily suppressed…




Four days later.


“Report! The Empire’s 15th Army has been destroyed…”

“What…what do you mean!”

Helmut VIII couldn’t help but flare up at the report.

It was natural.


Linus’ rebel army numbered around 700 people.

In comparison, the 15th Army had 15,000 soldiers… and it was a regular army.

The equipment and training were top-notch.


There’s no way they would lose!


But that happened?



“This is an unconfirmed report, but there was information that traitors emerged from the 15th Army…”


Helmut VIII was speechless.


Traitors emerged from the Imperial Army?

How could something so outrageous happen?

He hadn’t heard anything like that in decades.



Isn’t it true that the Imperial armies still do not completely obey him?

Two years on the throne.

If you asked him if he has confidence that he has complete authority over the military…

It was certainly not as good as the previous Emperor.


If that’s the case, traitors emerging…


No way, what about the other Imperial armies…?



That doubt gradually gnawed at Helmut’s heart…




Two more days later.


“My apologies. I would like to report that a rebellion has broken out in the southwestern part of the empire, led by Rolf, the orphaned son of the former Duke Mollgrund.”

“No way……”

Helmut VIII responded with a disgusted expression to the report from Consul Martina Doner.


The Linus Warner rebellion that occurred earlier was still unresolved.

The Empire’s 2nd Army stationed in the capital had just been sent to suppress it…



Duke Mollgrund was the last of the great aristocrats, killed by Former Emperor Rupert for plotting a rebellion within the Empire at the end of the invasion of the Kingdom.

His territory was in the southeastern part of the Empire, and part of it is now within the Duchy of Rubin, which is ruled by Fiona.


“Which army should we send?”

“I think the 9th Army of the Empire would be appropriate…”

Martina answered Helmut’s question.

In her head, the location and inner workings of the entire Empire and magic armies were recorded in detail.

“Then, send in the 9th Army.”




Information about Linus’s rebellion, the destruction of the 15th Army, and even Rolf of Mollgrund’s rebellion had all accurately reached the captive Konrad.


“Hmm, that’s not bad. If the situation becomes this unstable, he won’t be able to kill me that easily.”

“That’s great.”

Aide Rand nodded happily to Konrad’s words.


Under these circumstances, if Konrad were to be executed… Konrad’s territory, the Stein Duchy, would definitely rebel.

In the duchy, there are many subordinates Konrad brought up from young.

There was no way they would just obey if their beloved master was killed.


They would probably actively cooperate with Linus and Rolf’s rebel forces.

As expected, Helmut VIII would want to avoid that.


No politician wants to create more problems when there are so many problems.

He probably won’t mess with someone who is not making any moves, at least until the situation calms down to a certain extent.


“I’m sure that’s the end of the first act. Now… how much can my brother’s heart endure?”

The smile on Konrad’s face was very innocent.




“Report! The 9th Army has disappeared!”


Helmut couldn’t help but give a sloppy reply to the incomprehensible report.



“Yes. The entire army scattered… there’s no one left…”

“I guess it’s possible…”


Helmut completely lost faith in the Imperial Army.


Traitors, vanishing…


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