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Volume 3

Chapter 22: The Saint’s Melancholy

Translator: Tseirp


It’s been a week since the Great Reincarnation Festival.


After the big event combination of sleepover and festival, Luna, Rho, Sarco, and Wendy had grown much closer, and recently they have been spending more time together.

Luna and Wendy in particular have a very good relationship, and the fact that they sit next to each other helps that they can often be seen chatting happily.


The Saint who was reincarnated in the world 300 years later was blessed with wonderful friends and was living a very fulfilling life.


And today is the school holiday of Saint Academy.


It’s a perfect day to go out, with a cloudless blue sky and a pleasant breeze on your back.

Luna shut herself up in her room in the student dormitory and was absorbed in reading her favorite novel about a villainous heiress – ‘Villainous Heiress Arche’.




She laid face down on the bed, swinging her legs as she flipped through the pages of the book.


An hour later,




With a satisfied expression on her face, Luna slammed the novel closed, got up from the bed ─ and slowly began to show off her strutting walk.

After mysteriously walking around the room, she quickly turned around and directed her cold gaze into the void.


“─ You all can go to hell.”


That was the signature line of the villainous heiress that she just read.

It was an explosion of her favorite ‘Imaginary Villainous Heiress Move’.


“Hehe, I really like the villainous heiress… She’s calm, smart, beautiful, and cool… I’m sure this is what they call a ‘cool beauty’? Hehe, I admire her!”


The Saint who stands at the opposite end of the spectrum from cool beauty, had her heart set on an ideal that she would never reach her.


“Fu, fufu, fufufufu…”


Excited, she let out a repulsive smile as she dove onto the bed and rolled around, hugging the pillow tightly.


When Tama saw her master having fun, she barked energetically while waving her tail.


“Waf, waf!”


“Hmm…? What’s wrong, Tama? Do you want to play too? Do you want to play? You want to play! I see, I see, then let’s play together!”




As she enjoyed acting out the actions of a villainous heiress in a delusional world and played with dog toys with Tama ─




Suddenly, she was brought back to ‘reality’ and let out a big sigh.


“Hey, Tama… can I ask you something?”




“I’ve been feeling a little unmotivated lately…”


Luna let out a long, heavy sigh as she cradled Tama against her stomach and felt her soft paws.

Ever since she returned to the Kingdom after participating in the Empire’s Great Reincarnation Festival, she had been feeling like that.


“Well, it’s not like it’s not fun, right? Rho is here, Sarco-san is here, Wendy-san is there… and of course Tama is here too. It’s fulfilling, but…”


It’s just… she just didn’t feel satisfied.

Like a ‘thirst’ that’s difficult to quench that clung to the depths of her chest and won’t let go.


(…The cause is, after all, that, right…)


The person herself knew best.

When Luna was reincarnated in the present day, her first goal was to become a villainous heiress. But that was not progressing as expected and was causing her discomfort.


(Sigh… I wonder what I should do.)


To determine her options for villainous heiress moves, she needed a certain level of family status.


In this respect, the Spedio family is a mid-ranking aristocrat in the kingdom given the status of Count.

Her status as ‘Count’s Daughter’ has some good points but… The location of the territory her family controls is so bad that she is actually on par with a Viscount ─ at worst, she would only have the power of a Baron, the lowest rank.

Therefore, Luna tried to do whatever she could to improve the status of the Spedio family.


But ─.


(…The Albus Empire was amazing…)


She received a tremendous shock when she saw the Empire the other day.

There was a huge difference in the degree of development between the Empire and the Kingdom ─ or rather, the difference was too much.


(Even if I raise my family status in the Kingdom, I will never be able to win against the great aristocrats of the Empire…)


Wendy’s family, the Triard family, had a mansion in a prime location in the Imperial Capital, and the house was filled with luxurious furniture and had a large number of servants.

Even then, she was still the second ‘marquis’ from the top.

A ‘duke’, the pinnacle of aristocracy, is an existence far beyond the realm of heaven that she could no longer even imagine reaching.


