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Chapter 0428 The Battle Begins

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


At 9 AM. The war horn resounded.

“Here we go.”


Zack Cooler muttered and Scotty Cobook nodded in response; both in the central vanguard of the Kingdom Army.



The Djinn Army made the first move.


“They’re coming!”

As Zach muttered, a voice echoed through the entire Kingdom army.

“The enemy charging at us consists of Phantom Soldiers. Vanguard, stand by. Monk squad, advance!”


This command was conveyed using Ilarion Baraha’s magic <Amplification>.


There’s no magic more convenient for commanding a large army.

It can deliver instructions across the entire battlefield.


While Wind-attribute magic <Amplification> isn’t inherently difficult, using it in a battlefield setting is challenging.

Magic spells run rampant, and magic powers are chaotic in such places.

Of course, it’s still before the battle began, so it’s manageable…

But even after the battle starts, only a few people in the Kingdom can use it.



Following the <Amplification> command, the Monk squad from the temple advanced.

They were positioned a thousand each in the center, right flank, and left flank.

In terms of numbers, it wasn’t considered large.

The incoming djinn Phantom Soldiers were roughly sixty thousand.

That’s twenty times more!


But the Monks didn’t flinch.


To become a Monk, one must embrace an unparalleled faith compared to regular priests.

They dedicate everything to the Goddess of Light and willingly risk their lives to protect the Goddess and her followers.



Now, they were prepared to risk everything to protect the Kingdom’s people, who are believers.



The front lines of the Monk squad clashed with the front lines of the Phantom Soldiers.

The Monks wielded their weapons, the ‘Holy Blessed Staves’, risking their lives as they engaged the Phantom Soldiers.


It was a striking blow.


Just a touch of the staves, and the Phantom Soldiers vanished.


Witnessing this scene, High Priest Gabriel and Folklore Officer Rashata nodded approvingly.

As expected, seeing it work out as planned brought them satisfaction.



For the Kingdom Army, the Monk squad against the Djinn Phantom Soldiers was almost the only strong point, and they were proving to be remarkably effective.


Against the tide of Phantom Soldiers surging like waves, the Monks fought on without fear.


Of course, they weren’t unscathed.

They were facing twenty times their numbers.

While they defeated enemies in front of them, they could also be attacked from the sides.


But they were Monks.

Warrior monks.

Each one of them was also a practitioner of Light-attribute magic.


“Mother Goddess, bestow upon us your great healing hands. <Heal>”


They cast healing spells on themselves and their comrades…

Avoiding fatal blows, they continued fighting.



They understood.

Against the Djinn Phantom Soldiers, they were the Kingdom’s trump card.


Conversely, without them, the Phantom Soldiers could overwhelm them with numbers.


So, they couldn’t die yet.

To protect the believers who were Kingdom citizens, they had to keep fighting.

They couldn’t afford to die for that reason.



There was no one to replace them.



Boldly exposing themselves to danger.

Carefully avoiding fatal blows.

While discerning between the two, the Monk squad leader, Captain Gwain and Vice Captain Chase fought while commanding.


The timing for a total retreat would come from the main camp.

So until then, they had to hold firm…


Perhaps the most troublesome enemy for them wasn’t the Phantom Soldiers.


There was no one to replace them.

Meaning, they had to keep fighting until the Phantom Soldiers stopped coming out.


Perhaps their biggest enemy was endurance.



Captain Gwain fought while surveying his surroundings.

It seemed the Phantom Soldiers were reinforced and more were coming out.

The Monks continued fighting, but they still seemed to have some leeway.


(We trained hard for this.)

Gwain smiled faintly as he continued wielding his staff.




It was during the turmoil in the royal capital.


Captain Gwain and Vice Captain Chase, serving as the central temple monk squad leader and deputy leader, were facing off against the monsters continuously emerging from underground.

At that time, under the command of the current queen, Rihya, who happened to be in the temple, they managed to avoid complete annihilation but were in a disadvantageous position.


Just when things seemed hopeless, the current king, Abel, arrived with reinforcements.

And a bit later, that astonishing magician also joined the battle.


From then on, it was a completely safe defensive battle.


The magician adjusted with ice walls while Abel and the hero continued their slashing.


It was understood then how amazing Abel and the hero were.

But that water-attribute magician who continued casting magic for hours in front of them… was simply unbelievable.

