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Chapter 0380 Ryo, fight

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Then Ryo appeared.


It almost seemed like he teleported…


“Merlin, sorry I’m late.”

“It seems like my ‘voice’ managed to reach you. Even though I’ve lived this long, that was the first time I tried sending my voice. I’m glad it succeeded.”


This was the reason why Ryo took a day to go to the Western Dungeon before going to the Republic.

It was because of this situation.


Merlin was also forced to practice something he had never done before, ‘sending his voice’…

Even if you do well in practice, you may not be successful during actual performance.

This time, the actual attempt was also successful.

It’s something to celebrate for!


“That said, Fairy King’s Favorite, I managed to buy some time but… unfortunately I’m running low on my magical power.’’



The priest-like man across from them lost his smile and frowned as he spoke.

“That overflowing amount of ‘Fairy factor’… you’re Ryo, right?”


“I don’t know an Akuma like you!”

“Yeah, you probably don’t know me. Leonor told me not to fight you… She… she just woke up, so I’m still stronger than her, but she’ll soon be stronger than me… once that happens, it’ll be so bothersome… I’m sure she’ll keep complaining about it forever.’’

The Akuma answered Ryo’s words while shaking his head slightly. The second half was said so quietly that it was in whispers…


“Ah, Leonor… Well, she did want to kill me.”

Ryo also nodded.


“But, it can’t be helped if it happens like this. It’s not my fault. It’s your fault for sticking your head out. Yes, this was an unavoidable, force majeure situation. Leonor would also understand… nah, she’ll never understand, but it can’t be helped. It’s not my fault.”


The Akuma smiled again, repeating over and over again that it was not his fault.


“No, it’ll be for everyone’s benefit if you just leave.”

“Well, that everyone does not include me.”


At Ryo’s murmuring, the Akuma’s smile turned extremely gruesome as he answered.



Thus, the battle between Ryo and the Akuma began.



“<Icicle Lance Shower>”

Ryo’s countless icicle lances attacked the Akuma.

It was not just a single icicle lance, but a shower from the beginning.


However, the Akuma used instantaneous movement to avoid the shower.


“<Ice Bahn><Icicle Lance Shower>”

Ice Bahn that turns the ground into ice.

Even a teleporting Akuma has to touch the ground…



The Akuma couldn’t help but let out a sound.

Countless icicle lances attacked him then.

Not just from one direction, but from all directions.


“<Dimension Slash>”

The magic that cut through Merlin’s <Implosion> and <Gravity Rod> erased them.

It sliced through Ryo’s icicle lances in an instant and obliterated them.


“…Dimension? Dimensional Slash? Such high fantasy…”

Ryo was surprised and couldn’t help but exclaim in excitement.



“Tch. I can’t believe I would use Dimension Slash against a human… I can see why Leonor likes you.”

The Akuma clicked his tongue. While smiling. Such skillful mastery of facial expressions.


“Also, didn’t she say that close combat was fun?”

The Akuma muttered as if he had just remembered, and then he took a sword out of nowhere.

But that’s not all.


“<Multiple 7>”

The moment he chanted it, the number of Akumas increased by seven.


“What the hell…”

Niels couldn’t help but whisper.

“It’s my first time seeing it too.”

Merlin, who had moved to the side of the six, also seemed surprised.



The Akuma was looking proud.



However, there was one person who was not surprised.



“It’s achieved by using continuous dimension generation phenomenon.”

Ryo explained.

“How do you know…”

The Akuma’s smile crumbled in shock.


“You… to what extent do you understand the truth of this world?”

“There’s nothing to be surprised about, Akuma. To begin with, humans are seekers of truth.”

Ryo said proudly.


Of course, Ryo didn’t know what the continuous dimension generation phenomenon was.


However, when Leonor showed him that <Multiple 7> previously, she used those words to explain it, so he just repeated it.

Since it sounded so cool.


And he succeeded in his plot to break a little of the composure of the Akuma in front of him.



Breaking your opponent’s composure is the first step in combat.




“Oh naïve Akuma, watch this. <Avatar>”

Murasame’s sheath glowed just slightly and Ryo’s clones appeared… seven of them.