“…I feel so small…”


She felt that what she was doing and about to do was extremely lacking ─ she was tormented by an indescribable feeling of helplessness and lethargy.


“If only Luna Kingdom could be built, I would be able to do all the villainous heiress moves I want… ─ Oh, hey! Then I wouldn’t be a villainous heiress, I’d be a villainous queen!”


She retorted herself,




She let out a deep, long sigh for the umpteenth time.


As time passed in a silly manner like that ─ there was a knock on the door, and Rho quietly opened the door.


“─ Luna-sama, may I have a moment?”


“Yeah, what’s wrong?”


“This is a little sudden, but I would like to request to have today and tomorrow as off days.”


“Off days…?”


Luna tilted her head slightly.


“Yes. I received a letter from Carlo-sama this morning, asking me to return to Spedio territory.”


“Eh, back to Spedio territory? Didn’t we just return recently?”


“It appears that they are preparing a new lodging for the Saint’s representative and I have been asked to help with the preparations.”


“Oh, ah… (Now that I think about it, I think they said something like that…)”


What came to Luna’s mind was the scene from when she was active in Spedio territory as Silver. That was the ‘Conversation’ she had with Carlo and Trebas after she got rid of Zavok Dodo, the Imperial tax collector.


[Silver-sama, please come again anytime! ]


[Next time, we will prepare lodgings exclusively for Silver-sama and will be waiting for you]


[Thank you for your consideration]


Luna thought she was clearly just being polite but…

Carlo and Trebas dutifully renovated an empty house in their territory, turned it into lodgings, and asked Rho to do the final finishing touches on the interior.


“I see. You don’t have to worry about me, just help out Mom and Dad.”


“Okay, then please excuse me.”


Just as Rho was about to leave the room ─ she suddenly stopped in front of the door and quickly came back.


“Just to be sure… while I’m away, please try to be on your best behavior and don’t cause any trouble, okay?”


“W-what are you talking about? I’m not that kind of child?”


“Hah… is that really true? Put your hand on your chest and think about it.”


Rho replied as she stared at her.


“Muuu, fine!”


Luna, who’s basically very obedient, did as she was told, placing her hand on her chest as she thought about it.


(Ah, now that I think about it… when I was attacked by Weiss, I left without telling her and caused her to worry. At the Great Reincarnation Festival the other day, I got lost and she was desperately looking for me… Yesterday, I accidentally ate the pudding Rho had carefully saved and got scolded.)


Several misconducts surfaced one after another…

Exactly the saying that if you look deeply into any person, you’d find some flaws or weaknesses.




The Saint is a good girl who apologizes sincerely,


“Mou… please be careful from now on, okay?”


Rho had a rather soft side towards Luna.


In this situation, they are not master and maid, but a troublesome younger sister and a caring older sister.


“Then, please excuse me.”


“Yeah, have a safe journey. Be careful.”


“I will.”


Rho bowed politely and left the student dormitory.


“…It feels weird without Rho.”


Usually, Luna goes to Rho’s room, asks her to come to her room, or play with Tama together ─ partly because of their relationship as master and maid, the two of them spend a lot of time together.

Even though they don’t stay in the same room, just hearing the sound of Rho working in the next room calms her somehow.


Luna glanced at the bookshelf, having nothing to do.


“I wonder if I should read another book… but no, no. If I keep doing that, I’ll be done in no time.”


To enjoy her favorite book ‘Villainous Heiress Arche’ from 300 years ago, she had firmly decided that she would ‘read only one book a day’.


“Hmm, I don’t have anything to do in particular… I think I’ll go on an adventure for the first time in a while.”


A considerable amount of time had already passed since she last received the quest ‘Gathering herbs from Canopus Plains’.

She thought it was about time to have another adventure.


“─ Okay, I’ve decided! The weather is nice today, so let’s go do some ‘adventurer moves’!”

Luna cheerfully got up from the bed, and Rho’s warning flashed through her mind.


[While I’m away, please try to be on your best behavior and don’t cause any trouble, okay?]


