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“This…this must be a dream.”

Ryo’s voice trembled.

But it wasn’t fear that caused his trembling.


It was joy.

Yes, joy made him tremble.


What kind of joy was it?


“How many cakes… no, how many hundreds of cakes are there…?”

Before Ryo was a mountain of cakes.


“Can I really eat all of this?”

“Of course. I prepared it for you, Ryo. Let’s eat together.”

The one who answered Ryo’s question was Sera.


Hearing that, Ryo finally broke into a smile.

Seeing this, Sera’s face also lit up with a beaming smile.



“That’s definitely too much.”



But a voice resounded as if condemning the scene.

Even without turning around, Ryo knew it was that swordsman.


“Abel isn’t interested I see!”

“Eh? No, I want to eat too…”

When Ryo declared sternly, Abel quickly changed his expression.


“Oh, you want some? Well, I suppose I can let you have a little.”

“Oh, uh…thanks.”

“Hehehe. You two are always so entertaining.”

Ryo said, Abel responded with a slightly awkward expression of gratitude, and Sera laughed.



There was happiness in that moment.


If happiness could be embodied, it would surely look like this scene…



“This is… a chocolate mousse covered in glacage… Pouring melted chocolate over it… the person who thought of this is a genius. Such a sinful combination…. Oh yes, I had this at Doge Pietro… it’s like silk.”

What caught Ryo’s eye was a chocolate cake draped in a dark, glossy coating.




“This is… pistachio? Chocolate? Strawberry? No, raspberry? A mousse intertwined with jelly… ah, this is the light. This is Lumiere guiding us lost souls in the forest of gastronomy.”

Ryo gazed at the beautiful cross-section, entranced.



After a while, his gaze moved further.

To the top of the cake mountain.


His eyes widened.


“Sitting at the peak is… yes, the queen of cakes. The highest pinnacle of the Alps that has captivated gourmets worldwide…the perfect and supreme name to represent this height… the White Lady, Mont Blanc.”

Ryo’s gaze was fixated.



“What a… marvelous sight.”



Words of admiration slipped out unintentionally.


Just looking at cakes can captivate a person.




“Oh no. I can’t keep the cakes waiting any longer. Let’s eat them right away. Let’s all eat together. Let’s enjoy them!”


Saying this, Ryo picked up the first piece.

The queen, Mont Blanc.

Beside it was Kona coffee.


Solemnly, but with joyous movements, he placed his fork into it.


In that moment, Ryo’s face was filled with joy.


Without stopping, in a graceful motion… he stabbed the Mont Blanc with his fork and brought it to his mouth.










Trying to express the deliciousness with words would be crude.

Yes, deliciousness makes one realize the futility of words…


Just eat.


Simply eat.


That is the only correct answer. The right solution.

A great truth that everyone in the world understands.


The only word necessary in the world is…




That word alone suffices.


“Mm, delicious.”

“Indeed, it’s tasty.”


And so, the deliciousness spread.


Sera and Abel also became captivated by the flavor.


Happiness reigned.


The three ate cakes until they were full.

Smiles appeared, laughter ensued, and a feeling of forgiveness for everything arose.


Deliciousness is justice.



Now, justice has been served.





“Hey, Ryo, wake up.”

“…No, no more. I can’t eat any more cake. I’m full… mumble mumble.”

“You probably won’t find no cakes here, buddy.”



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  1. Lazy_guy

    Abel has no survival instincts, no hopes. He should instead say – “Yeah, that would be nice!”

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