The Akuma screamed involuntarily.


“Today’s water magicians are capable of at least forming clones.”

“Incredible… water attribute magicians…”

Ryo claimed, and the Akuma didn’t retort Ryo’s words.



As expected, he didn’t know Ryo as well as Abel and Leonor.



“No, this makes it interesting…”

However, the Akuma smiled again.

He was quick to regain his composure.


“Now, let’s fight!”



And so, the sword fight between the eight Akuma and the eight Ryo began.




The Akuma created by <Multiple 7> and Ryo created by <Avatar> were evenly matched.

However, the true bodies were stronger than the Akuma and Ryo that were created.


“Hmm… the clone’s strength is supposed to be the same as mine, but is it a difference in swordfighting experience?”

“I guess in actual combat, being flexible is also important.”

Both the Akuma and Ryo seemed to still be dissatisfied with the movement of the clones they created and continued the sword fight while muttering regrets.


And at the same time, they finished defeating all of their opponent’s clones.


“I have identified the problem, thank you very much.”

“I think I’ll be able to create something even better next time.”

Ryo and the Akuma grinned at each other.



In the end, both of them may just be battle fanatics.



And then a one-on-one sword fight began.



The Akuma’s downward slash and sideways mow, his coordination between the two attacks was surprisingly fast.

However, Ryo dodged them with his footwork.

Then, he countered by bringing down his sword on the Akuma’s raised hand.


That’s usually the end of a fight.


However, the Akuma evaded with instantaneous movement.

Taking it as an opportunity, the Akuma began to make frequent use of instantaneous movement.



Even Ryo would be in trouble if he appeared right behind him instantly.


(This is amazing… Just like how Sera perfectly uses wind attribute magic, this Akuma uses instantaneous movement. Leonor doesn’t use it, but… after all, there are different types of Akumas. That’s right. Just like how there are many different types of humans…)


Although Ryo was in trouble, he still had time to think about such things.

It would be a problem if he couldn’t afford to. Because…

(He should have at least one more trick up his sleeve.)



“<Flame Cone>”

“<Ice Wall 20 Layers>”


“<Wind Blade Perimeter>”

“<Ice Shield 256>”


“<Stalagmite Dance>”

“<Dynamic Steam Mine II>



Akuma’s attack, Ryo’s defense.

Ultra close-range magic battle in parallel with sword fighting.


As expected, even Ryo was experiencing that for the first time…


“What’s with your speed of magic formation…?”

“This is the result of daily steadfast training.”

Ryo said with a blank look on his face in response to the Akuma’s words.



Then, their swords collided and they locked swords.




While they locked swords, Ryo cast a shock wave of water using Murasame as the launching pad.


Even the Akuma couldn’t block the complete zero-range bombardment and was blown away.


“<Water Jet Thrusters>”

He caught up to the blown-away Akuma before he could land.

And slash.


But it cut through the air.


The Akuma dodged it by instantaneous movement in the air.



“Zero distance magic while locking swords… that is Leonor’s technique!”

“That’s right. Leonor used it previously and she called it ‘Duet’. There’s no way to avoid it when in close contact, so I tried to imitate it.”

“Oh… it’s not something that can be easily imitated.”

The Akuma was taken aback by Ryo’s explanation.


In the first place, things like ultra close-range magic battles don’t usually work.

That is because, at such close range, there would be too many gaps to exploit in sword fights if you cast magic.

However, if you can generate magic and control magic at the same level as Ryo and Akuma, it will become possible.


On top of that, there’s even zero-distance magic combat.


Magic while in contact with something like a sword… Naturally, the opponent would know that the opponent is trying to cast magic, so they can take advantage of the gap before that magic is cast.




But Leonor had succeeded in doing it before.

Moreover, she was in a state of close contact with Ryo.



This time, Ryo tried to imitate it.



“Kukuku, but it’s interesting.”

The Akuma laughed and appeared in front of Ryo again using instantaneous movement and slashed.

A moment after Ryo received the blow, he moved right behind Ryo.


An attack that has caused Ryo to suffer many times.




The Akuma’s slash cut through the air.