And moreover, he didn’t even break a sweat after it ended…



After everything was over, Gwain sought guidance from that water-attribute magician.


At that moment, the water-attribute magician said this:

“Keep training. There’s no other way. The human body, when continuously used, will be strengthened. I believe all of you monks have experienced this, haven’t you? The most important thing on the battlefield is survival. For that, you must continue fighting until the end, and keep standing. Endurance is what makes this possible. Endurance is something anyone can acquire if they train for it. Why not start from there?”


The two of them continued training.

Gradually, other monks also began joining the training.



After the Liberation War, the monks sometimes trained by running outside the royal capital.


At that time, they saw that water-attribute magician firing ice lances at the city walls.

And then, he slashed the rebounded ice lances with his sword.

Moreover, not just one.

Dozens, or even hundreds, of ice lances.


The water-attribute magician was appointed as the premier duke.


While understanding the difference in status, Gwain couldn’t help but seek guidance again.


“How about trying to run while continuing to use magic?”

“You mean using heal on oneself while running?”

Heal is primarily used for healing injuries, but it also has a slight fatigue recovery effect.

When Gwain explained that, the water-attribute magician’s eyes sparkled as he nodded.

“That’s wonderful! You can prolong the training with that!”


As Gwain became the overall commander of all the Kingdom’s monks, he also included training while casting heal in his menu.



And right now, it was paying off.



The monks who continued fighting, when they couldn’t move anymore, cast Heal on themselves to recover fatigue and continued fighting.

They chanted the spells rapidly, as if it were second nature.


“This is, wow!”

The king, watching from a distance at the main camp, muttered…



The monks endured several waves of phantom soldiers.

Finally, the command echoed through <Amplification>.


“The enemy has deployed substantial soldiers. Monk squad, retreat.”


They endured it.




“About time!”


Zack exclaimed with determination, and Scotty nodded.


Then, Scotty turned around and shouted to his subordinates.

“I’m sure you understand! It’s okay to get injured, just don’t die!”



“Uh, how plain and simple…”

Zack said, shaking his head slightly.

“Injuries can be healed with Heal, but there’s nothing anyone can do if they die.”

Scotty replied, shrugging his shoulders slightly.


“Here they come.”



The second round began.



Before the clash of mounted troops, magic artillery was unleashed from the Kingdom army.


Magicians were positioned in the center, right wing, and left wing.

From there, simultaneous artillery fire.


Fire-attribute, earth-attribute, wind-attribute…

Each magician released a magic that split into five before impact, similar to a sonic blade, to suppress the enemy.

However, the substantial soldiers of the Djinn…


“They’re cutting through the magic.”

“They’re strong, that’s for sure.”


Scotty replied in response to Zack’s words.

Zack had experienced attacks from the substantial soldiers during the defense of Hafrena.

He made sure his subordinates avoided direct confrontation as much as possible and primarily engaged in attacks from the city walls.

Even so, he could catch a glimpse of their strength.


Although it was the first time Scotty had seen it, he had anticipated it.

Even when he saw them cutting through magic, he didn’t seem surprised.


And then, the Royal Knights, the Carlisle Knights, clashed with the substantial soldiers.


Almost simultaneously, the Rune Frontier County Knights engaged in battle on the right flank, and the Silverdale Knights on the left flank.


In any case, the core knight orders were composed of strong individuals, but as the battle lines widened, naturally, even weaker knights were drawn into the battle.

With fifty thousand knights, it was natural for there to be variations in strength.


However, despite the variations in strength, their desire to protect what was important remained the same.

They understood that if they lost here, the country would perish, and their families would be affected.



Even if some lacked the skills, their determination was the same.



The knights fought fiercely.


“Don’t back down! Even if we’re not pushing them back, absolutely do not back down! ”

“If we back down, we lose!”

Zack and Scotty shouted as they clashed with the enemy.

And they continued giving instructions.



No matter what happens, don’t back down.



That was the order given to the Royal Knights entrusted with the center.


That’s why the Royal Knights and the Carlisle Knights were stationed together.

Three hundred knights wielding large shields.

They hadn’t taken a single step back from their initial position.


Their opponents were the minions of the Djinn.

In terms of strength, speed, endurance… they were overwhelmingly superior to humans.


But even against such opponents…

They didn’t flinch.

They didn’t retreat.

They didn’t allow any advances.