(N-no, no, it’s fine, it’s fine…! I’m not a child and I’m just going on a little adventure, so I won’t cause any trouble to Rho… I’m sure!)


Luna moved on, cast <conversion>, and donned her usual plate armor.


“Tama~, I’m going out for a little while, so be a good boy, okay?”




“If I get home late, there’s some crunchy rice on the shelf here, so you can eat that, okay? ─ Oh, you can only eat the rice, okay? No snacks. Okay?”




In his juvenile form, Tama’s throat has degenerated so he can barely speak human language…

Though his intelligence is the same as in his adult form.

He can understand human language perfectly, so finding food on his own is not a problem at all.


“Then Tama, I’ll be off.”




Then, Luna, in her plate armor, activated <Gate> and teleported to the royal capital.



Luna, who had teleported to the royal capital, was walking along the main street heading for the adventurer’s guild when she suddenly started to sense a commotion in her surroundings.


“L-look, it’s Silver…!”


“Huh, is that the rumored representative of the Saint?… He certainly has a presence.”


“Come to think of it, it seems like he’s an adventurer too…?”


“I’ve heard a little about that. If I remember correctly, didn’t he completely wipe the floor with the Sword Saint…?”


Everyone passing by on the street glanced at her and talked to each other in whispers.


(Fufufufu, this feels not bad…!)


She seemed to be very satisfied with the ‘Mysterious Saint Representative & Strong Adventurer Move’.


After that, Luna entered the adventurer’s guild and immediately noticed something unusual in the atmosphere.




The always cheerful adventurers were all there with complex expressions on their faces and a large number of employees were having discussions with serious looks.


(The air is strangely heavy, maybe something happened…?)


While thinking about that she headed toward a ‘familiar face’ who was standing at the reception desk.


“─ Ocho-san, it’s been a while.”


“Ah, Silver-san, you’re back!”


“Yeah. I thought I’d go on a quest to take a breather, but… what’s with this strange atmosphere…?”


“Actually, we just received a ‘pretty heavy emergency quest’ from the Elgia Kingdom… and we’re discussing how to deal with it.’’


“…Emergency Quest…”


The ‘adventurer-like’ word touched Luna’s heartstrings.


“I am told a ‘wanted demon’ appeared on a forest road in the southeastern part of the Kingdom… the situation at the scene seems to be quite dire.’’


“A wanted demon?”


“Among the ferocious demons that have invaded the human habitat, those who caused especially serious damage are placed on the wanted list by the four major countries with bounties on them. By the way… the ‘Thunder Emperor Meridora’ who is rampaging this time is an A-rank bounty who has already killed over 100 people and is a pretty dangerous demon.’’


Luna listened to Ocho’s explanation and quietly thought about it.


(Thunder Emperor Meridora, a thunder-type demon…)


Three hundred years ago, the established theory was that demons that control thunder are ‘troublesome’. Their attacks and magic have excellent firepower, speed, and deployment, and humanity struggled against them.


Incidentally… among the demons that control thunder, the established theory is that ‘if you see the Saint, run as if your life depends on it’. For them, who take absolute pride in their ‘speed’, there is nothing more terrifying than the idea of a ‘person moving faster than them’.

The Saint, who has no way of knowing that, has a unique impression of the thunder-type demons who run away with all their might as soon as they see her, which is they are ‘a pain to chase and capture’.


Ocho, who likes explaining and is an overly helpful person, pulled out a map from a small shelf and easily explained the timeline of this situation.


“About 30 minutes ago, Meridora appeared on a forest road in the southeastern part of the kingdom and attacked five carriages returning from sightseeing. A coachman immediately used <Call> and contacted the Holy Knight Headquarters. The elite members of the 7th Holy Knight Battalion, who are in charge of guarding the nearby border, rushed to the scene… but it seems that Meridora was stronger than expected, and they were routed.’’




“The <Call> signal was bad and we couldn’t figure out the exact situation… The 7th Holy Knight Battalion is believed to be hiding in Query Cave, protecting civilians. The purpose of this emergency quest is to ‘defeat the Thunder Emperor Meridora or guide the evacuation of the civilians’.