The Akuma understood what had happened.

As soon as he processed it, he moved sideways.


Where the Akuma was, behind him… Ryo appeared.



“Hey… you’re a water magician, right? There’s no way you can use instantaneous movement or the likes.”

“Didn’t I just show it to you?”

Ryo grinned at the surprised Akuma.


“High-speed movement using water magic?”

“Damn… I can’t believe you found out the trick so quickly.”


It was a simple method.

<Water Jet Thrusters> activated almost all at the same time.

By erupting from the entire surface of his body, just like a ‘thruster’, he used it to circle behind the Akuma.


While maintaining the same posture, he can move by simply controlling the thruster’s location and angle.


Ryo has great goals in that aspect.

“Sera moves a little smoother, doesn’t she?”


Even though he had made it that far, he still felt like he wasn’t as smooth as Sera.


Magic in close combat.

How far away was the peak…?



“Interesting… you’re interesting, Ryo. Leonor… I understand why Leonor is so devoted to you.”

The Akuma said as he stepped away and laughed loudly.


And then he continued speaking.

“It makes me want to try sword fighting in earnest.”

As he said that, a slightly shorter sword appeared in his left hand, different from the one he held in his right hand.


“Dual wielding…”

Ryo whispered.


“What? Is this your first time meeting someone who uses two swords, Ryo?”

The Akuma laughs. Akumaishly.


“Two swords are not necessarily better than one!”

Ryo spoke firmly.


That’s a fact.


For example, even in modern Kendo, it is allowed to use two swords.

You can’t until you reach high school level, but once you’re beyond that, there’s no issue doing so.

However, there are not many people who use two swords.

At first glance, it would seem that being able to use two swords would be an advantage in many ways.

Perhaps it’s because there aren’t many people who can teach that, but still…


“Then prove it to me.”



Talk was cheap, so Ryo gave it his all.

The Akuma blocked it with the sword in his right hand.

And easily.

While blocking Ryo’s blow, he took a big step forward with his left foot, twisted his hips at the same time, and slashed with the short sword in his left hand.


Ryo jumped backward.


In just one clash, even if he didn’t want to admit it, he could understand how troublesome it was.

Being able to completely absorb a full-force attack with just one right hand… first of all, that’s impossible.

The difficulty of using two swords is that you must receive the full force of your opponent’s attacks with one hand.

That is an element that cannot be ignored by humans.


Furthermore, if you are too intent on blocking the attack, your other arm attack will be delayed.

Then there is no point in using two swords.



However, the Akuma in front of him easily caught his strike with one hand.


“Just now, he was able to take on the swords of five of us with his six arms.”


He could hear the conversation between Niels and Harold.



Ryo thought.

In the case of humans, the weakness of dual-wielding is ‘speed’.

That is because a sword that should normally be wielded with both hands must be wielded with only one hand… Even with a light bamboo sword, it’s difficult, and with a heavy sword… you would inevitably slow down.


To counter speed, he must first attack repeatedly!


Ryo stepped in at once and entered the Akuma’s space.

He just thrust.

And, thrust, thrust, thrust.


However, the Akuma’s short sword in his left hand easily deflected them.

It was a sword held out at a perfect angle.

Amazing technique!

Without a doubt, he surpasses Leonor in sword skills.




His right-handed sword was brought down from above.

Ryo dodged by a paper-thin margin.


However, as expected, from the point where it ended, it reversed diagonally and attacked Ryo again.




Murasame blocked the reverse strike.


As if anticipating this, the Akuma stepped forward with his left foot and stabbed with his left short sword.


Ryo twisted his body to dodge.

Just like that, he stepped back a little with just one foot to gain some distance.



Ryo muttered.

He couldn’t break it with consecutive attacks.

On the contrary, the sword on the right and the short sword on the left attacked Ryo in a variety of ways with surprising speed.


It’s difficult to operate with one hand? … the Akuma’s sword moved as if it didn’t care about that restriction at all.


“That’s a big problem…”

The Akuma probably didn’t hear Ryo’s murmur, but he spoke.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you supposed to prove it to me?”

