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Chapter 0379 Third Appearance…

Translator: Tseirp


The parties Room 10 and Room 11.

When they reached the halfway point between the West Dungeon and the Holy Capital.


The world turned upside down.

It was their third time experiencing that.



“This is…”

A voice inadvertently escaped from Niels’ lips.


After experiencing it for the third time, he knew what was going on.



“At long last… you lot finally came out.”

It was now a voice they were very familiar with.


The priest-like man appeared.



At that moment, Etho suddenly understood.

Why did Hugh tell them not to leave the city of West Dungeon?

Perhaps this priest-like man, no, this ‘Akuma’ could not act within the West Dungeon town where the Djinn Merlin resided.

That’s why he told them not to leave town.


“I see.”

And Zeke, who was next to him, seemed to have come to the same conclusion at about the same time.

He was frowning.


Right, even if they realized it now, it was already too late…



The six people were teleported by the Akuma.




The Akuma paused for a moment. But he quickly continued.


“I told you, right? Spread the word about the Fallen. Why aren’t you spreading the word? Why? Did you try your best to spread the word? Maybe you did, but it hasn’t spread. Results are what I need! Seriously, you lot have a death wish? I don’t like killing humans either. No, well, that’s a lie. I’ve been secretly killing and eating them behind the other’s backs, but… that’s besides the case. Hells… I just wanted to see the Church’s reaction to Fallens, but that’s enough. It’s too much hassle. You all should just die.”


The Akuma’s crazed claims echoed.

Everyone understood what was going to happen next.


They would all be killed.


However, there was an overwhelming difference in power that they couldn’t help but understand.

Before that difference, none of them could move.


No, none of them could move previously.

Until now.





Niels pulled out his sword and slashed.




From the other side, Amon did a quick draw slash with his sword from its sheath.


Both strikes bounced off an invisible wall.


However, their eyes were not filled with despair.




A staff jab right to the center broke the Akuma’s barrier.


It was Zeke.



“Wow. Isn’t this interesting? I can’t believe humans like you would break through my barrier.”


However, the Akuma laughed with a relaxed expression.





Without any sign, a stone icicle pierced Niels’ stomach.


“<Area Heal>”


The moment the stone icicle disappeared, Etho’s Area Heal resounded, and Niels’ abdomen, which had a large hole in it, was repaired.

The only healing magic that was effective even from a certain distance.

However, naturally, the amount of magic power consumed was large.



Meanwhile, Amon and Zeke’s continuous attacks continued.

On the second barrier.

When it broke, there was a third barrier.

When it broke, a fourth…





Suddenly, stone icicles struck the two of them.

Due to their refined reactions, they avoided fatal injuries… but as expected, they did not come out unscathed.


“<Area Heal><Area Heal>”

The wounds were repaired with Etho’s Area Heal without delay.



Then, Harold and Gowan finally started to act.

They moved behind the Akuma and struck him with their swords.



The Akuma was surrounded by five people.




“Kukuku, great, great, resist! What would you do if I did this?”


At that instant, stone icicles pierced the feet of all five people surrounding the Akuma.

Niels and Amon barely managed to react, but even they had the flesh of their feet gouged out.


“<Area Heal>”

<Area Heal> was originally an area healing magic.

It healed all five of them together.


Etho immediately drank a magic potion to replenish his magical power.



“The priest who knows about the Fallen is more tenacious than I expected.”

The Akuma appeared impressed for the first time.


“The standard rule in party battles is to destroy the healer first… but that’s boring. Hmm, I guess I’ll do that.”

The Akuma muttered and chanted.



Then… of all things, he grew four new arms.



As expected, even Niels was caught off guard.


The next moment, each of his six arms gripped a sword.


“Now it’s a fight.”

The moment the Akuma said that, all the <Barriers> that were protecting him disappeared.



The five sword fights began.



The Akuma stood still and struck back.


What was surprising was that he perfectly blocked Harold and Gowan’s attacks from behind, which should not be visible to him.


“Kukuku, it’s been a while since I had a six-sword fight, but… no, it’s a five-sword fight. Well, it’s not bad.”

With overwhelming leeway, the Akuma laughed as he parried the five swords.


Even though he was standing completely straight without any strength from his hips, he continued to receive the full force of the five people without any difficulty.


“The difference in physical strength is too great.”

Zeke’s mutter expressed everything.



He could withstand the full force of the human strikes with only his arm strength from the wrist to the shoulder.

Therefore, he was not in danger at all even when standing still.

On the contrary, it gave those who continued to attack him a sense of despair.


They could never overcome his defense.


Normally, a thrust would be effective in cases like this.

For all other slashing attacks, they can be countered completely with force, but thrusts… unless they are parried with the side of the sword like some water attribute magician, they are usually dodged.


However, the Akuma angles his sword so that the line of the sword’s thrust is greatly deflected.

As a result, in the end, he was able to deflect the attack without moving any part of his body other than his arms.


“His technique is also very good…”

Harold whispered.



The Akuma answered, laughed out loud, and continued speaking.

“My number of years of experience is completely different from you guys. Technique gained from just swinging a sword for ten or twenty years will never be able to reach me.”



After smiling and answering, he continued speaking.

“Now for the second round.”



The moment the Akuma spoke, Harold’s stomach was pierced by stone icicles from front and back.

“<Area Heal><Area Heal><Area Heal>”

Etho used <Area Heal> three times to recover his fatal wound.

He drank a magic potion to recover his magical power.




