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Chapter 286: Fair and Square

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The magic that used the power of the Dark Dragon was apparently very powerful and it seemed that the fog of darkness would not clear until I cancelled the magic.


Lumina-san called out to me after putting on the robe.

“Luciel-kun, it’s okay to turn to me now. This was an accident, so don’t worry about it.”

When I turned around, I noticed that Lumina-san’s cheeks were a little red.

I felt guilty, but I was just a little fascinated by that look on Lumina…


But what should I do…

If this were just the two of us, the atmosphere would probably still be a little awkward, but as time passes, things would return to normal…


However this time, even though I was trying to protect Lumina-san from the gallery, it would be okay if Lumina-san was the only one who was hidden in this dark mist, but it was very bad that I was hidden with her as well.

All I was thinking about at that moment was using the power of the Dark Dragon to hide her, but I ended up getting hidden with her.

I’m sure that once the fog of darkness is lifted, people will ask a lot of questions about Lumina wearing a robe.

Although her skin wasn’t actually injured, the force of the sword sliced ​​through her armor and the chain mail she was wearing inside, and even though it was due to force majeure, there was no doubt that her chest area was exposed and that I ended up accidentally getting a peek…


“Lumina-san, I will pay for all the armor and other items that were damaged in this incident. Also, as for where I saw your naked skin…”

When I told her that much, Lumina-san put her hand out in front of me, stopped me from speaking, and spoke her own thoughts.


“Luciel-kun, just because Luciel-kun, who tried to protect me, saw my… due to force majeure, I won’t demand anything from you. It’s not like I want that kind of debt either.”

Lumina-san said that and smiled, her cheeks turning a little red, but it felt strangely sexy.


“… I understand. But I really want to pay for the armor.”

“Fufu, then I’ll take your offer on that.”

“Then I’ll remove the darkness.”


When I erased the fog of darkness, the Valkyrie Knights were surrounding the fog of darkness and hiding it, standing in ragged states.

In particular, Myra was slashed above the knee.


“Ah, Area High Heal.”

I immediately activated Area High Heal on the girls, who I had completely forgotten about.


“So, Luciel, how was it, seeing the precious parts of captain?”

“Why do you keep saying things like that?”

With a red face, Elizabeth poked fun at Saran, who purposely asked a sleazy question.

They hadn’t changed in that aspect.


“That power from your one-handed swing of a spear with full strength was unexpected.”

“A bolt out of the blue.”

Queena-san and Cassie-san must have thought that they could win against me somehow or at least hold me back.

It seems like there was a benefit to leveling up after all.

I’m sure if they were the same level as me, I wouldn’t have been able to surprise them so much.

“Every one of Luciel-kun’s retinue is out of the ordinary. Especially that girl who used that magic, that’s cheating.”

“That’s right. Even after dodging the icicles, she shoots out balls of wind so compressed that it can be seen… my eyes are still spinning.”

Marluka-san and Gannet-san mistakenly thought that Lydia was just a magician.

Since this was our first friendly match, they probably thought it would have been better to set up a magic attack…

The Firestorm that the two of them created together was amazing after all.


The people who got the greatest shock were Lipnea-san, Myra-san, Bearice-san, and Lucy-san.

Although they were fighting one-on-one, they were completely defeated by Kefin, Ketty, and Nadia, all of whom had only strengthened their bodies, so it’s understandable…

Then, Instructor Broad and Lionel came to deliver the findings.


“Luciel, don’t tell me you were aiming for that… well, I know you don’t have that level of skill, but…”

Instructor wasn’t asking in a way that seemed to suggest anything, but seemed genuinely concerned about me.


“Luciel-sama, are you okay after bearing the power of the three dragons?”

Lionel seemed more worried than ever about my body after using the dragons’ power.


“Instructor, you’re right. I don’t have that level of skill. I intended to stop without cutting her, but I never expected that I would destroy her armor with sword pressure. Lionel, the magical power I used was only for a brief moment, so it’s not like I used it that much.’’

“Tch, you’d have to acquire that skill quickly. You are not a genius, so if you don’t swing your sword every day, your growth will stop. While playing with the dragon species in the Dragon Valley, I’ll train you thoroughly from scratch.”

…It seems like Instructor wasn’t worried but was simply hoping that my skill had improved.

It was easy to read in his reply how disappointed he was when he found out that wasn’t the case.


“…I’m sorry for not living up to those high expectations. So what about your findings?”

“I think only those who want to follow at their own risk should come. If they have even the slightest hesitation, they will probably die.”

“That’s right. I feel that they have the minimum level of strength. However, people who get carried away as their level rises often end up doing unnecessary things, so if Captain-dono leads well, there will be no problem.”

At Lionel’s statement, his gaze focused on Lumina-san.


“We are weak and will not be able to protect the Holy City or the country in an emergency if things continue like this. I know this is selfish, but please allow us to accompany all of you who have real power and guide us. We’ll be in your care.”

When Lumina-san bowed her head, the other members of the Valkyrie Knights also bowed neatly.


“…I never thought the time would come when the Valkyrie Knights would bow their heads… So, Luciel, what are you going to do?”

It was already decided from the grin on Instructor’s face…

He really likes talented people who aspire to improve themselves.


Well, other than instant death attacks, it seemed like they could handle it, and their individual abilities were actually higher than I expected.

As expected, given that they were awarded the advanced job of being a Valkyrie Knight… hopefully this alleviates my guilt towards Lumina-san even just a little…


“Haaaah, I’m happy to allow the Valkyrie Knights to accompany us. However, please follow my instructions.”


“Yes. Understood, Sage Luciel-sama.”

Lumina joked playfully.


“~Sage Luciel-sama, we are in your care~”

Following that, everyone in the Valkyrie Knights also took advantage of Lumina-san’s playful remark and I suddenly felt embarrassed.

“Please stop doing that.”

Then, for some reason, laughter erupted in the room.


It was thus decided that the Valkyrie Knights would accompany us to the foot of the Dragon Valley, and I had a feeling that it would be a noisy journey.


After that, Lumina-san and the others headed to the Healer’s Guild as they seemed to be staying there and Lionel and the others headed to the inn where Doran and the others were waiting.

I filled my stomach by eating Grulga’s dish containing Object X and the lasagne I loved during my time in the Adventurer’s Guild.


Afterwards, with a nervous look on my face, I accompanied Alice and Estia and walked through the streets of Meratoni.


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