The Akuma said while smiling.


Of course, Ryo didn’t fall for such provocations.


“I said I’d prove it to you, but I didn’t say I would do so now!”



Yeah… he didn’t fall for the provocation…




However, the situation remained difficult.

The disadvantage of dual-wielding swords, ‘speed’, was completely ignored by the Akuma.

If so, how can he overcome it…?


Let’s think about it the other way around.

What is the biggest advantage of using two swords?

That is overwhelmingly high defense power.


Simply put, the opponent must evade the two swords to land an attack.

However, there are swords on both the right and left, and of course, if you attack him directly from the front, you will receive a blow with two swords.




Ryo murmured and let out a short breath.


He didn’t do anything else.

It was not like his stance changed.






The Akuma’s eyes widened.

He noticed that Ryo’s atmosphere had changed.



He knew that his atmosphere had changed, but he didn’t know what had changed.

He didn’t know, but it was different from before.



The Akuma didn’t know that defense was the nature of Ryo’s sword…

Ryo just focused his consciousness.

To ‘defense’.



The Akuma waited for the strike.


However, Ryo didn’t move.

He doesn’t move in the slightest.


He held the sword in front of him and kept it that way.


“Are you saying I should attack?”

The Akuma muttered.

And laughed.

“Interesting. Then, as you wish!”



He stepped forward at once from a distance further away than the distance of both swords.

As an Akuma, his speed was unimaginable to humans.


A right-handed sword thrust.

Ryo deflected it.


A left-handed short sword sideways slash aimed at the neck.

Ryo dodged.


He rotated his body clockwise and used his right hand to perform a sideways slash to the waist.

Ryo blocked it perfectly.


As if taking advantage of the force of the block, he rotated his body counterclockwise and thrust his left short sword into Ryo’s chest.

Ryo arched his chest to dodge.


When Ryo dodged, his center of gravity shifted to the back, but he used the reaction to return his center of gravity to the front with a thrust forward.

The Akuma parried the thrust with his right-hand sword, stepped forward with his left foot, and stabbed with his left-hand sword.



The short sword pierced Ryo’s right side!



On the contrary, it was the Akuma who was surprised.

He wondered why he didn’t dodge it… But he soon realized.

He fell into a trap.


Ryo drew a circle with the tip of Murasame’s sword, which was still pointing forward.

The Akuma’s left arm was cut off.


However, the Akuma was prepared.

The moment he realized he had fallen into a trap, he threw away his left arm.


He still had the sword in his right hand!


The target was Ryo’s head, which was in range.

It was impossible to dodge at that distance!


Ryo couldn’t dodge.



He thrust his left arm from below.


Ryo’s left arm flew away.

However, the Akuma’s sword was deflected from his neck, and his neck was protected.



Another circle was drawn with the tip of Murasame.

The Akuma’s right arm was cut off.


At the same time, the Akuma leaped backward.

The expression on his face was wide-eyed and surprised.


And the people there could hear it too.

“Are you really human…?”



The two of them faced off in a distance.


An Akuma who had lost both arms and had a shocked expression on his face.

And despite losing his left arm and bleeding from his side, Ryo held Murasame square in front with just his right hand and showed no signs of gaps in defense.



They both stood still for well over a minute, but…



The Akuma was the first to speak.


“My name is Jean-Jacques Ramon Douce. My time is almost up. Someday, I want to fight with all my might without worrying about time.”


The tension of the battle was relieved by the Akuma’s words.


Ryo complied, although he was still holding Murasame.

“Sorry, I’d rather not.”


Ryo refused the Akuma’s, no, Jean-Jacques’s offer. Fighting Akumas was exhausting.


“Kukuku, just like Leonor said, even though you refuse, you were smiling happily the whole time we were fighting. There’s no need for words. You’re a battle fanatic.”


Ryo looked extremely disgusted at Jean-Jacques’ statement.


Well, of course.

There aren’t many normal people who would be happy to be told things like, ‘You’re a battle fanatic’.



Jean-Jacques then looked at Room 10 and 11, and then at Merlin.

“Those who know about the Fallens, I’ll refrain from interfering with you lot. If I do that, I’m sure Ryo will continue to fight with me from now on.”