“I see… (Hmm, in other words, ‘helping people’… Sounds like something for the Saint to do, so I kind of can’t get motivated…)”


She was currently hungry for ‘villainous heiress moves’ and had no interest in acting like the Saint.


“By the way, this is just a side note, but… the rewards for emergency quests are paid from the Elgia Kingdom’s treasury, so they are set at a fairly high amount.”


“Ooh… how much is it?”


“The difficulty level of this quest is equivalent to ‘A-rank’, so normally the average price would be 300,000 to 500,000 gold… but this time, it is surprisingly 1 million gold!’’


“O-one million gold!?”


She couldn’t help but lean forward.


(When I was collecting medicinal herbs in Canopus Plain, I was paid 10,000 gold for a whole day… it is basically 100 times that…)


It was no longer the time to harvest grass.


“Um… if you don’t mind, I’ll…”


Just when Luna’s heart leaned toward the emergency quest, the ‘Saint thoughts’ that were deeply rooted in her soul interfered.


(N-no, but helping people for money leaves a bad taste in my mouth…ha!?)


At that moment, an electric shock ran through her.


(Helping people for money might be a bit like a villainous heiress…!)


While the Saint acts out of free will, a villainous heiress acts for money, status, honor… for personal profit.


This time, Luna decided to help people to get the large reward of 1 million gold.

That thought process is definitely the same as that of a villainous heiress.


(…This is a new discovery…)


Even if it is the same type of helping someone, the meaning will be completely different if ‘profit’ is involved.

Helping others for money meant, unlike volunteering, there was a depth of immorality to it.


“─ Ocho-san, would you mind if I accept that emergency quest?”


“Eh, are you sure!?”


“Yes, I was just feeling bored today.”


“T-thank you! I’ll call the guild leader right now, Berg-san!”


Ocho hurried to the back of the reception desk, and a few seconds later, Berg came running towards her.


“Oh, Silver, I heard from Ocho! You accepted the emergency quest!”


When he said that visibly excited, Ocho following behind him exclaimed, ‘Ah!’.


“Berg-san, there’s a problem! Silver-san is still an iron-rank adventurer, and to receive the emergency quest, he has to be above platinum-rank─”


“─ Just how serious to a fault are you, Idiot Ocho? I will temporarily freeze those stupid rules with my guild leader’s authority! In the first place, even platinum is too low for someone like Silver!”


“I-I’m sorry…”


“Every minute is precious right now! Silver, I’ll give you a quick overview of the quest!”


Berg said and spread out a map of the Elgia Kingdom on the reception table.


“The scene is probably here, in Query Cave along the southeast forest road. The enemy is the Thunder Emperor Meridora. <Call> connection is bad so we can’t tell if they’re currently fighting or hiding… It’s certain that a dangerous demon called Meridora is roaming around there. You can subdue him, or you can ignore him. In any case, the ‘top priority’ is to protect the civilian population and evacuate them to the nearby village of Totto. ─ What do you think? Do you think you can go?”


“Yeah, leave it to me.”


“Wow, that’s a very reassuring answer! That’s right. Just in case, take this map with you!”


“Thank you.”


After receiving a simple map from Berg, Luna turned heel and left.


“Then I’ll be going.”


“Ou, please take care of it, Silver!”


“Silver-san, please do your best!”


Luna, who left the adventurer’s guild while being seen off by Ocho and Berg, smiled happily inside her plate armor.


(This is the first time in my life that I’ve helped someone for money. Hehe, I’m sure this will raise my ‘villainous heiress level’…!)


It would be a laughable level-up, like level 1 becoming level 1.1… but for the Saint, it’s a big first step.


(And to think I’ll be assigned an emergency quest… I might be, like, a ‘capable adventurer’…!)


Luna, who was clearly in a good mood, opened the map she was handed and checked the exact location of her destination.


“Um… around here, maybe? ─ <Gate>!”


Then she teleported to Query Cave.


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