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Chapter 23: Thunder Emperor Meridora

Translator: Tseirp


About 20 minutes before Luna accepted the emergency quest.


A muscular Holy Knight riding a swift horse led twelve subordinates to the southeastern part of the Kingdom through a forest path.

The fierce and masculine man is Nainggolan Bitold, a talented heavy warrior appointed as the captain of the 7th Holy Knight Battalion.


(Shit… what a monster, Thunder Emperor Meridora…)


After receiving the information on Meridora’s appearance, they set off to subjugate him but … they were pushed back by his powerful Lightning abilities and were defeated miserably.

They used a classic smokescreen to blind the enemy and narrowly escaped with their lives.


Currently, they were galloping toward the Kingdom at full speed while escorting five carriages carrying ordinary citizens.


(…I’m sorry. You must be in pain, but please hang in there a little longer…)


His beloved horse breathed laboriously below him as he gently patted its back ─ when a part of the clear blue sky far above turned jet black and a crackling sound echoed.


“Damn, it’s coming…!”


The moment Nainggolan issued the warning, a dazzling flash of lightning came.




A holy knight was struck by the intense lightning strike and fell limply from his horse.

He’s a well-trained Holy Knight so he was probably still alive.

If given a potion right away or cast a recovery spell, he’ll definitely survive.


However, if they stopped there, they would be completely wiped out.


The members of the 7th Holy Knight Battalion lost their precious friend ─ but abandoned him on the roadside and just fled.


(Shit, shit, shit… That bastard, he’s just playing with us…)


Nainggolan, with an angry look on his face, glared over his shoulder.


Far behind, swaying like a ghost, was a slim figure, the ‘Thunder Emperor Meridora’.

Even though he was walking slowly, he maintained a close distance to Nainggolan and the others who were riding on horseback through some strange magic trick… and he occasionally snapped his fingers as if he was remembering something. Then, he shot down the holy knights one by one with lightning magic.


If he wanted to, he could kill them all at any time… but he wouldn’t do such a wasteful thing.

Meridora was currently enjoying his hobby of ‘hunting humans’.


(There is no doubt that this mysterious lightning is his unique magic. The effective range is probably everything under the sky… In other words, it is equivalent to having our hearts in his hands…)


The top priority was to escape from the ‘sky’.


(My unique magic is weak against three-dimensional attacks… but if we’re going to die anyway, I’ll choose the option with the highest possibility of survival…!)


Having steeled his resolve, Nainggolan decided to escape to the Query Cave ahead and set up a defensive siege battle.

He immediately activated <Call> and contacted three places: the Kingdom’s Holy Knights Headquarters, Adventurer’s Guild, and Elgia Royal Castle.


“I’m Nainggolan Bitold, captain of the 7th Battalion! There’s no time, so I’ll just speak! We’re currently traveling along the forest path in the southeast of the Kingdom toward the royal capital while protecting a large number of civilians! The enemy is… Meridora, the Thunder Emperor! His power far exceeded our expectations! His lightning magic reaches anything under the sky…”


Even while he was briefly explaining the situation, azure lightning poured down from the sky and struck the holy knights…




A friend who had shared many joys and hardships with him for a long time collapsed like a doll whose strings had been cut.


“Guh… We will now enter Query Cave and engage in a desperate siege battle! This is just a measure to prolong our lives and we have no chance of winning! We and the citizens will all be slaughtered! So I am requesting this even though I know it is folly! Please send reinforcements as soon as possible! Someone, an extraordinary fighter who can defeat Meridora… please…”


Nainggolan delivered the cry of his soul and terminated the <Call> spell.


Meridora, the Thunder Emperor, is a monster that even a battalion captain can’t stand up to.

All the powerful people capable of defeating him are given important missions, such as guarding the royal castle, guarding the border, and fighting on the front lines.

The Elgia Kingdom, which lacked military strength compared to other countries, had no way of sending reinforcements.


Nainggolan was fully aware of that, but he was grasping at straws so he called for help.


After that, the group moved to Query Cave, and the demon wrapped in azure lightning was approaching.


“─ Hey, what’s going on? Is the chase over already?”


Meridora the Thunder Emperor, appears to be in his mid-twenties.

A slim-looking tall man with flowing long blue hair and two horns on his forehead.

Meridora, wearing a white and blue kimono with a sadistic smile on his face, was blocked by Nainggolan, who was resolved to face his death.


“Yeah, the game of tag ends here. From here on out, it’s an endurance battle to see who runs out of magic first, me or you. First of all, let me tell you… I’m the most stubborn man in the Kingdom.”


“Guhaha, an endurance battle? You, a small fry who ran away with your tail between your legs… what a joke!”


At the same time as Meridora snapped his fingers, azure lightning flashed across the sky.


In response, Nainggolan clapped his hands powerfully.




The approaching lightning strike was blocked by a transparent barrier.


“Hoh… that’s some unusual magic you have.”


Meridora narrowed his eyes in admiration.


