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Chapter 288: Punishment

Translator: Tseirp


After Botacyl purified his daughter, he expressed his gratitude to me, Estia, and Alice.

“Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to speak with Mitis one last time. I have no more regrets.”

“No more regrets?”

Before I knew it, the Darkness spirit and Estia seemed to have switched places.

And Fornoir had also returned to the spirit crystal.


“Yes. I have done truly unforgivable acts. I am now the director of the clinic, but my hands are too stained with blood to help children’s future. Especially this young lady, I took your parents’ lives for my personal gain…”

Botacyl was on his knees, head bowed.


“I won’t let you break your promise to Mi-chan. Both my father and mother were killed by you. That grudge will never go away, and I will never forgive you. Still, that was Mi-chan’s last wish when she died so…”

Tears were flowing endlessly from Estia. She may have conflicting feelings, but she still decided to keep her grudges to herself for the sake of her friend.


“Botacyl, you no longer have the freedom to choose. You will have to educate children until your body rots. You may think it is lenient, but please think of it as a job that comes with a lot of responsibility.”

The first orphanage that the Healers Guild has begun to rerun will become an important place to protect the future of children in this world. That’s why we have to risk our lives to keep it running.


“Mitis-chan loved you until the end. You must keep your promise to Mitis-chan until the very end too.”

Alice clasped her hand and spoke. It felt like she was saying that to herself.


“I won’t allow you to try to have fun. If you try to have fun, I’ll erase your memory of Mitis-chan.”

Estia said that, and when she walked towards the entrance and opened it, there were children gathered there.


Estia smiled at the anxious children and headed outside.

Alice and I just smiled and followed Estia without saying anything to the children.

After we left the room, I saw the children go into Botacyl’s private room.


As long as the church decides to and Botacyl keeps his promise to his daughter, this orphanage will be fine.

While thinking about that, I followed Estia.


Estia was crying when she left the orphanage.

“Luciel-sama, I will cuddle close to her, so could you please take us back to the inn?”

“…I understand. Thank you.”

It would be easy to talk to Estia, but it would be better to have someone to lean on right now than just superficial words.

With that in mind, I let Alice nestle close to her.


After dropping them off in front of the inn, just as I was about to return to the adventurer’s guild, Estia stopped me.

“Thank you very much, Luciel-sama. May I continue to accompany you on your journey, Luciel-sama?”

“It would be great if you did.”

“I understand. From now on, I will be serving Luciel-sama instead of the Saint Schull Church.”

Hn? I was a little worried about her way of putting it.


“You will serve me?”

“Yes. As Luciel-sama’s retinue, I will be like Lionel-sama and the others.”

…Now that I think about it, I don’t really understand the definition of a retinue, but maybe it’s okay to consider them companions?


“Well, if I were to become your retinue, it would seem like I would have a safe future, so I would like to become one too…”

I ignored Alice, who suddenly appealed to me with a wink, and conveyed my thoughts.


“Estia, I’m glad you feel that way, but there’s no need to force yourself to join my retinue, okay?”

“No, I want to work together with Luciel-sama to make the world a peaceful place.”

It seemed like she had thought it through.


“I see. But I don’t see you as retinue, but as a companion, so if you want a definition of what to do, please ask Lionel.”

“Yes, thank you.”

A follower… I wonder if Estia has cheered up a little?


“Um, Luciel-sama? I have some pretty good skills, too, right? If you’re running a trading company, I can work really hard.”

“Then, please have a good rest today.”

“Yes, Luciel-sama. Good night.”

“Good night”

“Wait a minute, Estia-chan?”

Estia and I ignored Alice and I returned to the Adventurer’s Guild.


That said, walking alone at night was unthinkable for me in the past…

There was the chance of meeting adventurers and people coming out from the slums, but I also thought the gatekeepers were scary too.

In that sense, maybe I was gradually changing as well…


However, some relationships do not change.

There was a figure of Instructor standing proudly in front of the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Instructor, why are you standing in front of the Adventurer’s Guild?”

