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Chapter 25: Oasis City Part 2

Translator: Tseirp


An hour later.

When Luna headed to the adventurer’s guild, she saw familiar faces gathered there.


“─Hello, it’s been a while, Silver.”


“Wall Ane… cough ─ Oulu-san, it’s been a while.”


A sea anemone that grows on the wall, aka ‘Wall Anemone’.

Luna inadvertently almost called out her nickname for him but stopped at the last minute.


“Still, I never expected you to be the representative of the Saint. To be honest, I was a little surprised (What is ‘Wall Ane’…?)”


While saying that, Oulu turned to the man on his right.


“This sour-faced man is Rayos Reinhardt. He is the commander of the 3rd Holy Knight Platoon and is a promising young Holy Knight.”


“Rayos Reinhardt. ─Silver, I didn’t manage to thank you that day. Thanks to you, I survived. Thank you.”


“No, don’t worry about it.”


After Silver and Rayos finished their short greetings, Oulu turned his attention to the man to his left.


“And this is Kaas Meref. We call him Trash ─ that’s all.’’


“Wait!? Why is only my introduction so sloppy!?”


Kaas grumbled, “Really, I always play roles like this…’’ and bowed to Luna.


“Nice to meet you, Silver-san, my name is Kaas Melef. If you would be so kind, please give this to the Saint.”


Kaas said and handed her a piece of notepad.


Somehow, Luna felt a sense of deja vu… even though she had a bad feeling about it, she accepted it anyway.


“This is…?”


“A memo of the student dormitory where I live and the room number. It would be helpful if you could tell the Saint, ‘If you miss the human touch, please come anytime’.’’


“…I see, Trash…”


Within Luna, Kaas’ reputation fell to the bottom.

She knew that he was a hopeless lover of women, but she never expected him to try to reach out to someone he didn’t even know… As expected, even Luna was taken aback by that.


“Apologies, Silver. This Trash acted rude.”


“Saint-sama is a pure maiden! There’s no way a scum like you should get close to her!”


Although Oulu and Rayos imposed severe rebukes,


“I-I’m not wrong… I’m just a little more honest about my desires than everyone else…”


Kaas’ resolve was firm, and he showed no signs of remorse.


After that, Luna, Oulu, Rayos, and Kaas sat down at a table in the back of the guild and Oulu snapped his fingers.


“─ <Secret Field>”


Space magic was activated, and a transparent sphere with a radius of about 2 meters was developed around Oulu.

It blocks information from inside the sphere to the outside, eliminating the risk of information leaks.


“Well, first of all, let’s disclose the information we have about the Leonard Faith Country. There may be some overlap with Nirva-san’s story, but it’s better to weed out any discrepancy in knowledge, so I’ll start by tracing the outline of the Faith Country.’’


Oulu said that and started the conversation.


“Three hundred years ago, the first founder, Leonard, established the Leonard Church, which bears his name. He mass-inducted believers at an unprecedented speed ─ eventually forming the Leonard Faith Country. However, three hundred years ago, they were defeated in a fierce religious war with the Saint Church and are now in a state of ruin.”


“Hmm…(This is almost the same as what Nirva-san mentioned)”


“After that, Leonard tried to regain power several times, but… the Saint Church was persistent. Whenever any Faith Country remnants are found, they would surround them with over a hundred members and fiercely religious convert them to Saint Church.”


“…I can kind of imagine it…”


Luna was well aware of the abnormality of the Saint Church.


“Thus, the Faith Country, which lost its place in the surface world, literally ‘went underground’. They created a huge ant nest-like country deep underground in the Tamur Desert, which spreads between the Elgia Kingdom and the Divine Kingdom Grandise, and continues its activities today ─ that is the history of the Faith Country.’’


“I see…”


“Their doctrine was, and has always been, ‘Human and Demon Union’ ─ sinful humans and pitiful demons are united through salvation by ‘death’. The concept of liberating oneself from mundane life and reaching the ultimate utopia. The short gist is, “Let’s all die together and go to heaven”, which is a crazy idea with a desire for destruction.’’


“Nothing changed, still a dangerous group…”


Luna let out a sigh.


“That dangerous group is showing strange movements right now. Could you please take a look at this document?”


“Is this… a ‘missing person list’…?”


“That’s right. As it says there, more than 100 of the Kingdom’s citizens have disappeared around the Tamur Desert. In just over a year. By the way, this number appears to be more than 10 times as many as in previous years.


