Extra 7 <Intermission> The Teleported Djinn and His Followers – Part 1

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Editor: Tseirp


Five figures traversed the desert sands.

If anyone who knew the full circumstances were present, they would have been surprised.

That’s because one of the five was a Djinn.

And the remaining four were his loyal followers.


Among the followers was a massive man exuding a rough, wild, and rugged aura.

His long, dark orange hair and matching eyes stood out even more than his imposing stature.

“Garwin-sama, I’m parched. It’s been nothing but desert for so long.”

“Shut it, Oranj! As my follower, you should know you won’t die even if you don’t drink water.”

Garwin, a tall, blond, tan-skinned man, yelled with a hint of irritation in his voice.


“Well, I won’t die, but… my throat feels dry… You get it, right, Isolde?”

“No, not particularly.”

Isolde, a woman with long black hair replied, shaking her head.


“Seriously…? Huh? Then, is it just me?”


Oranj looked surprised, his confidence wavering.

Then he quickly continued.

“By the way, why are we walking in a place like this?”

“Because the magic <Implosion> went out of control.”

Isolde replied nonchalantly.


Though she should have been dead during the outburst, she seemed to understand somehow.



A child mixed among the five bowed deeply to Djinn Garwin as they walked.

It was Juke, the follower who had possessed the body of Erwin, Duke of Shrewsbury.


Garwin addressed Juke with a voice entirely different from how he spoke to Oranj, exuding a kindness that was absent before.

“It’s alright, Juke. It’s not your fault. Don’t worry about it.”


“Well, indeed, I underestimated the determination of that young duke. Truly fearsome is the tenacity of men. I had misjudged him.”


“Hahaha, that’s right, as expected of Juke. A lump of ambition, indeed. Well, I’m expecting great things from you.”


After observing their interaction, Oranj tilted his head and asked Isolde, who was walking beside him.

“I always wonder, but Juke’s voice can only be heard by Garwin-sama, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Why is that?”

“Beats me. That’s just how it is, isn’t it?”

“Even though we’re fellow followers.”

“We may be fellow followers of Garwin-sama, but Juke is special. He appears to be a child, but neither you nor I know his true form, right? Basically, he always possesses someone’s body and sends their power to Garwin-sama… that’s his role as a follower. Even while Garwin-sama was sealed, only that child could move. He’s truly unique.”


Isolde glanced briefly at Juke as she answered.



Oranj and Isolde led the way, followed by Garwin and Juke, with Vim Lowe bringing up the rear.


Compared to Garwin and Oranj, Vim Lowe was slender.

Of course, he was muscular and overwhelmingly stronger than a human.

That’s to be expected, of course.

He’s one of Djinn Garwin’s high-ranking minions, one of the Four Generals.




“Vim Lowe still doesn’t speak much as usual.”

“That’s nothing new, is it?”

As Oranj and Isolde mentioned, he remained silent.

In fact, neither of them had any memory of hearing his voice.


“Can’t hear Juke’s voice, Vim Lowe doesn’t speak… of the Four Generals, only you and I speak normally.”

“There’s nothing we can do about it now. Besides, it’s been a while since all five of us, including Garwin-sama’s main body, were together like this.”



The five of them were walking in the desert.



“Anyway… where are we? We can’t even enjoy the scenery in this desert.”

Oranj complained.

“It’s neither the Central Countries nor the Western Countries, that’s for sure.”

Garwin replied without yelling at Oranj for once.

He seemed somewhat certain.


“Really? I always wonder about Garwin-sama’s words…”

“Shut up, Oranj! Unlike you, I have a reason for saying that!”

And just like that, Garwin ended up yelling again.


“Garwin-sama. What’s your reason for saying this place is neither the Central Countries nor the Western Countries…?”

Isolde smoothly followed up.

But in reality, she was just curious about the reason and didn’t intend to help Oranj….


“It’s because there’s no ‘Accumulator’ here.”


“We, Djinns… back then, we called ourselves Spellno…. We, Spellno, set them up all over the Central Countries and the Western Countries to gain power. They were installed at points where ley lines converged or erupted. If there were any, power would flow from there automatically, but there’s none around here.”

“So, that’s why this place is neither the Central Countries nor the Western Countries.”

Isolde nodded in understanding.


Even though they had been following Garwin as his high-ranking minion for a long time, there were still many things they didn’t know.


“But weren’t they installed a long time ago? Do they still work now?”

Oranj asked.

“Yeah. After a while, it seems that the humans also realized the benefits of those places. They built shrines and temples there.”

“Could it be…the ‘Hidden Shrines’ that the humans were talking about…?”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

Garwin replied nonchalantly to Oranj’s astounded inquiry.


“Is it safe to assume that they’re gathering magic power?”

Isolde asked, tilting her head.

“Well… I honestly don’t know. It’s because no one really understands what ‘magic power’ is. We just vaguely sense it.”

Garwin answered, shrugging.



And then, with a slight smile, he continued speaking.

“Well, as long as those accumulators exist, we will revive even if we’re destroyed. We’d come back to life.”

Garwin stated firmly.

“Even though that water magician chopped you up to pieces… even though he tried so hard.”

Oranj lamented, shaking his head slightly.


Even if they were enemies, strong individuals were respected as such. That was Oranj’s style.


“That guy… he’s probably been sent somewhere along with Richard’s descendant.”

Garwin said, as if recalling something, then smiled happily and continued speaking.

“I’d like to have another exhilarating battle like that.”


“Oh! Garwin-sama. I can see the city!”

Oranj exclaimed happily.

In the direction of the desert he pointed at, there was a city.



The group had arrived at the oasis city.



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