Unique magic <Protection>. In essence, it is a defensive magic that creates an ultra-thin laminated barrier at a designated point.

Although it is weak against three-dimensional attacks from up, down, left and right, it is extremely strong against attacks from directly in front.


And now, in the continuous narrow cave they were at, Meridora’s attacks were limited to frontal attacks.

The ‘location advantage’ was to Nainggolan.


“I am Nainggolan the Iron Wall! I will block all of your petty thunder!”


“Kuku, interesting! I’ll play with you for a bit!”



How much time passed since then?


“─ Hey, hey, where’s all that gusto you had earlier? Is that ‘iron wall’ you’re so proud of only this much!?”


Meridora’s attacks were severe.




The laminated barrier that Nainggolan had deployed was being torn apart layer by layer.


(I have the location advantage, set up a magic circle, and received assistance from magic tools. Even then, there is still such a huge ‘difference’ in strength…?)


Thunder Sword, Thunder Spear, Thunder Axe ─ weapons made of azure lightning rained down like hail.


And eventually ─ the last barrier was broken.


“There, there’s nothing left! What will you do, ‘Iron Wall’!?”


Meridora’s swept his right arm and a sparking thunder spear was fired at tremendous speed.




Nainggolan had no other option but to protect the civilians behind him.




He crossed his arms, strengthened with all the magical power he had, and blocked the oncoming thunder spear head-on.


“Gah, haa, haaaaaa…”


Breathing heavily, he let his charred arms hang down.

Although he managed to barely prevent it… his arms were no longer functional.


The difference in power between the two was too great and the tragedy that lay ahead was obvious to everyone.


“Uh, Nainggolan-sama…”


“It’s enough, you have fought enough…”


“We’re okay, so please stop. No more. Any more and you’ll just be suffering needlessly…’’


Far behind Nainggolan, behind the broken carriages, the citizens shed tears.


Even then, there was still a fire behind Nainggolan’s eyes.


“Hah hah, what’s wrong? I’m still full of energy…?”


He is a man who never gives up.

As long as the possibility of reinforcements ─ the possibility of a miracle is even 0.1%, he will never give up.


“Kuku… good, good, Nainggolan! I love people with a backbone! Your flesh and blood will definitely taste good!”


Excited, Meridora drew the long sword that was on his waist.

The cursed Thunder Sword Gyuran, capable of cutting everything everywhere.


(What the hell is that… how can such a horrible sword exist…!?)


Both the quality and quantity of the magical power contained within were outside the standard.

Charged with all the bad luck in the world, a swing would bring forth a disaster at its worst.


“Come on, this is the finale! Let me hear your voices!”


Meridora wielded Thunder Sword Gyuran and ran at an explosive speed, and Nainggolan retaliated with an attack with his scorched right fist.


(Even one second, even a tenth of a second, I will buy time until reinforcements arrive…!)


The moment he chose a siege battle, he was already prepared for death.

If his arms are cut off, he would grapple with his legs, and if his legs are sliced off, he would bite with his teeth.

Using every possible means to buy time.


Nainggolan Bitold is a proud holy knight who dedicates himself to protecting the weak.




Amid his tremendous battle cry ─ a single <Call> resounded in Query Cave.


“─ This is Berg from the Adventurer’s Guild! You guys just have to endure a little longer! An ‘absurdly strong individual’ is heading over there right now!”


The next moment ─ a huge plate armor suddenly appeared out of thin air, separating Nainggolan and Meridora.




The two reflexively jumped back with the appearance of an uninvited irregularity.

(That plate armor… is it Silver-dono!?)


(That just now was the highest-tier magic <Gate>…? I can’t let my guard down with this plate armor individual)


Amidst the tense atmosphere,


“Hmm…? Oh, it looks like I flew to a pretty good location.”


The Saint seemed very satisfied with the accuracy of her <Gate>.

That’s understandable since she’s not good at precise magic operations so she always teleports relying on a gut feeling…


(This is definitely a hit!)


Inside the dimly lit cave, in front of her were the terrified citizens.

In most cases, it is safe to assume that they are the subject of protection in this quest.


“I am Adventurer Silver Glorious L Bloodfallen Heart and I have come to help you all ─”


Just as Luna took a step toward the frightened people while giving a long self-introduction, Nainggolan’s loud voice echoed.


“─Silver-dono, behind you!”




As soon as Luna turned around,


“─You’re too late!”


A strong blow from Thunder Sword Gyuran struck Luna’s head ― her helm.


The next moment, a dry metallic sound echoed,




The sword, which contained all the bad luck in this world, shattered into pieces.


Luna, on the other hand, was completely unharmed, and her helm hadn’t moved an inch.


“This weak yet evil magical power… I’m guessing ─ a ‘Demonic Beast’ right?”


“Don’t lump me with those beasts! I’m a proud Great Demo─”


In response to Meridora who flew into a rage, Luna waved her right hand as if to swipe away a flying insect.


The next moment,




It was literally ‘one hit’.

Meridora crashed into the cave wall at super high speed and was reduced to a silent red stain.




