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Chapter 0416 Complete Victory?

Translator: Tseirp


“మీరు అబ్బాయిలు…”

At the guest seats, a man who was about to be killed by the spider monster’s magic spoke to the two of them.


“We are adventurers from the Central Countries delegation. We were instructed by our commander and Cardinal Graham to protect you all.”

“Is anyone else injured?”

Ryo casually used Graham’s reputation while Etho asked as he healed any injury he could see.


“అతని దాడి మేజిక్ శక్తివంతమైనది!”

It was spoken in a language that Ryo and Etho couldn’t understand.

The guest must have understood that they were unable to communicate with each other. He took something out of his pocket and put it over his right ear.


Then he spoke again.

“అతని దాడి మేజిక్ శక్తివంతమైనది 《That monster’s attack magic is powerful》!”

“Automatic translator!”

After the guest spoke, the machine in his ear spoke words that Ryo and Etho could understand.


《This is an alchemy tool that translates speech into the Central Countries’ language.》

It seemed to work very well.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen a tool that combines reality and fantasy.”

No one answered Ryo’s murmur.



《Magic Shield was destroyed in an instant…》

《Four magic were cast at the same time? 》

《That’s a monster…》

The guests all started speaking in unison.


Did they want someone to hear about their terrifying experience? That’s understandable.


However, the spider monster wouldn’t stay idle.


“<Fire Canon>”

“<Fire Canon>”

“<Fire Canon>”

“<Fire Canon>”


Four consecutive shots of the fire-attribute ten-shot attack magic <Fire Cannon>.

A magic that does not exist in the Central Countries.




“I don’t want to admit it, but that Empire guy’s fire-attribute magic was stronger. <Laminated Ice Wall 30 Layers>.”

As expected, even Ryo’s ice wall received considerable damage after receiving four consecutive Fire Cannons.


Therefore, he re-casted it, but…


“Layers were needed when I dealt with his magic too.”



Frankly speaking, the Explosive Blaze Magician’s attack magic was stronger.

Moreover, Ryo didn’t need to attack this time.

Just defending was sufficient.


It wasn’t up to Ryo to deal the final blow.



It was…




Two swordsmen with holy swords approached from behind the spider monster.


Amon jumped and decapitated Cardinal Sacharias, and Niels’ sword, which plunged into its back emerging out of its stomach, also pierced the Pope’s head, which was in its abdomen.

Due to a surprise attack from the rear, the Absolute Sanctuary that was protecting the front of the monster spider disappeared.

“<Icicle Lance 4>”

Ryo released four ice spears that pierced the faces of the four bishops who were on its knees.


Amon and Niels moved away from the spider monster.

Just to be safe.


“<Squall><Ice Coffin>”

Just like he did for Neil Andersen, he soaked it in Ryo water and then froze it.


The spider monster had five of its faces crushed and one face cut off, and was frozen in ice.

Of course, Cardinal Sacharias’ head, which had been cut off, was also frozen in ice.


At that moment, all of the ‘Spirit Smoke’ in the assembly hall disappeared.

The ‘Spirit Smoke’ outside the meeting hall had also disappeared, but that was impossible to tell from there…



It was a complete victory.


Those who understood that smiled.


At last, it was safe.

They could tell.



It was not just Hugh McGrath or Roberto Pirlo, even Graham felt it.


Everyone thought so.



Except for one person…


“… Is it really impossible to manifest beyond the dimensional wall?”

Only one person… Ryo remembered the question he had been pondering for a long time.


If it’s not possible, then that was the end.

The ‘Fallen Angel’ who lost their proxy, or remote-controlled spider monster, could no longer intervene… Well, strictly speaking, they might be able to but perhaps even then, their time left should be short.

That’s why they decided to do something so large-scale to obtain a large amount of ‘Fragments of God’, even if it meant losing the trust of the country that they were supposed to use as a valuable pawn.

Most likely the time limit for their existence to disappear was very close.


That was without a doubt.


Now that there was no one left on this side to reap lives and offer a large amount of God Fragments through the magic circle, it was only a matter of time before the Fallen Angel disappeared…



But… did he overlook something?


Etho, who was next to him, noticed that Ryo’s expression was grim.



“…Where does that Arachne energy and magic come from?”

“Arachne? Ah, the spider monster… isn’t that from the Fallen Angel?”

“Right… That’s right… Otherwise, it’s impossible to explain…”

Ryo thought to himself.


However, that meant that ‘energy can transcend dimensions and cross dimensional walls’.


In cutting-edge theoretical physics, gravity is thought to transcend dimensions.


Then what about other energy?



He resolved to remember it then.

He wracked his brain again and again.




E is energy.

m is mass.

c is the speed of light.


Einstein’s formula suggests that matter can be created from energy.


Energy and mass are essentially the same thing…


In other words, it is possible to cross the dimensional wall as energy and become matter upon reaching this third dimension…


At that moment.


Light fell from the sky.


Author’s note:

Next, the final chapter to the ‘Pope Inauguration Ceremony’ arc!


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