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CS c25 Part 1

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Chapter 25: Oasis City Part 1

Translator: Tseirp


When Luna was introduced to the best party members by Nirva, she went beyond ‘shocked’ to ‘stunned’.


(Wait, why did he chose those people?… Harassment?)


What flashed through her mind were the memories of when she met the three of them.


(Third Holy Knight Platoon Commander Rayos Reinhardt…)


That day when she first met Rayos, at the mock battle between Saint Academy and Holy Knight Academy, Luna still remembers clearly those words he declared.


[At this point, let me be clear. There is no reincarnation of the Saint among you lot. My eyes aren’t blind like most people. If I see the ‘True Saint’, I’ll know immediately she is the Saint.]


Rayos, who said that with full of confidence with the true Saint right in front of him, had most impressive ‘tunnel vision’.


(Vice-captain Kaas Melef is the brown-haired guy who was with Rayos-san, right?)


Her encounter with Kaas was also very memorable.


[Here’s a note with the room number of the dormitory where I live, if you feel like it, come visit me!]


He was a very frivolous man who suddenly handed her a note with his room number when they first met.


(And Oulu Rustia, aka ‘Wall Anemone’…)


The episode with him was especially vivid.


When Luna went to register as an adventurer, for some reason he suddenly asked to be the exam proctor, but he was defeated by a single punch ─ and turned into a sea anemone growing on the wall, therefore Wall Anemone.


(Of all the people, why are those three…?)


When Luna recalled and had genuine doubts, Nirva had a worried expression on his face.


“S-Silver-dono… what did you mean by ‘change’? By any chance, you don’t like the members I selected?”


“Ah, ah…”


Luna was in a dilemma.

She was introduced to such an intense trio that she reflexively rejected them.


(…Hmm, this is troubling…)


Nirva had confidently introduced them as ‘quite skilled’, so if she turned him down on the grounds of ‘lack of ability’, she would hurt his honor.

In order to avoid causing unnecessary trouble, she needed to find another reason.


“If I remember correctly, those three people had some serious injuries recently. Isn’t this assignment a bit tough for them who have only recently returned to work?”


Rayos and Kaas were seriously injured in the battle with Weiss, and Oulu was on the verge of life or death after receiving a light punch from Luna. ‘Wouldn’t it be dangerous to send three people with poor physical conditions to the Faith Country?’ was the idea that Luna came up with.


“Don’t worry. Thanks to our country’s excellent healing magicians, all three have made a full recovery!”


“Is that so…”


When he stated it so clearly, it turned difficult to dismiss them from a health perspective.


“By the way… those three… are they sufficiently skilled to act as Scouts?”


“Of course! Rayos is a very knowledgeable man, and is indispensable for this kind of expedition mission! Kaas has some problems with his personality, but he is the best scout in the Kingdom! And Oulu needs no explanation. With that many Gifts, he is an ‘all-purpose genius’ who can handle all kinds of situations, including battle, enemy search, and stealth!”


“…I see…”


Although she was worried about his fighting strength, he seemed to be highly capable as a scout.


(Well, when a fight happens, all I have to do is stand on the front lines… it’ll be okay, right?)


With that in mind, Luna made a decision.


“─ Understood. I will humbly accept this request.”


“Oh, thank you!”


Nirva courteously bowed his head and then let out an ‘ah’ sound.


“I’m sorry. I forgot to tell you about the monetary reward for this mission. First, as a starting fee ─”


“─ It’s fine, I have a lot of money.”


Luna said as she thrust out her right hand.


“Obtaining information on the church and gaining ownership of any holy relics found ─ these two are enough, and if I receive any more compensation, I will receive too much.”


She just wanted an ‘equal deal’.


Although she is currently based in the Kingdom of Elgia… that’s due to the fact that she was reincarnated into the Spedio family of the Kingdom’s territory, and that she ended up attending Saint Academy by chance ─ in other words, it was largely due to coincidence, and she didn’t know what will happen in the future.


(This vessel called ‘Silver’ is an adventurer and a representative of the Saint. I want to cherish it as a ‘free existence’ that is not bound by any force…)


In order to maintain Silver’s independence, she wanted to work with the Kingdom under equal conditions.


Quickly understand Luna’s intentions, Nirva didn’t say much and responded with an “I understand”.


“Now then, Silver-dono, as for the plan… How about we gather all the members together and meet each other face to face?”


“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too.”


“By the way, what are your plans after this…?”


“I’m available all day today.”


“That’s godsend! Well then, I will gather Oulu, Rayos, and Kaas. Um… how about we meet at the adventurer’s guild in an hour?”


“I’d appreciate that.”


The schedule was decided in no time, and work matters were concluded without any problems.


“─ Silver-dono, thank you very much for your valuable time and for accepting this request.”


“No, thank you. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit me. It was a fruitful conversation.”


Luna and Nirva said and shook hands.


“I will step out for now, but how about Nirva-san…?”