What spread inside the cave was pure ‘confusion’.


The Thunder Emperor, who boasts absolute power, Meridora, an existence that incites hopelessness, perished with a simple snap of her wrist.

They couldn’t swallow that ridiculous reality right away.


The giant plate armor that suddenly appeared was literally in a different realm of strength.


While everyone was dumbfounded, Luna, having struck down the Thunder Emperor Meridora with a single blow, turned to the citizens with an unusually serious expression.


“Once again ─ everyone, I’m glad that you’re safe. I received a request from the adventurer’s guild and came to protect you.”


The representative of the Saint came to help them.

That fact loosened the hearts of the citizens who had stiffened from fear and a relaxed atmosphere spread throughout the area.


However, with Luna’s words that followed, the situation changed completely.


“Currently, it is said that there is a ferocious demon called ‘Thunder Emperor Meridora’ roaming around this Query Cave. Now that he hasn’t found this location yet, it is the perfect opportunity! I will lead the way, so let’s quickly evacuate to Totto Village!”




For the second time today, confusion spread.


(No, the one you just destroyed… was Meridora…)


(W-was that a joke from Silver-dono…!?)


(…I don’t know. What on earth should we do in a situation like this…)


Isn’t it sad?

Saint-sama cannot clearly distinguish between ‘Demons’ and ‘Demonic Beasts’.

She always made decisions based on ‘some ambiguous intuition’ and her accuracy rate is less than 30%.


In fact, she incorrectly judged Meridora as a ‘weak demonic beast’…

As a result, she was the only person in this world where the ‘threat of Meridora, the Thunder Emperor’ remained alive and well.


“Everyone, please line up behind me! Come on, hurry up…!”


Luna, who is serious at heart, carried out the urgent quest with full focus ─ motivated by her seriousness, the people moved quickly.


“Thank you, Silver-sama…!”


“Thanks to you, we’re saved!”


“I’m really, really thankful…”


All the people expressed their gratitude… but no one told her the truth.


Even though she was the representative of the Saint and came to help as an adventurer ─ they couldn’t imagine taking a jab at the ‘real monster’ who instantly killed the Thunder Emperor Meridora.


With an indescribable atmosphere in the air, Nainggolan began to move after being treated with a potion.


“─ Silver-dono, thank you very much for lending aid to us during that dangerous situation. There are no words to express my gratitude…”


“…Sorry, you are…?”


“Sorry for the late introduction. I’m Nainggolan Bitold, captain of the 7th Holy Knight Battalion.”


Since he was in front of the Saint’s representative, his posture became even more straightened than usual.


“Thank you for the polite introduction. I will now safely guide everyone here to Totto Village. Nainggolan-san, let’s go together.”


“No. I still have something to do, so please excuse me.”


“Something to do…?”


In response to Luna’s question, Nainggolan nodded.


“During the retreat, many of my precious comrades were killed. No… maybe some of them are still alive. Even if not, I want to at least send their bodies home to their families.”


“Hmm… I understand your feelings, but I think it’s a bit dangerous. To be frank, I can’t really recommend it. After all, the Thunder Emperor Meridora is lurking around here.”


Luna gave sharp advice in a cool manner to seem like a ‘skilled adventurer’ but for someone who knew all the circumstances, it was a huge misunderstanding and pointless warning.


“Eh, ah, ah, yes… I will look for my friends while paying attention to my surroundings so Meridora doesn’t find me.”


“…I see. If you are that determined, I won’t stop you. I will at least pray that you will return home safely.”


Luna quickly stretched out her right hand,


“Yes, thank you.”


Nainggolan grabbed it tightly and shook her hand firmly.


(Nainggolan-san doesn’t seem to be very strong, but what a ‘brave person’…)


(Silver-dono, you have incredible strength, but you are such a ‘natural airhead’…)


The two, whose thoughts didn’t match what they said, parted ways, praying for each other’s safety.


After that, Luna left the Query Cave with a large group of civilians and concentrated all her attention on searching for enemies, which she is not good at, and proceeded carefully and cautiously along the peaceful forest path trying to avoid demons or demonic beasts.


On the way to Totto Village,




Luna suddenly looked up at the tree,




A wave of intense tension spread among the general public.


“Ceh… just a lizard.”




Relaxation flowed through the atmosphere,






“Ceh… just a squirrel.”




After ten, thirty, and an hour of the world’s most wasted and stressful time, they finally arrived at Totto Village.


“Phew, I think it’s okay now that we’ve come this far.”


“““Th-thank you very much…!”””


“Don’t mention it, as an adventurer, I was just doing my job. ─ Then, please excuse me.”


Luna, who enjoyed her ‘adventurer moves’ for the first time in a while, used <Gate> and flew to the royal capital.


(Phew. It was quite a difficult quest, but I was able to do something very adventurer-like… I feel like I did a good job!)


In reality, she was simply proceeding cautiously along a safe forest path… but the Saint seemed very satisfied.


TLN: Please read my translations at, I did not give permission to any site to host my translations. 

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