“I guess something irregular is happening.”


Oulu agreed with Luna’s statement.


“Yeah, definitely. The Kingdom became suspicious of this and asked the Holy Knights to investigate. A week later, the body of a missing person was discovered in the eastern region of the Tamur Desert. After a careful autopsy, the body was found to contain residual ‘Dark Magic’.”


“That means…”


“Yes, he was murdered. The Kingdom took the situation seriously and sent intelligence agents to the Leonard Faith Country. As a result, the Kingdom established that the Faith Country kidnapped the people living in the Kingdom and subjected them to magical experiments. Apparently, they are trying to create a new magic – ‘Dark Reincarnation Magic’.’’


Oulu spoke with an unusually serious expression.


“According to the intelligence agents… it seems that the Faith Country is using that forbidden spell to bring a ‘certain soul’ back to this world.”


“A certain soul?”


“Yeah. It seems like we still haven’t figured out whose soul they’re planning to reincarnate, but… it’s probably not anyone good.”


Oulu shrugged his shoulders and moved on.


“Then, the situation took a big turn three days ago when regular contact from the intelligence agent stopped… it seems like they were found out.”


“…Oh, is that so?”


Both now and in the past, the fate of intelligence agents who fall into the hands of the enemy is tragic.


Luna felt a little gloomy.


“I don’t know how much our agent confessed, but the Faith Country is no fool. Move their base or strengthen their defense, I’m sure they’ve already taken some steps for that… If the forbidden spell is completed, they might even activate the ‘Dark Reincarnation Magic’ today or tomorrow?”


“It’s a very pressing situation.”


“Yes, that’s exactly right. The upper echelons of the Kingdom decided that there was no time to lose, so they decided to request Silver’s cooperation. ─ now, I guess that is the kind of information we can disclose. We’ll tell you about the exact location of the Faith Country, the secret method of infiltration, and other details when we get there. It’ll probably be easier to understand that way.’’


“I see… thank you.”


Luna was grateful for the valuable information and spun her excellent Saint brain.


(I got a little confused halfway through, but… it seems like the Leonardo Faith Country is doing something bad, so I can just crush their plans…?)


The Saint is not good with long stories, and it is difficult for her to understand sentences longer than three lines.


Without realizing that, Oulu spread out a map on the desk.


“Next, let’s talk about the schedule ahead. We are currently here in the Adventurer’s Guild of the Kingdom. From here, we will ride swift horses and head to Totto Village in the southwest, where we will prepare gear to cross the desert. The next morning, we will proceed on foot through the Tamur Desert and move to the ‘Oasis City’ of Logres. There we will procure magic tools and potions, and after taking a good night’s rest, we will enter Leonardo Faith Country.’’


“Um… how many days do you have planned for that?”


Luna is a student attending Saint Academy.

Since Rho had returned to Spedio territory for that day and the day after, she had a certain amount of time available…

If she doesn’t return by tomorrow night at the latest, she’ll miss school, and more importantly, cause Rho a lot of worry.


“It will take about six days to go there and come back, but the extra time taken there will depend on how the mission goes. If the investigation into the Faith Country goes smoothly, it will be an additional day, but if it drags on, it would take three, four, or five days.”


“I see…”


Luna crossed her arms, thinking of a strategy that would save time.


“… If we were to complete the investigation of the Faith Country in one day, or even half a day… But we’d spend too much time traveling. Let’s shorten it even more.”


“Even if you ask to shorten it… The Tamur Desert is unforgiving and forced marching will be dangerous, you know?”


“No, it will be over in an instant ─ <Gate>”


At the same time Luna raised her right hand, a large door appeared, tearing apart the empty space.




(This is the highest-tier space magic <Gate>!? He can cast it without any special rituals, magic tools, or chants, and instantly…)


(As expected from the representative of the Saint, extraordinary magical skill…)


(Wow, another big door appeared…)


Oulu, Rayos, and Kaas’ eyes widened in shock.


“This <Gate> is set to the Oasis City of Logres. Now that I have already cast it, let’s go.”


Luna said as she walked through the door, followed by Oulu, Rayos, and Kaas.


Beyond the huge door was an arid desert area and just a stone’s throw away was the Oasis City of Logres.


“Haha, this is amazing… the three-day one-way trip was skipped in an instant.”