“I will continue to work here for a while. I can contact Oulu and the others with <Call>.”


“I see, then please excuse me first.”


And with that, Luna left the special guest room.


Shortly after Luna left the special guest room, Nirva clapped his hands.


“―You guys can come out now.”


Hearing those words, three Holy Knights appeared from behind the thick curtain, from the closet, and from behind a hidden door.


Luna, whose detection ability is extremely low, didn’t notice them at all…

In fact, Oulu, Rayos, and Kaas were hiding in that room.


“In the end, Silver-dono did not sense you all with your invisibility. From what I can tell, his detection ability seems to be quite low. I guess it is a characteristic of the absolutely strong.”


A voice of denial arose in response to Nirva’s statement.


“No, he was aware of our presence.”


Oulu affirmed,


“We locked eyes several times, so there’s no doubt about it.”


Rayos agreed,


“Eh, really…!?”


Kaas was shocked.


“N-no way… I was face-to-face with Silver-dono for a long time, but I didn’t see any conduct or behavior that showed that…?”


To Nirva who was displaying doubt, Oulu and Rayos let out a breath as if to say, ‘Sheesh’.


“Silver is a man who has deceived the eyes of the world for 300 years. Acting should be his forte.”


“You can’t just look at Silver’s exterior. If you don’t look into his true nature, deep down, it will be difficult to understand him.”


“W-what do you mean!? Please describe it more clearly! In the first place, did he really see through your perfectly hidden forms? I can’t believe it!”


Nirva leaned forward and asked Oulu and Rayos for further explanation.


“As soon as he entered this room, Silver looked around purposefully ─ and immediately readied himself.”


“Hemust have noticed our presence as soon as he entered the room. He is very sharp as expected.”


“I-Is that so…? To my eyes, it just looked like he was cowering under the luxurious furnishings and stiffening up…”


Nirva’s opinion was perfectly accurate… but Oulu and Rayos cut down that perfect answer.


“Haha. There’s no way a man of Silver’s strength would be frightened by this level of furniture.”


“Silver is the representative of the Saint. For him, furniture of this level should be no different from commercially available standard items.”


“…T-that’s true…”


The Saint, who is an ultra-commoner, was nervous about the ‘furnishings of this level’, but… they had no way of knowing that.


“I could go on and on about other details… but the easiest thing to understand was that ‘change’ comment.”


“It was a clear message. A message from Silver that ‘I know you’re there’ to shake us up.”


“I see… I thought that was an unusually challenging statement for Silver-dono, but I guess that’s what he meant… Those words were aimed at you guys…”


Nirva took a deep breath and slapped both cheeks.


“Huh… it seems I still underestimated Silver-dono. ─ I’ll change my perspective. From now on, I will consider his wisdom to be comparable to Emperor Adorinus Odo Albus.”


Nirva further raised the evaluation of Silver,


“That would be appropriate.”


“I think it’s a perfectly natural decision.”


Oulu and Rayos agreed.


“Well, this time I asked you guys to take a closer look at Silver-dono… What is your opinion of him? I’d like to hear your honest impressions.”


Nirva said as he turned his attention to the three of them.


“─ Unknown. Even with my Gift [Magic Detection] at full activation, his power was completely invisible. That armor probably has a powerful detection-inhibiting effect.’’


Oulu shrugged his shoulders,


“I would say, a shrewd man? Even though he is such a great person, he can pretend to be so ordinary… As expected of a representative of the Saint, no one has been able to detect his existence for 300 years.’’


Rayos calmly stated his personal opinion,


“Oh, I’m not interested in men.”


Kaas answered honestly.


After receiving the responses from the three of them, Nirva nodded, “Hmm…”


“Oulu-kun, Rayos-kun ─ you know why we selected you as party members this time, right?”


“Yeah, of course.”


“Regarding this matter, there is one thing that Oulu-san and I have in common. We are holy knights who have had contact with Silver… right?”


“That’s right. The Saint’s representative is a human being. I’m sure he would be more lax toward those of you who he had already formed a relationship with than those he would be dealing with for the first time.”


Kaas timidly raised his hand at the conversation.


“Um… I have no relation to Silver-san…?”


“Kaas is simply recruited based on ability. Leaving aside your terrible personality, your ability as a Scout is top notch.”


“Was there a need to mention terrible personality?”


Nirva ignored Kaas’ jab and took on an uncharacteristically serious expression.


“Needless to say, this is a unique opportunity to deepen our relationship with Silver-dono and a rare chance to get to know him as a person. I want you to keep an eye on his every move during your mission, and bring back all the information you can about Silver-dono. Of course ─ he must never detect that, okay? He’s shown that he can snap. If he knew we were spying on him, he would deliberately withhold information.’’


“Yes, please leave it to us.”




“I understand.”


Thus, unbeknownst to Luna, they began collecting information about Silver.



TLN: Please read my translations at, I did not give permission to any site to host my translations. 

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