“…I just wanted to get some fresh air. Have you concluded your business?”

“Yes. I don’t think I have anything else to do other than being in the Adventurer’s Guild when I’m in Meratoni.”

“I see. Then, as promised, I’ll have you accompany me to a mock battle.”

“…Please be gentle with me.”


After smiling, Instructor opened the door of the Adventurer’s Guild and we headed to the underground training ground.


“I guess I can’t avoid this. Today was the hardest day I’ve ever had, so I guess it’s good to return to normalcy. Today, I’ll beat Instructor and get a good sleep.”

However, on that day, in the mock battle with Instructor, I was cut and slashed and treated, and instead of ending a match winning or losing, I ended up accompanying Instructor until he was satisfied, so my fatigue reached its peak and I ended up sleeping like a log.



The next morning, I was woken up by Instructor.

“Hey, Luciel. Quickly wake up.”


When I woke up rubbing my eyes at the sound of Instructor’s pleading voice, I saw that Instructor’s eyes were bright red.

“Um, what happened?”

“You’ll find out if you go upstairs. Hurry up and purify the first floor.”

“Um, okay.”

Instructor had never come into my room, so I figured something must have happened, and when I left the room, all the guild staff and adventurers had gathered there.


“What’s going on?”

I was worried that everyone was looking at me with anxious eyes, but I decided to go up to the first floor anyway.


Then, as I started climbing the stairs, I understood.

It was the smell of Object X.


When I reached the first floor while casting Purification, the first floor was filled with smoke.

What happened? That’s what I thought, but after Purification, I realized that the source of the smoke was the dining room.


For the time being, I put off purifying the upper floors and went into the dining room, where I found Grulga-san and Wallabis unconscious on the ground.

“…For now, Purification.”


When I purified the dining room and kitchen, Object X was scattered on the side of the stove where the food was being cooked.

“I guess this is the source… how much were they planning to feed to people anyway?”

Dishes were lined up on the counter, many of which had suspiciously colored toppings.

“In the end, I guess we need Garba-san to stop Grulga-san from going crazy with his experiments. Or should I confiscate the magical tool that creates Object X as I did in Ienith? I’ll leave the decision to Instructor.”

I stored the food in my magic bag, purified the place completely, and returned to the basement.


“Instructor, everyone up to the first floor is fine. I wasn’t sure if I could enter the second floor and beyond, so if you would like to accompany me, I will purify you.”

Then everyone looked at me as if I were a hero.


“Well done, Luciel. So what was the cause?”

“I think the cause was the food with Object X that Grulga-san cooked and Wallabis who dropped it.”

“I see. In that case, it’s time for some punishment. Especially this time, since they disrupted the operations of the Adventurer’s Guild. Sorry but for now, please help me purify the Adventurer’s Guild.”


After that, I followed Instructor around and cleansed the entire Adventurer’s Guild, and perhaps due to the curse of Object X, Grulga-san and Wallabis still had not woken up, so Instructor bound them and smeared Object X on their faces, waking them up.

“It stinks… huh!? What’s the meaning of this?”

“I can’t move~”

Immediately after the two woke up, they realized that they were tied up.


“Grulga, you broke your promise and made Object X smoke, didn’t you?”

“B-Broad, wait, you’ll understand if you let me explain.”

“Recently, your actions have been flagrant since Garba left. Therefore, I will have you drink at least two pitchers of the Object X food you made yourself.”

“I-If I do that, my nose will break and I won’t be able to cook for a while.”

“Don’t worry. It’s the guild master’s job to return employees who have gone out of control to the right path.”

“I don’t want to die~, why do I have to go through this just because I fell?~”

“This time, it’s your punishment for putting the Adventurer’s Guild Meratoni Branch in danger of shutting down, so just accept it.”


Immediately after that, the screams of Grulga-san and Wallabis echoed over and over again in the Adventurer’s Guild.


And Instructor, who laughed as he punished the two of them, had a new nickname, Fiendish Instructor, in circulation for the first time in a while.


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