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I have come to the hard decision to put the translation for Invincible Saint on hiatus, due to my time constraints and low reader interests. I will be focusing entirely on Water Magician until it is completed at around 700 chapters.

This Chapter 289 will be the final chapter released for Invincible Saint.

Chapter 289: Blended Danger

Translator: Tseirp


After the Instructor’s punishment was over, the cafeteria was closed until Grulga-san’s nose healed, and until Instructor returned, Grulga-san was assigned to work as the guild master.

Also, Warabis, who was carrying Object X under Grulga-san’s instructions, really did just fall down, so he was exempted from Instructor’s punishment and it was decided that he would be put to work such as organizing supplies.


“Okay, now I can accompany Luciel on your journey.”

“Instructor, we will be travelling to Ienith by airship, is that okay?”

“Yeah. I stayed up all night, so I plan to sleep all the way until we reach Ienith.”

It looked like he had it all planned.

It’s not as though the ship would shake much or place intense G-force on him, so I don’t think he would get sick, but maybe it’s just a matter of the mind.


“Lionel, what about everyone else?”

“Because there was a strange smell even outside, everyone is waiting at the same place where we landed the airship yesterday.”

“…The smell spread until outside? Was it pretty bad?”

“…The beast race Katy and Kefin were in tears. Lydia and Ryina used wind magic to blow the smoke and smells into the sky, but…”

It was probably a really unpleasant situation.


“Well, it’s good that Grulga-san and Warabis were punished by Instructor, but it’s was tough on the neighbours too, right?”

“That’s his responsibility. Grulga is already the acting guild master. Let’s go, Luciel.”

It appeared that Instructor left everything to Grulga-san.


“Sounds like what Instructor would do. I understand. Well then, everyone, please keep an eye on Grulga-san to make sure he doesn’t get out of control again.”

After saying that, we opened the door of the adventurer’s guild and went outside. There, we saw the Valkyrie Knights gathered in the form of cavalry, and it was very picturesque.

When they saw me, they dismounted all together.


The horses also seemed calm and unaffected by Object X.

They must have gathered while the punishment was being carried out.


However, the reason why they never came inside to ask for Lionel was probably because the strange smell at the Adventurer’s Guild reminded them of Object X.


“Good morning everyone. I take it you are all set on tagging along?”

“Yes. From now on, we will be under Luciel-sama’s command.”


“Um, then please keep your same tone as before. It’s fine to be under my command, but it doesn’t mean you are to be my subordinates. Also, I’ll take care of your horses for now.”

“Follow all of Luciel-kun’s instructions, understood?”


As the Valkyrie Knights dismounted, I unlocked the hermit’s stable.


However, it took too long to coax the horses who didn’t want to enter so I decided to summon Fornoir.

With just one cry from Fornoir, “Bururururu”, the horses rushed into the stable in an instant.

“Thank you. If you ever want to come out again, please come out.”


With that said, Fornoir returned to the spirit crystal.


“Luciel-kun, aren’t you treating spirit-sama roughly?”

Lumina-san asked me with a nervous look on her face, but that’s because I don’t consider her as a spirit…


“Fornoir is my partner. If I suddenly changed my attitude toward my favourite horse because she became a spirit, it feels like the trust we’ve built up until then would start from zero, and I want that. I’m sure Fornoir thinks the same.”

I hope I conveyed it well…


“…I see. That is good to know in many ways.”

“? I don’t really understand, but shall we leave Meratoni?”


Today, I was walking through the town of Meratoni with the Valkyrie Knights who belong to the church, so I thought we wouldn’t get too many people talking to us, but the town of Meratoni is not that kind of town.


“Where are you going next, Instructor and disciple? I’m looking forward to a tale of heroism.”

“Please come back with another weird title.”

Instructor wanted to protest to that but he decided to just laugh.


“Luciel, which of the Valkyrie Knights is your favorite? Or is it one of the servant ladies?”

“Please introduce someone to me too.”