Oulu let out a sigh of admiration,


“The rumored <Gate>, truly a useful magic…”


Rayos nodded, impressed.


“Wow… we’ve always traveled so desperately, but this makes us look like idiots…”


Kaas’ mouth dropped open.


“In any case, thanks to Silver, we were able to shorten the schedule significantly. At this rate, it looks like we can rush into the Faith Country tomorrow.”


While saying that, Oulu turned his attention to the sun floating in the eastern sky.


“In a desert area like here, the sun sets quickly. For now, let’s prioritize securing a place to stay and stock up on magic tools and potions along the way.”


With that, the four of them started walking towards the main entrance of Logres.


(Hoh, this is the Oasis City of Logres…)


Logres in the Kingdom of Elgia, commonly known as ‘Oasis City’.

It is a relatively young town that didn’t even exist 300 years ago when Luna lived.

Its origins date back to about 100 years ago when the sunken dunes in the central region of the Tamur Desert suddenly had a plentiful spring gush out.

Thanks to water, the source of life, the area around the spring became lush green. The desert nomadic tribes who found this place settled down one by one, and before they knew it, it had become an Oasis City.


By the way… the name of the city, Logres, is said to have been taken from the name of a certain man who first discovered this oasis.


(Colorful turban and white overcoats… There are a lot of people wearing unique costumes. Maybe it’s because it’s a desert area? )


While Luna was walking along the main street with such thoughts in mind, Oulu stopped in front of a certain stall.


“Oh, it’s Logres’ famous ‘desert fruit’. Since we’re here, let’s have one.”

“─ Thank you for your patronage!”


The desert fruit grows on a unique tree around Logres. It is an oblong large fruit.

It stores a tremendous amount of water and fructose in its thick skin, and if you cut out the top stem with a knife and drink the contents by tilting the entire fruit, it is truly an exquisite fruit.


“Yeah, it’s delicious! That’s right, how about trying one, Silver? It tastes good and refreshing, you know?”


“…No thanks, I’m good (Ugh, it looks very delicious, but I can’t take off the helm…)”


“I see. (I was hoping I could see his face… but I guess it won’t be that easy.)”


After Oulu took a step back, Rayos next asked a question.


“Speaking of which, what kind of food does Silver usually eat?”


“I’m just like everyone else. I eat rice, vegetables, meat, basically everything.”


“It’s good that you don’t have any likes or dislikes (from his speech pattern and how he exudes grace and intelligence… there is no doubt that he was born into upper-class aristocracy.)


While Oulu and Rayos were working on their ‘secret mission’ to gather information about Silver, Kaas, who wasn’t thinking of anything in particular, asked an outrageous question.


“Hey Silver-san, what kind of person is the Saint?”


(Idiot, a direct question!?… No, this is nice! If it’s Trash who likes women, he can obtain information about the Saint very naturally!)


(That’s great, Kass! I never thought your love for women would be useful in this way…!)


Oulu and Rayos concentrated their attention and listened closely to their conversation.


“What kind of person is the Saint? Yes, if I had to say…”


“If you had to say…!”


“She is a cool beauty who is full of intelligence and sophistication.”


Luna may appear so but she is very vain too.


“Oh! Yes, yes, yes! Does she wear glasses? Is she a Kuudere? Is she the class president type? Ah, my dreams are expanding~!”


As Kaas’ tension rose to a disgusting level,


(Full of intelligence and sophistication…)


(Cool beauty…)


((I have to remember it well…!))


Oulu and Rayos carefully wrote down the valuable information they had obtained from their conversation with Silver in their mental memo pads.

But, well… they were both off the mark, so it probably won’t ever be of any use.


After that, they looked around the shops facing the street, buying things like overcoats to block the sun, potions, magic tools, etc. for tomorrow.


Meanwhile, Luna’s eyes were attracted to a certain shop.


(Ah, it’s a bookstore. From the looks of it… it’s probably a used bookstore?)


Books that look difficult just from a glance, such as old philosophy books, dusty history books, and magic books with torn covers, were lined up on the shelves.


(… Ah, that’s…!? )


An unbelievable book caught her eye.


(‘Villainous Heiress Arche Official Setting Material Collection’…!?)


That collection that shone brilliantly was a collection of official setting materials for Luna’s favorite novel.


(I-I didn’t know that something like that existed…)


That one book was not included in the ‘complete series set’ that Rho bought for her.


