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Djinn Physical Soldiers -> Substantial Soldiers

Chapter 0427 Deployment

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


“What did you say? Vim Lowe has been defeated?”

“Yes, Garwin-sama.”

Wingston, annex of the Duke of Shrewsbury’s residence.


Vim Lowe is one of Garwin’s highest-ranking followers, one of the four generals.

He was given a thousand substantial soldiers and has been ravaging cities on the western border of the Union.


The main force dealing with him had been the Volturino Grand Duchy within the Union, but they weren’t strong enough, so Vim Lowe had been rampaging through cities without suffering much losses so far.




“It’s reported that he lost five hundred of the substantial soldiers.”

“Half of them! But even if there were ten times as many knights, they shouldn’t be able to defeat my substantial soldiers… Could it be that he failed at besieging a city like Oranj did?”

Garwin glanced briefly at Oranj, sitting on the sofa, as he brought up the topic out of the blue.

Oranj, caught off guard by the sudden mention, pretended not to hear and looked in another direction.


No, Vim Lowe has been strictly ordered not to attack cities with fortifications.”

“Why would you ask Vim Lowe to stand down but make me assault a fortified city…”

Oranj complained in a voice too loud to be called a murmur, in response to Isolde’s explanation.


“It’s to increase Garwin-sama’s experience. Grüne and Blüne are high-ranking minions. Their experiences become Garwin-sama’s experiences.”

“Is that really true…”

Oranj retorted with an expression of disbelief at Isolde’s words.

While looking at Garwin.


From Oranj’s perspective, Garwin is not particularly smart.

If the experiences of high-ranking minions become Garwin’s experiences, then he should have accumulated knowledge over thousands of years and should be a bit smarter…


“Oranj! Do you have any complaints?”

“No, Garwin-sama. Not at all!”


The four generals are, in a sense, a part of the Djinn Garwin.

Betrayal is unthinkable.

Probably impossible.

(That very moment, I feel like I might cease to exist…)

Oranj thought to himself.


But the words he actually spoke were completely different.


“Speaking of the Union army. It’s led by the ‘Great General’, isn’t it?”

Oranj, since awakening this time, has learned about the situation in the Central Countries.

After all, he had just woken up for the first time in hundreds of years, so the knowledge he once had was useless.

He had to catch up with the times.

However, he hadn’t learned about the development of water magic…


“Yeah. Union governor, Lord Aubrey. But still… the power of the minions should be incomparable to humans. So I don’t understand how he could lose half of them…”

Isolde replied, shaking her head.


“There might be something we don’t know about.”

Garwin muttered.




“As expected of Lord Aubrey… to defeat the Djinn army…”

The first words of King Abel upon receiving the report.


“We’ve received information that all the artificial golems were deployed.”

It was a report from Knight Captain Dontan.

Upon hearing that, Abel nodded heavily.


Three years ago, during the Union’s invasion of the Inbury Duchy, artificial golems were deployed for the first time.

It was created mainly by Frank de Verde, who defected from the Kingdom to the Union.

Now, three years later, it is said that the Union has over two hundred artificial golems.



“To confront something like the minions of the Djinn, perhaps golems are indeed a good choice.”

Abel muttered, to which Dontan nodded.


Reducing human casualties… in that aspect alone, golems overwhelmed knights, magicians, and of course, adventurers.



Because in battle, none of your allies die.



Therefore, even in the Kingdom, the development of golems had secretly begun, led by Viscount Kenneth Hayward.

However, creating artificial golems wasn’t easy.


Even Frank De Verde, considered a genius alchemist, took over twenty years from when he was in the Kingdom to finally create something satisfactory.

That’s the genius alchemist Frank De Verde, mind you.


Even Viscount Kenneth Hayward, said to rival Frank, found creating artificial golems no easy task…



Having legs, hands, a body, and a head that can move…


That alone was achievable.

But that was still in the experimental stage.

It would take much trial and error to make something capable of fighting on the battlefield… it would take time.



The shape of warfare itself seemed to be changing.




In the Kingdom Army’s night camp, within King Abel’s tent.

Top officials were gathered for information sharing.


