Chapter 285: First Victory

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When I gave the signal, Lydia first used spirit magic to increase the number of icicles in the air, and instead of attacking only the center, she launched attacks on both sides to support Ketty and Kefin.


After seeing that, Nadia and I used our body enhancements to approach Marluka-san and Gannet-san. However, to prevent that from happening, Cassie-san, Queena-san, and Myra-san broke the central formation and stood in front of us.

Moreover, they assigned two people, Cassie-san and Queena-san, to deal with me, and Myra-san was the only one who headed towards Nadia.


“Does it take two people to deal with me?”

“The most tactically important objective is to incapacitate the troublesome healing and defense magic first.”

“That’s why I hope you’ll retire early here.”

Cassie-san and Queena-san said, but instead of trying to force an attack, they solidified their defense and seemed to have chosen to fight as if aiming for a counterattack.

Since they weren’t going to attack, I decided to experience it.


Myra-san and Nadia immediately collided, and a fierce battle ensued.


Lydia’s spirit magic was delayed by Marluka-san and Gannet-san, and attacks were directed at Lipnea-san, Bearice-san, Elizabeth-san, and Saran-san.

However, as if they had expected the spirit magic to come, the four of them each approached Kefin and Ketty, using Kefin and Ketty as shields to evade the spirit magic, and with that momentum, they continued to attack in tandem.

However, Kefin and Ketty activated their full body strengthening there.


Kefin pretended to have been slashed but used ninjutsu for the first time in a while and disappeared in an instant. Lipnea-san, the dual-wielding swordswoman, was surprised by that action and had a momentary gap in defense. Kefin didn’t miss this opportunity, and to break the girls’ cooperation, he kicked Lipnea-san away to the range of Lydia’s spirit magic and closed the gap even closer to Bearice-san.

So it was no longer possible to deal with Kefin with her spear.


When I turned my gaze to Ketty, I saw that she was curiously unable to attack.

Or rather, Elizabeth-san and Saran-san were talking to Ketty about something, and it seemed like Ketty was having a hard time concentrating.

Also, Ketty didn’t seem to be able to fight calmly after cutting down Elizabeth-san’s meld magic illusions over and over again.


Still, Ketty jumped backward from the spot, scooped out the ground with her sword, and sent dirt flying toward Elizabeth-san and Saran-san, and at the same time began slashing Elizabeth-san at top speed. However, Saran-san stepped in between them and tried to stop Ketty’s attack, but she was pushed aside and was also rolled into the range of the spirit magic.


Marluka-san and Gannet-san seemed to have reached a peak in their magical power, and sent a signal to the two who had been blown away and started running towards Lydia ─ Seeing that, I also concentrated on my fight.

“If you don’t attack, I’ll do the honors then.”


Grasping my Illusion sword in my left hand, I approached Queena-san from a position where she was in Cassie’s shadow, and while flicking away the rapier she thrust out to keep me away, I took out the Holy Dragon’s Spear from my magic bag with my right hand and made a sweeping attack toward Queena-san’s torso that was wide open.

Naturally, Cassie-san was also attacking me, but I parried her attack with my Illusion sword to avoid fatal damage, and then I used all my strength to swing the Holy Dragon Spear at full swing and blew away both Queena-san and Cassie-san.


Immediately after that, Marluka-san and Gannet-san, who were running towards Lydia who was positioned at the back, got blown to the edge of the training field while spinning with great momentum due to Lydia’s wind magic.

Nadia, who was fighting next to her, also attacked Myra-san’s naginata over and over again, wearing down her grip strength, and then slicing both of her legs above the knees.


When I looked at Kefin, he had defeated Bearice-san who had at some point switched to a short spear, and Ketty seemed to have finally finished analyzing Elizabeth-san’s illusions and it seemed like she had won a complete victory.

Now, the only ones left were Lipnea-san and Saran-san, who were blown away by Kefin and Ketty, Lucy-san, who was unharmed, and Lumina-san, who was healed by Lucy-san.


“Lydia will keep the injured and the whole group in check, Kefin and Ketty will deal with the people you knocked away, and Nadia, please deal with the holy knight Lucy who treated Lumina-san.”



As per my instructions, everyone headed towards their opponent.

Then, as I slowly approached Lumina-san, she also approached me, almost in the center of the training field.


“…I thought you were strong before. But I thought I could still put up a good fight if you had stayed the same… I never thought I would be beaten so unilaterally without getting you to show any seriousness…”

Lumina seemed to be fully aware of the difference in ability.