“Hey, you just married me, right?”

“Please hire me at Luciel Corp.”

There were old men and people who looked like adventurers who called out to me, but they didn’t come near.


“Please heal this old lady’s back.”

Hn? I activated Heal by magic circle chant.

“Thank you, Sage.”


Then, Lumina-san spoke to me again.

“Luciel-kun, is this town a place where you can talk to people like this?”

All the other Valkyrie Knights seemed to be equally surprised.


“It’s always like this. For two years after I became a healer, I lived in the adventurer’s guild, and various things happened and I had to treat people in town. Now, it’s like my hometown. “


After Lumina-san heard that much, for some reason she politely responded to the residents who had called out to her and the Valkyrie Knights responded in the same way.


“Luciel-sama, I don’t think there is any other city where healers are admired this much in other countries.”

“That was the case in this town as well. But thanks to this guy’s hard work, I think everyone has realized that there are some healers who are upright. Well, I guess he’s admired because he treats for free.”

“At that time, I was so desperate to survive that I didn’t pay attention to the details.”

The only thing I remembered was training with Instructor…

“Still, I think things will change little by little from now on. It seems like the Pope is doing her best.”

“Luciel has no intention of becoming the Pope, right? If so, what are you planning to do once this matter is over?”

“I guess I’ll take it easy for now. But I can’t feel at ease, so for now, why don’t we all just raise our levels in Grandol’s Labyrinth?”

“I see. Then we need to seriously think about it.”

“About what?”

“Don’t worry, nothing to concern you.”

As I thought Instructor was being strange, the members of the Valkyrie Knights were happily talking with the residents of Meratoni, so I decided to lower our pace as we leave the town of Meratoni.


“Luciel-kun, everyone in this town was kind and easy to talk to.”

“That’s good.”

However, I kept it to myself the thought that everyone would definitely talk to them if they dressed normally like town maidens.


When we reached the place where we had landed the airship yesterday, I found that for some reason a number of playground equipment had been built there.


“What is this?”

“Oh, Luciel-sama. This person who calls himself a reincarnated person said that he knows of a number of play equipment that children can play with. I had free time so I tried making some.”

“Tried making some…”

There were already not only seesaws, jungle gyms, and swings, but also box swings and rotating jungle gyms were being made… for adults.


“Luciel-sama, I heard that there is a school in Ienith. I really want you to hire me because I will do a lot of hard work.”

Had I misjudged Alice’s ability?

But what happened to Ryina? When I looked for Ryina, she was playing with Nanya on the seesaw.


“Ah, Luciel-sama, it is just my guess, but that child is also a reincarnated person.”

Alice came closer to me and told me.


“…Why do you think so?”

“Because she was blurting out the names of the playground equipment.”

…How did she find out with that? Or maybe Alice is just sharp? But it’s very troublesome.


“What a hassle… I can’t help it. I’ll leave it to Estia’s decision.”

“Eh, but Estia-chan has been cold to me since yesterday.”

“Because Alice-neechan says she wants to be Luciel-sama’s mistress.”

Estia said that in a fairly loud voice.

Well, it’s okay because Nadia and Lydia knew.

However, I wanted her to think about the presence of other people in her comments.


“What!? Mistress?”

With Lumina-san’s unexpected intrusion, my head gradually grew cold.

Ah, it’s already getting troublesome.


Without saying a word, I took the airship out of the magic bag and quickly decided to board it before the cross examination proceeded further.

“I wonder if fellow reincarnated people are full of people to be avoided…”

While muttering such things, I moved to the bridge alone.


In the end, it was more than 30 minutes before everyone boarded the airship.

The turmoil subsided after Alice’s full apology, but perhaps because Alice was there, I got the impression that there were a lot of dangerous elements being poured into the situation.


Kefin told me that everyone was on board, but because of the number of people, only the Valkyrie Knights and Lionel, who were boarding the airship for the first time, remained on the bridge, and I began pouring magic into the airship.


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