King Abel I

Queen Rihya

Warren, Count of Carlisle

Rin, Countess of Carlisle

Captain of the Royal Knights, Dontan

Magic Commander Arthur Verasis, and Supreme Advisor Ilarion Baraha

Captain of the Valkyrie Knights, Imogen

High Priest Gabriel of the Central Temple in the royal capital

Monk Squad Captain Gwain of the Central Temple in the Royal Capital, and Vice Captain Chase

Folklore Officer of the Central Temple in the royal capital, Viscount Rashata Debuo

Knight Captain Faith of Silverdale Knights

Knight Captain Neville Black of the Rune Frontier County

Viscount Kenneth Hayward, Chief Alchemist and Head Researcher of the Royal Alchemy Workshop

And leaders of various regional knight orders….


There were over fifty high-ranking officials gathered. Yet in the King’s tent, there still seemed to be plenty of space.


“The enemy has finished deploying in Vichy Plains, north of Stonelake.”

“So the concern about taking the citizens of Wingston as hostages has been alleviated.”

Abel nodded in relief at Dontan’s report.


However, he quickly realized another fact.

“Vichy Plains… that’s the battlefield from the Liberation War three years ago.”



Three years ago, in the final stages of the Kingdom Liberation War.

It was where Abel’s Southern Army defeated the Imperial Army entrenched in the eastern part of the Kingdom.

The Vichy Plain is fairly large, making it an ideal location for large armies to deploy.


And the Djinn army was already stationed on these Vichy Plains.



“They don’t intend to hold out and defend. They plan to face us head-on.”

Dontan said, and many in the tent nodded in agreement.


Most of them shared the same sentiment.


‘Crush them head-on.’



The recent report of the Union defeating the rampaging Djinn army in Union territory may have also fueled their determination.


And several strategies were prepared.


Of course, it was unknown how effective they would be against the Djinn and its minions.

But everything they had prepared was the best the Kingdom could do at present.


“According to reconnaissance, the enemy encampment consists of about ten thousand substantial soldiers.”

“I see.”

Abel nodded in response to Dontan’s continued report.


The Kingdom Army numbered fifty thousand.

The first step in the strategy of having more troops than the enemy seemed to be on track.




“It is said that Djinns can quickly create phantom soldiers.”

Folklore Officer Rashata cautioned.


“Yeah. Most likely, Erwin… the Djinn must be there too.”

Abel said, frowning.


Honestly, accepting the fact that Erwin Ortiz was a Djinn was still difficult.

But going into battle in that state would put his allies in a deadly situation.


So, Abel stood up and declared firmly.

“Defeat Erwin Ortiz, the Djinn. The fate of the Kingdom hinges on this battle. I expect everyone to give their all.”



Morale was high.


Facing an opponent believed to be unbeatable for humans… a Djinn, yet morale was high.

Perhaps it was due to Abel’s charisma as a king.


Though a Djinn, it wasn’t fully awakened yet… perhaps that understanding played a part.


And the minions were not unbeatable foes either.

That had been proven by the Union.

Didn’t the Kingdom prove it in the city of Hafrena too?



At least, the morale of the Kingdom Army was high.


For the most part.





“Hey, Scotty. Don’t you think we’re being overworked?”

“Yeah, Zack. I totally agree. Could you please go alone and appeal directly to Knight Captain Dontan?”

“Hell no. If I did that, I’d get a severe scolding all by myself. Besides, why am I the only one going…?”

“That’s because you understand the situation we’re in so accurately. We’re about to face the Djinn and its minions head-on, and we are right at the forefront of the face-off.”

This was a conversation between Royal Knight Commanders Zack Cooler and Scotty Cobook.


They were at the frontline of the Kingdom Army, facing off against the Djinn Army.

The Royal Knights were stationed at the vanguard of the Kingdom’s central forces.

Undoubtedly, when the battle commenced, they would be thrust into the heart of intense combat first.


Of course, that’s what they desired.

They had been training for this for three years.


Zack, well, he had some impure motives to earn Sera’s approval, too.


Nevertheless, there was no denying that they were indeed ‘Overworked’.


After confirming the relationship between the Djinn and the Duchy in Wingston, they quickly returned to Hafrena with their troops.

