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WM V2 Extra 6

Extra 6 Volume 3 Opening 2700 words

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


“Hey, Ryo, wake up.”

“…No, I can’t. I can’t eat any more cake. I’m full… mumble mumble.”

“You probably ain’t gonna find no cakes here, buddy.”


Was Abel’s statement the deciding factor?

Ryo’s eyes widened, and he literally jumped up.


He looked around.


Beside him was Abel.

The two were on a sandy beach.

In front of them, the sea stretched out.

Behind them was a forest approaching near the coast.


He was wearing his usual robe.

He wore the shoes he received from Dullahan.

Murasame, Michael’s knife, and his self-made sheath were all there.

The identification plate he was told to always wear was hanging from his neck.



There didn’t seem to be any particular problem.



“Phew, that’s good. It seems like there’s no fatal problem.”

After grasping the situation, Ryo expressed relief.


“No, it’s definitely a tough situation no matter how you look at it…”

Abel, by Ryo’s side, seemed unable to agree with Ryo’s opinion.

That’s inevitable.

The world is made up of diversity.

There are people with different opinions and ways of thinking, and that basic understanding must always be kept in mind.


“Indeed… since I left my usual bag behind, I don’t have salt and pepper. That is quite a situation, but I want you to bear with it. Could it be that Abel, having become a king, can no longer bear to tolerate things?”

“It’s not like that! Besides, where even is this place?”

“It’s a beach, you know? Where else could it be…”


Ryo, with a mysterious expression, tilted his head in response to Abel’s unjustifiable outburst.


“Yeah, okay…I guess my way of saying it was wrong. Why are we here at this beach?”

“I see. Abel, you don’t understand what happened at that time, do you?”

Ryo finally understood why Abel was blurting out such things.


…Or at least, he thinks he understood.


“Djinn Garwin’s magic power… or rather, magic went out of control. Djinns are good at gravity manipulation magic, right? Since gravity is the bending of space, as a great physicist said, I think space was twisted and we ended up somewhere unknown.”

“…Sorry, I don’t get it at all.”


Despite Ryo’s thorough explanation, Abel didn’t seem to understand….


It’s difficult to make someone understand without fundamental knowledge.

It’s like trying to make someone who can’t do addition and subtraction understand a 10-simultaneous second-order nonlinear partial differential equation. It’s impossible.


…Yeah, I don’t understand a 10-simultaneous second-order nonlinear partial differential equation in the first place.

It’s not something you’d normally solve.



“So, both of us were sent somewhere far away, is that it?”

“Yes, I think that’s a good way to put it.”

Abel said roughly, and Ryo accepted his words.


“We need to get back as soon as possible.”

“Yeah. But it’s going to be difficult…”

Ryo responded to Abel’s words.


And then, Ryo fell silent.


Even after waiting for a while, Ryo remained silent.

Abel could see that Ryo’s expression was unusually serious, deeply lost in thought.

It was different from his usual pretense of seriousness.

With as long as Abel has been with him, he can grasp that difference.

“What’s wrong, Ryo?”

“Abel… I think we’re going to have to throw ourselves into a fight that we can’t avoid.”

“What’s got into you?”

With a serious expression, Ryo said, and Abel tilted his head in response.


Ryo stretched out his arm.

Where he was pointing was…


“The sea?”

“Yeah. Unless we stay here indefinitely, we’ll eventually have to venture out into this sea.”


Then Abel understood what Ryo was concerned about.



“It’s a different world out there in the sea.”

“Yeah…. It’s said to be a world where people shouldn’t venture into, even more so than the forest at night.”

Abel agreed with Ryo’s words.


“No one can defeat the sea monsters underwater…”

Abel muttered.


Indeed, that’s natural.

In an environment completely surrounded by water, attacks with fire magic or wind magic are meaningless.

Even generating stone lances with earth-attribute magic and throwing them… would be resisted by the water.

Moreover, the water in the sea is under the control of the sea monsters…



Furthermore… there’s the fundamental problem of how to breathe underwater.



“That’s why water magic stones obtained from aquatic monsters command astonishingly high prices… or rather, they’re rarely obtained.”

“Come to think of it, we hardly ever hear about water magic stones.”

Abel remarked, and Ryo nodded as he remembered.


Abel spoke while looking at Ryo’s ear.

“That earring you’re wearing, Ryo, that’s a water magic stone, but even at that size, it costs a fortune.”



Ryo’s earring was a prototype made by Viscount Kenneth Hayward of the Royal Alchemy Workshop for Abel’s ‘Soul Resonance’.

It was a very beautiful earring with a small, blue magic stone embedded in the center.


“The Royal Alchemy Workshop only receives about two or three of these water magic stones a year. Despite being the institution with the highest priority magic stone distribution within the Kingdom.”


It seemed to be a considerably rare piece of equipment…


Yes, sea monsters sink to the bottom of the sea when defeated.

That’s what happened when he defeated the Bait Ball…

They sink to the bottom of the sea… not in the shallows, but further down, where it’s deeper.


Certainly, even if they were to defeat sea monsters, it would be impossible to retrieve the magic stones.



“But… if we don’t defeat that guy, we won’t be able to leave, right?”

“That guy?”

“Yeah. Our common archenemy.”

“We have an archenemy?”


Abel tilted his head at Ryo’s words.


“It easily took control of my magic and sank the ship you were on into the sea…”

“…Oh, the Kraken, huh. Wonder if it’s here too.”


It was off the coast of Rondo Forest.

It’s uncertain if it’s here.

Of course, it would be a different one, but… when crossing the sea, one can’t ignore that giant squid.



“Of course, it would be great if it let us pass easily…. But from what I learned in the Western Countries, Krakens actively attack those who invade their territory. It’s probably best to consider the possibility of a fight.”

“For real…”


Even Ryo, who had fought a deadly battle against the legendary djinn, couldn’t defeat a Kraken underwater.


Because in the water, he would lose control over water.


What would happen if he lost control over water?


He couldn’t defend with <Ice Wall>.

He couldn’t attack with <Icicle Lance>.

He couldn’t even swim.

And might even be crushed by the seawater….


In other words, he wouldn’t be able to put up a fight….


But they might have to defeat such a colossal opponent…



For Ryo and Abel to survive.


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