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Chapter 0429 Countermeasure Against the Djinn

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


For the Kingdom Army, it went according to plan, but for the Djinn Garwin, it was completely unexpected.


“What…what just happened…?”


Two streaks of green light swept through, cutting through everything.

Of the ten thousand substantial soldiers, seventy percent were torn apart by that light.


It was visible.

They saw it.

They saw it but couldn’t understand.


Just two attacks, and seven thousand substantial soldiers were defeated?



“It was wind-attribute magic…”

Even Isolde’s report was lacking vigor.


Oranj was left dumbfounded, mouth agape.



And then, an even more shocking sight unfolded.



At that moment, except for those who were already dead… all the wounded knights of the Kingdom Army were healed.


All of them.

On the entire battlefield.

Every single one….



“No fuckin’ way! Unbelievable!”



Yes, it was unbelievable.

Such a thing was simply unbelievable.



“Light-attribute magic… is sweeping across the entire battlefield.”

Isolde’s report was even quieter than before.


But this report had a decisive impact.


“I see… a recovery magic that can be applied across the entire battlefield. They’ve created such a crazy thing…”

Djinn Garwin said, squeezing out his words.

But he also regained his composure.


“That recovery is troublesome. It means they’ll keep coming back one after another unless taken down with a single blow. But… there must be some alchemy device that made that possible. We need to destroy it. And then, there’s the green light from earlier. If it runs again… we’ll know its point of origin.”


As Garwin spoke, once again, the green light swept through.






Garwin grinned menacingly and ordered the two stunned generals.


“Oranj, crush the device on the right. I’ll take care of the one on the left. Isolde, follow me. Let’s go!”


Though Oranj and Isolde were still dazed, they snapped back to reality at Garwin’s command and replied.



Three lines raced from there.

They were the advancing Djinn and high-ranking followers.


Due to the second sweep of the green light, the entire Kingdom Army remained prone.

Near the vanguard in the center of the Kingdom Army was a single carriage.

Garwin and Isolde arrived there.


No sooner had they arrived, Garwin chanted.


At that moment, the carriage collapsed.


Though short-ranged, it was a mobile, rapid-fire, small-scale Vaedra.

It was loaded onto the carriage… but was instantly crushed.


The Kingdom Army watched in bewilderment…


Garwin, from a slightly distant position, saw Oranj cleave through another carriage with his sword.



At that moment…




Isolde pushed Garwin aside as she shouted.

Garwin was startled.


Right before his eyes, the green light erased Isolde’s upper body.



Even Garwin was left speechless.


He had a vague idea of what happened.

The green light that swept through the substantial soldiers earlier. That was what struck Isolde.


But from where?

He had just destroyed the device. Oranj had crushed the other carriage.



Could it be…another one…?



Garwin glanced further back at the Kingdom Headquarters.

His vision was unparalleled compared to humans.

If he focused, he could see things clearly even over two kilometers away.


There, a ship floated at a low altitude….


“Damn you! <Excitation>.”

As he chanted, a part of the ship, two kilometers away exploded.

As if there were no distance at all…




For the Kingdom Army, the appearance of Djinn at the frontline was expected.

And the fact that the Djinn destroyed the small-scale Vaedra that appeared on the frontline was also anticipated.


The two small-scale Vaedras were decoys.


The main weapon was the aerial battleship Golden Hind and the Vaedra No. 1 installed within it, stationed far behind the main camp, solely positioned there to shoot down the emerged Djinn.



This was the mainstay for defeating the Djinn.



Evolved even further since three years ago, it was now powerful enough for the premier duke to happily exclaim, “It can pierce through even the barriers of artificial golems!”.


With one strike, it could obliterate the Djinn.


Everything went according to plan.


But at the last moment… a high-ranking minion sacrificed herself to shield the Djinn.

Moreover, the Djinn crushed Vaedra No. 1 installed on the Golden Hind with a long-range attack.


“The Golden Hind is…”

“It’s going down…”

“At this rate, there’s no hope of returning to the front lines.”

Imogen, Captain of the Valkyrie Knights, muttered, Ilarion stated the fact, and Abel spoke with regret.



The Kingdom Army main camp was enveloped in solemnity.

But it didn’t last long.


Abel jumped up from his chair, stepped forward, and drew his sword in one swift motion.




With a sharp sound, everyone except Abel was blown away.



There stood Garwin, the Djinn, who deflected Abel’s sword with his right hand and blew away the others with a swing of his left hand…





Abel couldn’t continue his words.

Though he resembled the Erwin Ortiz Abel knew, the aura surrounding him was completely different.

And his expression…

Even his voice…


“There’s no mistaking your descent from Richard.”

The voice, instead of the thirteen-year-old Erwin, conveyed something ominous, something that Abel felt no one should ever encounter.

With that voice, Abel understood from the depths of his heart that the being before him was not Erwin Ortiz but the Djinn Garwin.


“Djinn Garwin.”

It wasn’t a confirmation.

It was a phrase that slipped out involuntarily.


“Yes. I am Garwin, the Djinn. And you, what is your name, King?”

“I am Abel the First.”

“I see, King Abel. But for now, there’s something more pressing than dealing with you.”

Saying so, Garwin turned his gaze towards the rear of the main camp.

His eyes fell upon a significantly large carriage and the priests surrounding it.

Of course, Queen Rihya was among them.


Abel understood in an instant.

