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WM V2C0433

Chapter 0433 Ryo’s Return

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


The two minions watched from a distance as the situation around the Djinn Garwin unfolded.

You could also catch some snippets of their conversation…


“Dammit, he’s going against the Hero and the Demon Lord at the same time over there…”

“If it’s Garwin-sama, there should be no problem facing the Hero and the Demon Lord.”

Oranj enviously remarked while Isolde expressed her full trust in Garwin’s combat abilities.


“Hey, minion. You were defeated by a human king, yet you speak of the Hero and the Demon Lord… don’t you think you should know your place?”

“Huh? Coming from an elf who’s only good with a bow.”

“Sera… why are you provoking him?”

Sera teased, Oranj got angry, and Abel shook his head slightly.


Abel muttered quietly.

“You are starting to take after a certain premier duke, aren’t you?”






As Oranj swiftly leaped forward, Sera effortlessly blocked the swung sword.


“…An elf who can handle a sword to some extent, huh?”

“Is this it? Abel, if you’re struggling against a minion of this level, are you getting complacent after becoming king?”

“Don’t drag me into it…”

Oranj, Sera, and the reluctant Abel each expressed their thoughts.


“That’s enough. Killing a bowless elf won’t be worth anything, but I’ll gladly cut off that arrogant mouth of yours.”

“For a Djinn’s minion, that’s quite a serious line. Your usual demeanor must be quite rigid.”

“…You guys know you’re out of place, right?”



The duel between Oranj and Sera began.



But soon after the duel started, Oranj realized something.

(Seriously… is this elf some kind of sword prodigy? )


Sera’s astounding swordsmanship… perhaps for the average person, it would go unnoticed, but not for Oranj. After just a few exchanges, he understood completely.


He took a step back and called out to Isolde.

“Isolde, give back the ‘speed’ you borrowed from me!”


Sera, considering a follow-up attack, became interested in Oranj’s words.

“You can lend ‘speed’? The realm of swordmanship has become quite something, Abel.”

“Yeah, I think that’s a realm of swordmanship I’m unfamiliar with.”

Abel retorted to Sera’s comment.


“That bad, uh. Well, okay. I’ll give it back, so settle this quickly.”

The moment Isolde spoke, a faint golden light emanated from her body and entered Oranj.

“Ah, finally.”

Oranj said, swinging his sword once or twice.


“I see. Your sword flashes have become much sharper than before.”

“Oh, you could tell. This is my true speed.”

Sera admired and Oranj grinned in response.


But soon, Oranj turned to Abel with a somewhat apologetic expression.

“I apologize to Your Majesty. I wasn’t holding back back then; I fought with all my might.”

Though Oranj seemed arrogant and overbearing at times, when it came to swordsmanship, he was sincere.

That’s why, after fighting Abel with all his might, he apologized for the lack of ‘speed’ at that time.


“I honestly don’t want to know that your ‘speed’ was lacking back then…”

Abel muttered… as he finally managed to stand, leaning on his beloved sword.



“Roxley, I’ll leave the female minion to you. She’s probably immortal, so don’t do anything reckless like a double KO.”


Sera instructed Roxley, who stood protectively by Abel’s side, believing that Roxley could handle a minion whose ‘speed’ had dropped.


Having to borrow ‘speed’ from another minion… well, it just goes to show the reality of things.

Apart from Sera, Roxley who excelled in swordsmanship in the ‘Western Forest’, was deemed capable enough to handle her.


“We don’t know when she’ll unexpectedly attack and try to kill Abel.”

“My bad.”

“Don’t worry about it. If Abel dies, Ryo will be sad, won’t he?”

“…It’s not for me or the Kingdom, but for Ryo… well, I sort of knew that.”

Abel’s last words were so quiet that no one heard them.



And so, the duel between the minion Oranj and Sera resumed.



Oranj’s sword and movements were incomparable to before.

To the extent that Abel, who had fought with all his might just moments ago, was left speechless.




It was matched by equal ‘speed’.

And unyielding ‘strength’.

Sera, cloaked in ‘Wind Equip’ was no less than otherworldly.


“No way…”

“I hope there’s more to it than this.”

Surprised Oranj and smiling Sera clashed.



Their battle delved deeper into the realm of the supernatural.




Meanwhile, the battle between the Djinn vs. the Hero, and the Demon Lord.


The Djinn Garwin wore a relaxed expression, while the hero Roman showed a desperate one.

To an onlooker, their battle seemed almost evenly matched, but the difference in their expressions was, in fact, reflected in the difference in their fighting.


(What strength! Even with Nadia’s magic mixed in, he remains unscathed. Especially…)

The holy sword Astaroth severed Garwin’s left arm.

However, at the same time, Garwin’s right arm gouged into Roman’s left side.

“<Complete Recovery>”

In an instant, the demon lord Nadia healed Roman’s side.


(This trade-off tactic. It must be intentional… Is the aim to exhaust Nadia’s magic power? But Nadia is a demon lord… how much magic would it take to exhaust her, when even she doesn’t know?)


While Roman pondered this, Garwin’s left arm instantly regenerated.



Clearly, Garwin was enjoying the two-on-one battle.



At first, one of the Four Generals, Juke… who outwardly resembled Erwin Ortiz, took a step forward, presumably to confront Nadia.