Furthermore, Gowan’s stomach was also pierced by stone icicles from the front and back.

“<Area Heal><Area Heal><Area Heal>”

Again, Etho stacked Area Heals.



Niels used his sword to knock away the stone icicles that suddenly appeared from the front, but the stone icicles from behind pierced him.

“<Area Heal>”

Area Heal seven times in a row.


But that was when Etho collapsed to one knee.



Amon couldn’t help but shout.


“I’m okay.”

Etho replied quietly but powerfully and drank a magic potion again.


“You’re truly tenacious, priest who knows about Fallen. Interesting… extremely interesting, but… I’m sure you’ll run out of magic potions soon, right?”

“Would you like to bet on it, Akuma?”

Etho answered the Akuma’s provocation with strength in his eyes.


But he knew.

The one he just drank was the last.



There was no option left.



But he won’t give up.

This was between the Holy Capital and the West Dungeon.


That person… that Djinn who hates Akumas…



The world was torn apart.



The color red entered the edge of the six people’s vision.



The sky split and it was the same as last time, the red Djinn Merlin!



“So you’ve come, Spellno!”


The Djinn with a look of resentment.

The Akuma with a violent smile.


“Begone, pests! <Wind!>”

When the Akuma chanted, the six people surrounding him were blown away.

Rather than being blown away, it might be more appropriate to say that they were flicked away.



And in the open space…

The battle between beings beyond the human realm began.





Djinn Merlin chanted.


“That’s definitely your first move! <Sky>”

When the Akuma chanted, a mass of gravity aimed at the Akuma from above deviated and fell to the ground.


“It deflects gravity?”

Merlin made a sound of obvious surprise.


“Kukuku, is this the first time your first move was deflected without dodging? Last time I dodged by teleporting. This time I tried deflecting.”

The Akuma said with a laugh.



Both Merlin and the Akuma had a conversation.

It was not like it was an all-out, high-speed battle that left them breathless…


Both sides understood that they were not an opponent they could fight at full power from the beginning.


Either a momentary lapse or a move that exceeds expectations?

Only by exceeding the opponent’s imagination at the last moment… that a conclusion could be reached.



By the way, the six people who were blown away by the wind gathered at a certain distance from the two and watched the battle.

Even if they were to participate, they would only be a hindrance.



Both of them did not move as they faced each other.



The Akuma was the first to move.

“There’s no point in just facing off. <Hellfire>”

A waterfall of flame extended from the Akuma to Merlin.



However, when Merlin chanted, the waterfall of flame reversed and headed toward the Akuma.

“Right, that’s how you responded.”

The Akuma commented and with a wave of his hand, he swatted away the flames that had come toward him without incident.


“Then, how would you deal with this? <Enveloping Flames>”

As the Akuma chanted, a wall of flame appeared around Merlin.

“With this, you can’t reverse it, right?”

The Akuma asked joyfully.



Merlin chanted, and the wall of flame disappeared in an instant.

“Hmm. Does that nullify magic? Or does it ‘return it to its original state’? That’s interesting.”

“Analyze as much as you like.”


Merlin spat and chanted.

“<Gravity Rod>”

Countless long, thin black needles fell from the sky.


“It won’t hit.”

The Akuma said comfortably and began to dodge by moving at high speed.




“What… why can’t I move?”

When the black needles pierced the ground, the Akuma suddenly became unable to move.


“Those aren’t needles for piercing.”

“Is my body getting pulled by the needles? I’m being pulled from all directions, and as a result, I can’t move? I see.”

The Akuma analyzed.


“Even in that state, you can still analyze it.”

Merlin muttered while frowning.


“Spellno, in this state, are you going to attack me in close combat?”

“I’m not so reckless as to engage in close combat with an Akuma.”


Merlin said and chose to settle the matter with magic.

“Begone. <Implosion>”


The last time, he wiped out the Akuma with ‘Implosion’.






“I’ve been waiting for that! <Dimension Slash>”

The Akuma crackled and chanted.


In that instant, the Implosion left behind a roar and disappeared.

Naturally, the Akuma’s body didn’t disappear.




Even Merlin was stunned.

It wouldn’t matter if he dodged it, but that was his first time seeing an Implosion nullified.


“Yes, I wanted to see that look.”

The Akuma smiled comfortably.

What’s more, the black needles that were impeding the Akuma’s movements had all disappeared due to the Dimension Slash earlier.



“Spellno, you probably don’t have much remaining magic power, right?”

The Akuma spoke again with a ferocious smile on his face.


Merlin’s expression didn’t change, but it was clearly different from before he released <Implosion>.

Even by Djinn standards, it is a spell that consumes a considerable amount of magical power.

It was truly a one-shot one-kill spell.



One-shot one-kill… if you can’t finish the fight with that, defeat is inevitable.


Merlin’s life was at stake since he couldn’t deliver the finishing blow…




However, a situation would change three times.




A heavy object fell from the sky, causing a resounding boom.

It was aimed at the Akuma, but of course, he wasn’t the type of Akuma to be crushed by something like that.


“A wall of ice?”

The Akuma and Merlin murmured in unison.


What fell was a wall of ice.



“I think that’s probably…”

“I don’t think there’s anyone else…”

The six people from Room 10 and 11 were watching from a distance.

Amon muttered, Etho agreed, and Niels shook his head slightly.



Yeah, they could recognize that water attribute magician’s <Ice Wall>…


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    “I’m not so reckless as to engage in close combat with an Akuma.”

    A certain Water Magician looks the other way while being clearly flustered!

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