Garwin prioritized disabling the function of the ‘Long-Range Diffusion Mercy of the Goddess’.


“I won’t let you!”

“It’s futile.”

Abel shouted angrily. But Garwin responded with a faint smile.


Then, still holding Abel’s sword in his right hand, Garwin forcefully swung his hand outward.


Abel was blown away while still holding his sword.



And then, Garwin moved in a single leap to the vicinity of the carriage.

There stood the priests and alchemists.

Who had no combat capabilities to speak of…


Blown away, Abel looked at them with a despairing expression.


Blocking the path to the ‘Long-Range Diffusion Mercy of the Goddess’ and the priests stood a single alchemist.

He was renowned as a genius alchemist, but he was a man entirely unfamiliar with combat.



Abel’s voice probably didn’t reach Viscount Kenneth Hayward, who stood in the way.



The ‘Long-Range Diffusion Mercy of the Goddess’… Kenneth’s first masterpiece, created with someone he called both his disciple and friend.

With arms wide open, Kenneth stood protectively.

In his right hand was a torn pendant. And in his left hand, a switch of some sort.


This alchemist had never experienced combat before…that was the impression one might get from him.

The Djinn Garwin, seemed unperturbed.


Perhaps because of this, he was defenseless when Kenneth chanted.



“Seal Activation: <Bullet Rain>.”


Kenneth pressed the switch in his left hand.

Simultaneously, the pendant in his right hand shattered.

Countless invisible bullets of wind erupted from Kenneth’s body, piercing through Garwin.


It lasted barely a second.


But in that moment, Garwin became riddled with holes and fell backward.


Almost simultaneously, the coachman’s seat of the carriage containing the ‘Long-Range Diffusion Mercy of the Goddess’ began to glow.

Radden, who was sitting in the coachman’s seat, busily checked the displayed numbers.


This was the Djinn-sealing alchemy tool jointly created by Kenneth of the Kingdom and Frank of the Union.

However, it was hastily put together…




Witnessing the activation of the ‘seal’, Kenneth vomited blood and collapsed forward.


“<Extra Heal>.”

Rihya rushed over and healed Kenneth.

While being healed, the priests moved Kenneth’s body closer to the carriage.


“His body is fine, but he’s completely depleted of magic power.”

Rihya reported to High Priest Gabriel.

“Considering it was a wind-attribute, top-tier offensive magic… it’s fortunate he didn’t die.”

Gabriel sighed softly in relief.


Looking at the shattered pendant clenched in Kenneth’s right hand.


“I’ve never heard of alchemy capable of engraving top-tier offensive magic…”

“Neither have I…”

Gabriel and Rihya both understood what had happened.

Kenneth had activated <Bullet Rain>, a spell that required an astonishingly long incantation, with just a trigger word.


In words, it seemed plausible, but…


From the perspective of their understanding of alchemy, such a thing was impossible.

Yet, it had happened before their eyes.


Simultaneously, with the activation of the ‘seal’.


Pierced by <Bullet Rain> and weakened, it was supposed to seal the Djinn.


The last line of defense in case the Golden Hind’s bombardment failed.

Viscount Kenneth Hayward had activated it at the risk of his own life…






“Ugh…it’s no use…the seal…it won’t hold…”

Radden in the coachman’s seat gasped for breath, sounding frantic.


The seal crafted by the two greatest alchemists of their time…couldn’t seal the Djinn.





“The Djinn will revive…”

Gabriel and Rihya couldn’t bear to witness the scene they dreaded.


The sight of the Djinn, riddled with holes and fallen, beginning to regenerate.


And then…




A heavy sound echoed, and the coachman’s seat shattered.


“The seal… has failed.”

Radden reported, sounding frustrated.


Queen Rihya and High Priest Gabriel nodded in response to the report.



All the measures prepared to deal with the Djinn were lost.



But the battle had to continue.



“If we can buy time, the situation might change. For that reason, we must protect this device at all costs.”

“Okay. <Sanctuary Formation>.”

Gabriel determined, and Rihya invoked the absolute defense of the <Sanctuary Formation>.


The ‘seal’ had failed.

Nevertheless, the priests made their final gamble to protect the hope of the Kingdom.


To safeguard the ‘Long-Range Diffusion Mercy of the Goddess’, which sustained the lives of the knights.




When the seal failed, Abel might have accepted it.



That they couldn’t win.



And that not winning meant the Kingdom’s demise.



((I’m really exhausted. At this rate, I won’t be able to keep going without overtime pay.))


((Abel? What’s wrong?))

((…Sorry, Ryo. The Kingdom might be done for.))


((Just… make sure that the people on the diplomatic delegation survive… okay? Don’t come back to the Central Countries no matter what.))


((Do not come back…))


When Abel said that, the connection to the ‘Soul Resonance’ was cut off.

It wasn’t clear why, but perhaps it had something to do with the Djinn Garwin, regenerating.


Either way, the seed of the Kingdom of Knightley was preserved.

As long as the diplomatic delegation was in the Western Countries, even if the entire Central Countries fell into the hands of the Djinn, the Kingdom wouldn’t perish.

The nation may fall, but the people will remain.

Not just himself, but Rihya and likely Noah in the royal capital, would not survive…



But he couldn’t just accept despair and let it end like this.


“Even if we’re facing something we can’t defeat…we’ll resist to the bitter end.”


With that muttered determination, Abel grasped his beloved sword and charged forward.




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