“Are you giving up?”

“Fufu. I’m very bad at giving up on both love and battle. If I’m at a disadvantage, I’ll look for a way to win. That’s why I’m going to take down Luciel and win this battle first.”

…Even if she didn’t bring up the topic now, I was thinking back on our past battles with a wry smile on my face.


“Now that I think about it, I’ve never won against Lumina-san individually, so I’ll get that win today. It’s best to talk after the battle is over. Otherwise, all the other fights will be over before we’re done.”

“All right. Lumina, Commander of the Valkyrie Knights of the Saint Schull Church, here I come.”

Even though I thought it was rare for someone to declare their name, I decided to follow Lumina’s example.

“Then, Luciel, Chairman of the Luciel Corp, I accept your duel.”

For a moment, I thought Lumina-san was laughing, but the next moment she extended her sword to my neck.


In the past, I couldn’t catch Lumina’s movements at all when she activated her Accel Boost.

But now it was different.

Having experienced high-speed movement with the help of Thunder Dragon, I could see Lumina-san’s movements.


Lumina-san’s sword was aimed at my neck, but I flicked it upwards with my Illusion sword and used the momentum to deliver a roundhouse kick. But that was avoided.

“I guess I can’t win with just Accel Boost anymore?… Luciel-kun, I’m going to give it my all from now on, so I hope you don’t die.”

“…No matter what happens, I will never die.”

Does she have something else apart from that… I’d like to defeat her head-on if possible.


“I see. This is my full power.”

Lumina-san used Accel Boost again and moved with tremendous force.

Moreover, being able to move around freely at that speed, not just in a straight line, I guess she was truly blessed with a fighting sense unlike me.

With that in mind, it was time to get fired up again.


“Ha!” Lumina-san let out a strong cry, and just as she had said, Lumina-san’s full power was unleashed on me.

Lumina-san had mastered the flying slash that Teacher and Lionel used in the Grandol labyrinth, and she fired it at me.


Moreover, it wasn’t just a single attack, even while moving at high speed, she was firing from all directions.

At that point, I applied magical power to my Illusion sword for the first time and used it to slice through all the slashes that came my way.


The slashes, whose power were reduced by being sliced by my Illusion sword, grazed my armor and robe, but thanks to the Area Barrier, I wasn’t hurt.

If I could endure it like that, I would win.

At that time, Teacher and Lionel, who had been watching silently, sent me a sign to give my all.


That’s why I decided to compete in Lumina’s field this time.


“Holy Dragon, protect me. Wind Dragon, give me a barrier of wind to protect me from everything. Thunder Dragon, give me the power to leave everything behind.”

All sounds stretched out and disappeared.

As soon as I kicked the ground, I caught Lumina-san.


Until now, my movement using the power of the Thunder Dragon was too fast, and I could only move in a straight line as braking suddenly would put a strain on my body.

However, this time, by following the example of her Accel Boost, the strain that occurs when moving was reduced due to the wind barrier, so even when my movements became faster, I could still move as usual.

After seeing Lumina-san’s look of surprise, I sent a final slash at her, and she was sent flying backward with a wry smile on her face.


And when all the sounds returned, there was not a single one of the Valkyrie Knights standing.

“Winner, Luciel Corp.”


After hearing the verdict, even though I momentarily didn’t know what match we were having, I thanked everyone who fought alongside me, and first of all, decided to treat the members of the Valkyrie Knights.

However, a problem arose when I rushed over to treat Lumina, who was the most seriously injured.


“Lumina-san, are you okay?”

I asked while activating Extra Heal just to be sure.


“Yeah. Other than the fact that I finally lost to Luciel-kun…”

It was at that time.

Along with a high-pitched sound, cracks appeared in Lumina’s armor.

And just before her armor shattered, I quickly shouted.

“Dark dragon, conceal us from everything.”


At that moment, Lumina and I were enveloped in pitch-black darkness and as I expected, the armor shattered and Lumina’s soft skin was revealed.

I’m sure it would be forgivable to stare if I were in a novel or manga, but I immediately took out a holy silver robe from my magic bag and handed it to Lumina-san.

“Lumina-san, please put this on right away.”

“Thank you. But if possible, I’d appreciate it if you would not look at me…”

“Ah, sorry.”


When I turned my back to Lumina-san and thought about what would happen after this darkness cleared, I started to feel a little headache, worried that teacher and the others would go berserk.

Thus, even though something happened at the end, the mock battle with the Valkyrie Knights somehow came to an end.



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