While the Royal Knights and Carlisle Knights held their ground in the center, the right and left flanks began to gradually give way.

It was a frustrating sight, a sign of being overpowered.


Little by little.



After thirty minutes, both flanks were pushed back, leaving the center protruding.

It was an extremely dangerous formation.

They would be attacked not just from the front but also from the right and left.




This was the desired formation!



A voice that reached everyone fighting in the Kingdom Army’s center.

Ilarion’s <Amplification> could be heard.


“Ready! Three, two, one, release!”


At the moment of release, all the troops in the protruding center fell face down on the ground.


Of course, while still in battle.

While in the midst of clashing swords with the enemy in front of them.


Wouldn’t doing that get them killed?



Think about it.

If the opponent you’ve been fighting with swords suddenly falls face down, what would you think?


At that moment, would you stab the fallen opponent with your sword?

Unfortunately, that would be impossible.

Everyone would inevitably think, “What’s going on?”. Think. Look around.


You wouldn’t just stab a fallen opponent out of nowhere.

Everyone knows that.


“Something is going on”.



It was the moment when the substantial soldiers looked around.



A green light appeared in two lines.

One from right to left.

The other from left to right.


They mowed them down.



Many substantial soldiers were mutilated and fell to the ground.




“Vaedra barrage, successful.”

At that moment, cheers erupted at the Kingdom Army main camp.


Even Abel nodded approvingly.

But he remained calm.

He immediately issued the next order.

“Inform the priest unit. Field recovery.”


In response, Ilarion activated <Amplification>.

“Priest unit, commence field recovery.”


That <Amplification> reached the rear of the main quarters.

There, a particularly large carriage was placed, with alchemists Viscount Kenneth Hayward and Radden, awaiting orders.

Upon receiving the order, they pressed the switch on the device mounted on the carriage and said:

“Activate ‘Long-Range Diffusion Mercy of the Goddess’.”

Then, two seconds later, a blue light lit up.


“It’s activated. Gabriel-sama, please.”


Kenneth said to the High Priest Gabriel.


Except for Kenneth and Radden, everyone around ‘Long-Range Diffusion Mercy of the Goddess’ was a priest.

Of course, there was also Queen Rihya, known as a saintess.

All of them were holding dozens of ropes extending from the device.


Gabriel raised his right hand.

Then, after looking around at the priests once, he swung down his right hand vigorously.

At that moment, all the priests chanted the trigger word.




The priests’ magic reached ‘Long-Range Diffusion Mercy of the Goddess’ through the ropes.

And spread a heal over the entire battlefield, although it was invisible…



The entire Kingdom Army recovered.



“It truly is a miracle of the gods…”

“Perhaps it’s a miracle of alchemy.”

“A heal covering such a wide area, there’s no record of human achievement like this.”

Abel muttered, Ilarion remarked, and Rashata marveled.



Through the moisture in the air, the alchemy tool delivered a Heal to the entire battlefield.

That was the ‘Long-Range Diffusion Mercy of the Goddess’ developed by Ryo and Kenneth.

Also known as Panacea Breath.


Using water-attribute magic to deliver light-attribute magic over long distances.


It wasn’t just an enhanced version of the AoE healing magic <Area Heal>…

Its notable effect was that it brought almost the same effect as a priest physically touching and healing everyone in the Kingdom Army.

Moreover, most individuals could receive multiple heals… its effect was tremendous, almost fully recovering anyone as long as they weren’t dead.

And yet, the magic power consumption for the priests was the same as for a single <Heal>.



“The friend or foe identification tags worked, Ryo-san.”

Kenneth smiled, thinking of his co-developer far in the western countries.


Every member of the Kingdom Army wore a pendant-like ‘friend or foe identification tag’ around their necks.

Of course, it was named by Ryo.

In modern-day Earth, military personnel wear tags around their necks, so it was visually modeled after those…

Naturally, the modern-day Earth tags don’t have the function of identifying enemies and allies.


The light-attribute magic released from ‘Long-Range Diffusion Mercy of the Goddess’ affected those wearing the ‘friend or foe identification tag’.


Because it would be pointless if it healed even the enemies…



For now, everything was going according to plan.

Abel recognized this and gave further orders to Ilarion at his side.

“It’s about time for the Djinn and high-ranking followers to reveal themselves. Inform the ‘Ship’. Once you have them in your sights, fire without hesitation.”


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