Soon after, they were ordered to rejoin the main force, and they rushed back to the eastern highway, where they met with the advancing Kingdom Army from the royal capital.

Without a break, they arrived at this battlefield.


Physically, they weren’t tired due to their training, but perhaps grumbling was a habit of theirs from old times…



They glanced at the three hundred knights lined up next to them.

They were a newly formed knight order but often described as famous and renowned.


“The Carlisle Knights. Count Carlisle… Warren, the indomitable from the ‘Crimson Sword’ of old, must have trained them, they’re impressive.”

“Yeah. Just standing there, they exude elite prowess… you’d need considerable skill to be part of this group.”

Both Zack and Scotty marveled at the three hundred knights standing in perfect formation.


Each held a large shield reaching up to their necks.

Their weapons were only short straight swords.

In essence, these swords were rarely used; it was rumored that their shields doubled as weapons.


“Count Warren Carlisle is undoubtedly the noble Abel trusts the most.”

“Of course. The fact that Count Warren is stationed here implies that the success of the entire operation hinges on this central vanguard.”

Scotty nodded vigorously in response to Zack’s query.



The central vanguard consisted of the Royal Knights and the Carlisle Knights.

The right flank vanguard consisted of the Rune Frontier County Knights.

The left flank vanguard consisted of the Silverdale Knights.

The three vanguards were manned by the most powerful knight orders.


Among them, the role given to the central vanguard was crucial strategically…




Switching to the Djinn Army main camp.

“The enemy consists of fifty thousand troops centered around knight orders.”

Isolde reported.

“Hah! At least they’ve got the numbers.”

Garwin, the Djinn, remarked and continued with a wicked grin.

“Works for me.”


Garwin incited this war to eliminate humans, especially those strutting on battlefields in the eastern regions of the Kingdom, to collect Fragments of God.

In that sense, fifty thousand knights were a considerable number.


“If I manage to kill half of them, perhaps I can fully revive.”

Isolde nodded in response to Garwin’s words.


The other of the Four Generals, Oranj, remained silent, scratching his cheek.

He seemed to be tilting his head slightly, as if pondering.

“Oranj! Do you have something to say?”

“No, Garwin-sama. Nothing at all!”

Oranj replied splendidly.



“So, Isolde. Who is leading the Kingdom Army?”

“Right. It is said that the king himself is leading the army.”


Garwin showed a slightly surprised expression at Isolde’s report.


“As expected of Richard’s descendant. Coming out to the battlefield personally. I’ll commend you for that alone.”

Garwin said with a smirk.



Then, he fell into thought for a moment.


Seeing that, Oranj felt a sense of foreboding.

It was from experience.

Usually, whatever followed Garwin’s contemplative moments was not good…


“Alright. I shall take full command of this battle.”


Garwin declared, and hearing that, Oranj couldn’t help but let out a sound.


It wasn’t loud, but it was audible to Garwin.


“Oranj! Do you have a problem with that?”

“No… Garwin-sama isn’t very smart, so I thought Isolde would be more suited for this…”

“Silence, Orange! I don’t need to hear that from you of all people!”

“Well, I agree, I’m not particularly smart either, about the same level as Garwin-sama I suppose…”

“Enough! I’ve made up my mind! Besides, crushing around fifty thousand human knights shouldn’t be too difficult! Don’t you think so, Isolde?”

When Garwin asked her for an answer, Isolde replied without changing her expression.

“Of course, Garwin-sama.”


Garwin nodded vigorously upon hearing that.


Then he continued.

“You hear that, Oranj? This level of enemy can be defeated by just one of us!”

“Well, if you put it that way, then surely they don’t stand a chance… In other words, Garwin-sama, commanding troops isn’t your strong suit..”

“You’re being a pain in the ass, Oranj!”


Oranj let out a small sigh.

Well, in the end, they wouldn’t lose… he knew that.

That’s why there was no need to compete over military strategy…

That’s what Oranj thought.


“Well, fine. Since we’re not going to lose anyway, might as well let Garwin-sama do as he pleases.”

Oranj muttered to himself and turned to observe the opposing Kingdom Army.


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