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Chapter 0432 Reinforcements Advent

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


Isolde, looking towards the decapitated Oranj, chanted.



In an instant, Oranj’s head and hands, which had been severed, disappeared.

Then, new ones regenerated on his torso…and Oranj stood up.


“I had a feeling, but seeing him actually come back to life is disheartening.”

Abel, finally standing with the support of his sword, blurted and sighed quietly.


The resurrected Oranj…

“Now that I’ve been defeated so badly, can you please just leave it at that?”

Oranj complained to Isolde.


“Your life doesn’t belong to you, does it? It belongs to Garwin-sama. So get to work.”

“Even so, I don’t think it’s right for Isolde to tell me what to do…”

Oranj frowned and replied.


“Well, anyway…sorry about this King Abel, but it’s time for you to die.”

Oranj said apologetically to Abel, who was finally standing with the support of his sword.


It wasn’t sarcasm or irony; he genuinely seemed sorry.


For Oranj, the duel with Abel earlier had ended with his defeat, even if he hadn’t been killed.

So, he felt that as a defeated opponent, it wasn’t right for him to take the life of the victor, Abel.

He thought so, but…if it was Garwin’s order, there was nothing he could do about it.


“Damn it…”

Abel muttered, his voice barely audible.




At that moment…


A silver light streaked across.




“Abel, you can’t fight in that condition, can you?”

A voice came from the side as the silver light stopped.




It was Sera, an elven B-rank adventurer and the next representative of the ‘Western Forest’.



“I’m a little late, I apologize. It took some time to cross the Kingdom from the western edge.”

Sera said, shaking her head slightly.


Then, a little later, a male Elf arrived behind Sera, kneeled down, and delivered a message to Abel.

“Your Majesty, two hundred Elven troops have just arrived from the Western Forest.”


At that moment, hundreds of arrows tore through the battlefield.

It was the attack of the newly arrived Elves.


“For the phantom soldiers, aim precisely for the center of their chests or throats. Otherwise, they won’t go down!”

The voice of the Great Elder Obaba-sama echoed.


“It seems Obaba-sama has fought against the Djinn army before.”

“I see…”

Sera explained, and Abel nodded.

He knew that elves had long lifespans.


However, Abel quickly remembered something.

“No, Sera, head towards the main body of the Djinn over there instead of here.”


Although there had not been any changes, he thought that the priests’ <Sanctuary Formation> might not be able to hold out much longer.


“What? You think you can handle two Djinn minions at once, even in your current state? That’s impressive, Abel.”


Sera said provocatively, and one of the minions, Oranj, glared at Abel.


“Why are you provoking them? Sera, you’ve been getting more and more like Ryo lately…”

“Really?! That’s great to hear!”

Abel sighed and replied, while Sera responded with an unusually cheerful smile.


Being told she resembled Ryo seemed to make her very happy.


And with that smile, she continued speaking.

“Well, don’t worry. Two others who passed us on the way have arrived over there.”

“Two who passed you?”

Abel tilted his head at Sera’s words.




Meanwhile, at the location of the Djinn Garwin.




A distinctly different metallic sound reverberated, higher in pitch.

Garwin crossed his gauntlets to catch the astonishing flash from the swordsman who leaped in.


“The Holy Sword Astaroth, is it? Wasn’t the current hero supposed to be in the Western Countries?”

Garwin asked with a smile after briefly inspecting the sword he caught.


“Now I’m a citizen of the Kingdom of Knightley.”

Replied the smiling hero, Roman.

“And, who do we have here with you… the Demon Lord? Seriously, the Demon Lord? Why are the hero and the Demon Lord getting along?”

Garwin was genuinely astonished, his eyes widening.


“We’re married, that’s why.”

Roman said confidently.

Hearing those words, the demon lord Nadia blushed and looked down in embarrassment.


“What kind of joke is this…”

The Djinn Garwin stood there, dumbfounded.


Of course, it was understandable.


Firstly, the fact that she was a human Demon Lord was already rare enough.

Even Garwin, who had lived for thousands of years, knew of only one other case.

Furthermore, the Demon Lord married the hero?


“Love knows no boundaries! Aren’t you a little narrow-minded for a Djinn?”

“Y-Yeah…. I don’t know what kind of impression you have of Djinns, but…well, whatever.”

Roman asserted, and Garwin reluctantly accepted, though with an expression of disbelief.


Repeating the phrase “well, whatever” several times over.



And so, they transitioned to the battle between the Djinn vs. the Hero and the Demon Lord.



The Holy Sword Astaroth, wielded by the hero, would instantly destroy any ordinary weapons it comes into contact with.

The Djinn Garwin, skilled in close combat with his armguards and leg guards rather than using a sword, easily absorbed the blow from Astaroth with the special gauntlets created from his magic.

Deftly withstanding Astaroth’s blow as if it were natural.


Sword versus unarmed combat.


The major difference lies in reach.

The sword has a longer reach and can fight from a distance.

Which is usually an advantage.


But it’s not always the case.


There are times when having a shorter reach is advantageous.

Namely speed.

It’s the rotation speed of attacks delivered one after another.


And in that respect, having a shorter reach is faster.



In short, fighting with one’s fists without a weapon is…the fastest.



The faster one controls the battle, becoming the attacking side.

Garwin attacks, Roman defends.




“Whoa, whoa…. Hey, are you really human? You’re too fast.”

“What can I say, I’m a Hero.”

Garwin exclaimed, astonished and amazed by the speed that set him apart from others.

Roman replied, stating the fact.


“I’ve lived for thousands of years myself, but among the heroes I’ve seen during that time, you’re one of the fastest.”

“Well, thank you.”

“But there’s still room for improvement!”

Garwin didn’t dodge or parry Roman’s thrust but met it head-on with his right fist.



A counterattack against a thrust from an unexpected angle.


Something like what a certain water-attribute magician or a young genius swordsman would show…



Roman’s thrust was heavily deflected backward.

Naturally, taking advantage of the opening, Garwin’s left fist struck Roman…




From the shadows, Garwin deflected the stone spear that had come around from behind Roman.


“Demon Lord…”

Garwin said with a smile.


The stone spear, created by the magic of the demon lord Nadia.

This was something that he couldn’t help but deflect.

Unlike other random magic attacks, this was, after all, the magic of a ‘Demon Lord’.


As far as Garwin could see, the power of the ‘Demon Lord’ had yet to fully manifest, but he couldn’t afford to let his guard down.

The Demon Lord wields magic of all attributes.

There were cases where a stone spear like this would explode upon impact…


“Dodging the Demon Lord’s long-range attacks while dealing with the hero’s close-range attacks? This should be interesting.”

Garwin said to himself, then burst into laughter.

Even for a Djinn who has lived for thousands of years, this was an experience unlike any other.


“Now, hero and Demon Lord, come at me!”


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