Ryo was dumbfounded.

It’s true… he’ll have no choice but to fight for his friends…

But something felt off.


“What about a benefit for me to fight for…”

“Isn’t it enough to just fight for your friends? That’s really coldhearted, Ryo.”

“What a cruel thing to say…”

Ryo sighed.


“Ah, that’s right, Leonor mentioned it. When you treated Elizabeth, she told you what you wanted to know, right? Next time, if you defeat me, I’ll tell you one thing you want to know. Is that enough?”

“…Even if you promise that.”



“Also, Spellno. You should go to sleep.”

“You don’t have to tell me.”

The Akuma said to Merlin, and Merlin replied with a sour look.



“Um, excuse me…”

There was someone who chimed in from the side. It was Etho.

“Hm? The priest who knows about Fallens? What is it? I’m feeling good right now. I’ll allow you to ask a question.”


Ryo was listening from the side and thought that he sounded extremely bossy.


“You said previously. What happens to ‘beings’ that have fallen from heaven and separated from God? What do the ‘beings’ do to ensure that they do not disappear? Please tell me how this relates to us.”

Etho looked at Jean-Jacques and spoke clearly.


Although he had not completely recovered from his lack of magic power, his eyes were strong-willed.


“Hmm… well, I guess it’s fine. I don’t have much time, so I’ll keep it simple, but those beings want a Fragment of God to keep themselves from disappearing.”

“A Fragment of God?”

“That’s right. It can be said that Fragments of God are buried in everything that God has created, but… among them, the purity of the Fragment of God that is buried within humans is incomparable to other creatures. It’s surprisingly high in purity, even compared to a Dragon or the Spellno there.’’


Djinn Merlin was the only one who nodded at Jean-Jacques’ explanation.

Merlin may have known about the Fragments of God.


“People don’t seem to know it, but this world can exist because many things keep it in balance. The Fragments of God is one of the things that maintain that balance. It’s also a very important balancer. Therefore, if a large number of humans who originally lived in a certain area die in a short time, the balance will be disrupted. It will become a land where it is easier for humans to turn into wraiths or skeletons, and other creatures to turn abnormal. That’s why the ‘beings’ who desire vast amounts of Fragments of God can’t easily obtain them.’’


Ryo thought… that the only ones who understood were Etho, Zeke, Merlin, and Ryo.


“In other words, since they can’t touch the humans who originally lived there, they bring in many humans from other parts of the world and obtain the Fragments of God from those humans…”

Zeke said and Jean-Jacques nodded.


“The person who invited our delegation is…”

Etho’s voice trembled a little. Jean-Jacques nodded again.


“So that’s why she said sacrifice…”

“Hmm? Did Leonor say that?”

“Yeah, well.”

“Sheesh, that woman… there no limit to how loose-lipped she can be.”

In response to Ryo’s words, Jean-Jacques shook his head slightly.


“Is this being who wants a large amount of Fragments of God, the new Pope?”

Everyone except Jean-Jacques looked at Merlin’s question in surprise.

“Spellno, to be honest, even I don’t know that. Is it the Pope… or someone behind him… sorry, even the Akuma are not omnipotent.”

Jean-Jacques shrugged his shoulders as he said that.


However, they definitely learned a lot of things that they didn’t know before.


“To make matters worse, it seems that the more you experience death, the higher the purity the Fragment of God becomes… I don’t know the details either. That’s why so many people like that came, right?”

“So it wasn’t because there were so many civilians coming that a lot of military escorts and adventurers came with them…”

Etho frowned as he answered Jean-Jacques’s supplement.


People who repeatedly experience the feeling of preparing for death were soldiers and adventurers on the battlefield.



“Okay, it’s time for me to leave.”

“So you don’t have to go through something like a black square gate?”

“Ah, that’s Leonor, right? My unique ability is dimensional interference. Still, there’s a time limit.”

After Jean-Jacques said that, he began to fade away.

The severed arms and swords also began to disappear.


And he said.

“That’s all I’ll teach you. Do something about it on your own.”


And then he disappeared.


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