Extra 9 <Intermission> The Teleported Djinn and His Followers – Part 3

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Editor: Tseirp


Six men and women arrived at the entrance of the city of Tantoga.

Each riding on camels and accompanied by spare camels.


“Ooh, quite an impressive city, isn’t it?”

Djinn Garwin complimented the city.


The area surrounding Tantoga was no longer desert but had turned into grassland.


“This is the capital of the desert kingdom of Julban, Tantoga.”

The human man explained.

His expression was not so much polite as it was timid, almost fearful.



“Hey, Bosun, let’s eat first. Lead us to a good restaurant.”

“Yes, sir, Garwin-sama.”

Djinn Garwin ordered, and the man replied, nodding repeatedly.


Bosun was one of the ruffians from the Devil’s Guild, but now he was guiding Garwin’s group.

Along the way, he had come to understand that Garwin and the others were not ordinary humans but something far more terrifying.


“Garwin-sama, we don’t really need to eat…”

“Shut up, Oranj! I want to eat good food. Of course, it’s not a problem if you don’t want to, but since we’re in town, I might as well.”

Garwin shouted angrily at Oranj, as usual.


The other three followers remained silent.


Vim Lowe was naturally quiet.

Juke’s voice could only be heard by Garwin.

And Isolde preferred to leave the role of being scolded to Oranj.


That was Oranj’s role.




After finishing their meal, the six of them left the restaurant.

“Well, that was certainly delicious. Bosun, I commend you.”

“Haha. Thank you very much.”

Bosun, the only human among them, bowed so deeply that his head almost touched the ground.




“Huh? By the way, Bosun, did you pay at the restaurant?”

“Uh? N-No…”

“Why didn’t you pay?”

“This is… a shop that pays tribute to the Devil’s Guild, so eating and drinking are free…”

At Garwin’s question, Bosun answered somewhat proudly.


“That’s not good.”


Denied by Garwin, Bosun’s face turned pale.


“People should pay when they eat at someone else’s shop. That’s only natural. Go pay up immediately.”

“Yes sir!”

Bosun immediately ran off to the cashier at the shop.



Watching this with a puzzled expression.

Oranj decided to ask Garwin.


“Garwin-sama, it’s quite unusual for you to ask him to pay, isn’t it?”

“What are you talking about, Oranj? It’s only natural for people to pay when they eat at someone else’s shop.”

Garwin replied to Oranj with a puzzled expression.


And he continued.


“Even if the Devil’s Guild held a high position in collecting tribute. Rather, precisely because they hold such a high position…. Juke, what do you think?”


“Exactly, isn’t it? Even the young duke that Juke possessed… he held a very high position among humans, but he still paid for his meals when dining in town, didn’t he? Naturally.”


“Indeed, the higher one’s position, the more they must set an example for the people. Absolutely right. So, I really don’t understand what Oranj is on about.”


With that, Garwin shook his head slightly.

Beside him, Juke, who appeared as a young boy, also shook his head slightly.


“Am I the strange one?”

Oranj muttered, grimacing.



He continued speaking.

“But Garwin-sama, you’ve never paid humans for anything before.”

“Hmm? Of course not. What’s your point?”

“Eh? Wait, didn’t you just ask him to pay…?”

“I’m a Djinn and you all are my followers. We are superior beings compared to humans. Why should we pay humans anything?”


By now, Garwin was looking at Oranj as if he were a pitiable fool.


“A-Am I wrong?”

“Oranj, think about it. For example, if some humans went to a restaurant run by chickens and ate there, would they pay the chickens before leaving? Of course not. Why would they pay those they consider their prey? Oranj, you really need to train your mind a bit more.”

“Does that analogy even make sense…?”


Garwin explained confidently, and Oranj’s response was so quiet that no one heard it….



“S-sorry for the wait.”

Bosun said as he returned after paying.


“Bosun, who is the strongest person in this city?”

Garwin asked abruptly but with a cheerful demeanor.

“I-In the public eye, it would be Captain Zocklak of the King’s Guard.”

Bosun replied. His answer came smoothly, indicating that Zocklak was a well-known figure.


However, Garwin’s curiosity lay elsewhere.


“You said in the public eye. Is there someone in the shadows?”

“Yes. If we include the underworld, then it would be our Devil’s Guild president, Bazaar-sama.”

This answer also came smoothly.


“Alright then, take us to this Bazaar of the Devil’s Guild.”


“It sounds interesting.”

With that, Garwin commanded, and Bosun nodded once before leading the way.


Bosun smirked inwardly.

(Finally, I’ll be rid of these guys. I was wondering how to get help, but now they’re asking to go to the headquarters themselves…seems my luck isn’t completely gone yet.)