(…I want it…)


Luna stopped involuntarily and gulped.


“What’s wrong, Silver?”


“Were there any stores that caught your eye?”


“Maybe you want to use the bathroom?”


Oulu, Rayos, and Kaas stopped and called out to her in doubt.


“Ah, ah, no…”


Luna hesitated.

There was no way she could say something like, “I want the official setting material collection for the villainous heiress Arche!’’…she didn’t know how to reply.


(…I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it… No matter what, I definitely want that…)


As a ‘big fan of the villainous heiress Arche’ since 300 years ago, she desperately wanted the official setting material collection.


(Damn… there’s a risk, but I have no choice but to do it!)


Luna made up her mind and cleared her throat.


“Excuse me, could we take a moment to stop by this used bookstore?”


“Oh, of course, I don’t mind (hmm, I wonder if Silver likes books?)”


“Is there something you have your eyes on? (What kind of books does a representative of the Saint read daily?… I’m curious.)”


“Silver-san, you actually read books? (Heh, what a surprise).”


“Reading is very useful for expanding your knowledge.’’


Luna’s reading only expands her knowledge of the villainous heiress… but of course she didn’t say anything about that.


When the four of them stepped into a second-hand bookstore, they were amazed by the extensive selection.


“Huh… there are a lot of rare titles. At least, there are many that you won’t see in the royal capital.”


“This may be a good opportunity to expand my knowledge. I think I’ll buy some books.”


“Hmm… it’s all about the complicated things. I wonder if they have a photo book of beautiful women somewhere.”


At the same time as Oulu, Rayos, and Kaas moved to peruse on their own, Luna secretly began working behind the scenes.


(First of all, secure the target…! )


With the official setting materials for Arche, the villainous heiress sitting on the shelf in front of her, she calmly waited, like a seasoned hunter, for the perfect opportunity.


The moment Oulu, Rayos, and Kaas’ line of sight left her,




For the first time since she was reincarnated in the present day, she performed an act to the best of her ability, body and soul ─ and secured the target perfectly.


It happened in an instant within an instant.

Not only the Oulu and the others, but even the book involved was not aware that it had been taken off the shelf.


Literally moving at ‘godspeed’, she succeeded in securing her target and immediately moved on to the next action.


(Haaaaaaaaaa… Philosophy book! Magic book! Culture and geographical records! Ancient documents! )


She stacked books with seemingly difficult titles one on top of the other, one on top of the other, and then placed the item she was aiming for in between.


(Saint-style secret technique: Sandwich…!)


Now, whether you look at it from above or below, you won’t be able to see the words ‘Villainous Heiress Arche’.

Furthermore, the only weak point, the spine, can be completely protected by covering it with her body.


If she could buy those before the others could see, she would succeed in buying the book she wanted.


(Okay, now…!)


As Luna silently headed towards the checkout… Wall Anemone A, Tunnel vision B, and Trash C stood in her way.


“Wow, you’re buying quite a lot.”


“Ooo, you found some rare books.”


“However, that amount… won’t it be a problem to carry around?”


“I’ll keep them in <Storage>, so it won’t be a problem.”


“Wow, you read really difficult things.”


“As a representative of the Saint, daily study is essential.”


Luna successfully overcame the troublesome trio with her seamless answers.


(Pfft, I win…!)


She stood in front of the elderly shopkeeper with a hearty smile on her face.


“Excuse me, I’d like to buy these books.”


“Okay, please wait a moment.”


The old man with gray hair and white eyebrows held his waist as he stood up and calculated the price of the product.


(Hehe, hehe, hehehehehe… I never thought I’d be able to get Arche’s setting materials in a place like this… I’m at my best today!)


Just when the Saint, who was in the best mood ever, was smiling happily under her helm ─ tragedy occurred.


“Hmm? Armored brother, there’s a strange book hidden in here. Um, so-and-so, the Villainous Heiress Arche’s─ ”


“─Waaaaaaa! I-I was careless! I accidentally picked a completely unrelated book! Thank you, store owner! You really helped me! (K-Kuu~… no, no, no! This is camouflage! How can you not know!? You don’t need that weird consideration…!)


In the end, Luna was unable to obtain her ‘intended book’ and ended up buying a large amount of difficult books that she would never read in her life… and she was disappointed with her shoulders slumped.


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