“…So, Bosun, who are these people you’ve brought with you?”

This was in the grand hall of the Devil’s Guild headquarters.


Bosun led the six, including Garwin’s group, into the hall, where they were met with suspicious looks.

“Yes, Vice President. These people wanted to meet the President.”

“So you just bring anyone who says they want to meet the President?”


The Vice President asked further, frowning even more at Bosun’s answer.


“N-no, um…”

Bosun stammered, unable to answer.

“Ah, Bosun was caught by us, so he brought us here to ask for help.”

“What did you say?”

Garwin said with a laugh, and the Vice President, not understanding the meaning of the words, asked again.


“Isn’t your President, Bazaar or something, supposed to be strong? He thought if he beat me, he’d be released, so he brought us here.”

Garwin explained politely, and Bosun looked surprised.


He didn’t expect his plan to be so easily seen through.



“In other words, this is an attack. If we kill all of you, will this President guy show up?”

“Talk about ridiculous! You will kill us all?”

“Yeah. Shall we show you?”

“Interesting! Let’s see you try. Hey, you guys…”

“Do it!”


Before the Vice President could finish speaking, Garwin gave the order.



Four streams of wind blew through the hall.


Oranj, Vim Lowe, Juke, and Isolde.



Three heads flew, blood spurted from three necks, three turned to stone, and three had their hearts pierced.



The only one left alive was the Vice President.



“What the…”

The Vice President couldn’t understand what had happened.


“Seems like everyone except you is dead.”

Garwin stated the fact.


Then he continued.

“So, will this President or whoever come out now? Or do I need to kill you too?”




A side door opened, and a person came out.

“What is all this noise?”


A young man in his mid-twenties appeared with a frown, and the Vice President called out happily.


“Oh, so he did come out after killing everyone. When in doubt, kill everyone.”

Garwin said happily.


“…Is that so?”

“Don’t ask me.”

Oranj whispered, questioning Isolde next to her.

Isolde answered, looking annoyed.



“I heard the President or whatever is the strongest in this city.”

“Yeah, I’m strong.”

President Bazaar answered confidently to Garwin’s question.


“That’s right. Those who do bad things need to be strong. But, no matter how I look at you, you…”

Garwin laughed mockingly and continued.

“You look weak.”


“You fucker!”

As soon as he spoke, Bazaar drew his sword and quickly closed in on Garwin’s space.


Garwin dodged the sharp horizontal slash by leaning back.


Diagonal slash, thrust, continuous thrusts, upward cut, downward strike…


But all of them missed.


Unarmed and without even a sword, Garwin avoided every strike, not blocking, not even grazing… he dodged them all.



“This fucker…”

“Is fucker the only thing that comes out of your mouth? Oh, that’s right, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Garwin. I’m a Djinn.”

“A Djinn? Nonsense!”


Garwin was honest about his identity, but Bazaar refused to accept it.



The sword fight… or rather, Bazaar’s one-sided sword swinging continued for a while.



“Huff, huff, huff…”

Bazaar was breathing heavily.

It was understandable.


Every full-force sword strike was dodged.


Not only could he not inflict damage, but Garwin didn’t even take a hit….

More than his physical stamina, his mental strength was being eroded.



“You…what are you…?”

“I told you before, didn’t I? I’m the Djinn Garwin.”

Garwin answered Bazaar’s question again, properly this time.


“I’m quite kind, aren’t I?”

Garwin basked in his own sense of kindness.


“Is Garwin-sama really kind?”

Oranj’s question was completely ignored by Isolde.



“Hey, Bazaar or whatever, you’re running out of stamina, aren’t you? Come at me with your best technique for the last move. I’ll take it without dodging.”

“You fucker…”

“I even told you my name, but fucker is all you can say it seems…”

Garwin shook his head slightly.


Such sarcasm no longer reached Bazaar’s ears.

Bazaar’s face was filled with determination.


His ultimate strike.

If it hit, the fight would be decided.

Then he had no choice but to unleash it!



He readied his sword.

And then he struck.


“Sword Art: Five Claw Rapid Thrust.”



It was an ultra-fast series of five thrusts.



Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang.



All five were deflected.



Bazaar shouted.


If it were dodged, that would be one thing, but for his supposedly unstoppable five thrusts to be deflected!?





With that word, Garwin’s fist slammed into Bazaar’s abdomen.



Bazaar collapsed.



“Do you know? When bad guys lose, they become the slaves of the ones who beat them.”

A sinister smile spread across Garwin’s face.


“You’re my slave now.”

Saying this, Garwin laughed heartily.



Thus, the Devil’s Guild of the desert kingdom of Julban came under Garwin’s control.


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