But Garwin promptly stopped him.

“I’ll take on both of them. Stand down, Juke”, he said.

Juke nodded respectfully and stepped back, remaining still.


Compared to the other Four Generals like Oranj and Isolde, Juke seemed more obedient and docile.



(Not bad…not bad at all…but perhaps, it was still a bit too early?)

While clashing swords with Roman and battling magic with Nadia, Garwin pondered in his mind.


(As expected of a hero, his strength and speed are remarkable. His skills are also quite something… but there are still openings. Maybe in another five years… could it have been more enjoyable? As for the demon lord… indeed, her magic power and control are exceptional. She complements the hero well. They understand each other’s movements, launching attacks so as not to hinder each other. But…)

Garwin shook his head slightly in his mind.

(If I were to get serious, I’d defeat them in no time.)


Garwin thought such things.

He wasn’t arrogant.

Of course, compared to other humans, the hero and the demon lord were overwhelming.

It would be foolish to compare.

Well, even the elderly magician over there was fairly decent… But still, it was disappointing that he needed to chant spells, albeit fast-paced.


“Really…who says a magician must chant spells…?”

Garwin lamented from the bottom of his heart.


Suddenly, he glanced at the sword fight in the distance.

Garwin noticed Oranj had regained the ‘speed’ he lent to Isolde and was fighting.

His opponent…

“An elf? Hmm, for an elf, she uses a sword quite well…. She might be stronger than the hero.”

Thinking so, Garwin considered switching opponents.

But then decided against it after observing Oranj.

“He seems to be enjoying himself… it would probably be too overbearing if I took that from him, huh?”


Garwin was actually considerate of his subordinates.


Even though he often shouted at Oranj.


(That elf is certainly amazing, but… if I had to wish, I’d like to see her mix in some magic with her swordplay…)


It was just a luxury, though.

In the midst of high-speed swordplay, mixing in magic was nearly impossible.

When using magic, one’s attention would inevitably shift to controlling it.

Even if just a little.

Naturally, this would create openings in swordplay…


Hence, using both sword and magic simultaneously in combat was almost impossible.


(Richard used to do it, though.)


Richard was a man Garwin couldn’t fully hate.


After all, he had sealed him away for over 900 years. It was only natural to hate him.

But at the same time, he was a man Garwin enjoyed fighting.



If it were a combination of the Hero and the Demon Lord , Garwin thought it could rival that.

Maybe in five years, it could have been so…

“Ah…I’ll refrain from killing these two for now.”


Their potential was enough to make Garwin think twice.


And Garwin was aware.

The magic power of the priests guarding that absurd alchemy tool that could heal the entire battlefield was running out.

Once it ran out…


“The absolute defense will be lifted.”


With that judgment, Garwin’s movement was swift.



Intercepting Roman’s horizontal swing.

He ‘caught’ it using his body.


It was the horizontal swing of the Holy Sword Astaroth.


He hardened his body and wrapped his arm around Astaroth, completely enveloping it.


Roman was astonished.


This was an experience he had never encountered before.


Garwin, while catching the sword, wrapped his entire body around it…

Rotating his body clockwise as if entwining it with the sword.


It resembled a pro wrestling move called the Dragon Screw.

Where the attacker wraps the opponent’s leg and rotates, damaging their knee. But this time, it was not a leg but a sword…

A technique unique to unarmed combat.


The arm holding the sword twisted, causing Roman to involuntarily release Astaroth.

Garwin seized Astaroth. Even though his strength was being drained by the Holy Sword, he paid no mind to it.

He rose from the ground and drove his right elbow into Roman’s solar plexus.




The solar plexus, a vulnerable point where muscles overlap.

It’s a difficult area to train due to the structure of the human body.

Hence, a vital spot.


Roman was sent flying.


Simultaneously, Garwin hurled the Holy Sword Astaroth at Nadia.

Even Nadia, the Demon Lord, couldn’t perceive the speed of the throw.

Moreover, it was a holy sword.

An ordinary armor could shatter upon impact…




But there was a sharp metallic sound as Astaroth veered away from Nadia.


“The king who refuses to die…”

It was King Abel who threw it.

His magic sword.


He hadn’t fully recovered his strength yet.

After throwing the sword that supported his body, he knelt on both knees on the ground.

And he thought to himself.

(I guess…it was too much after all.)



As long as they couldn’t defeat the Djinn, there was no hope for the Kingdom.



Against Oranj, the minion, Sera was slightly superior in battle.

However, even if she managed to defeat him, he would likely be resurrected by Djinn Garwin again.


Indeed, the crux of the matter was Garwin.



Even the ultimate combination of the hero and demon lord couldn’t win.

While Sera might be the best in swordsmanship…Garwin was ‘indestructible’ even if slashed to pieces.

He would regenerate even if riddled with holes.



And so… finally, the <Sanctuary Formation> of the priests vanished.



The magic power to deploy the <Sanctuary Formation> had run out.

Compared to <Extra Heal>, it was a miracle of God that consumed magic power recklessly….

Rather, it was impressive that they held out for this long.



“At last.”

Garwin laughed.


“Is this the end?”

Abel despaired.



“Well then, it’s time to destroy that absurd alchemy tool and do away with the priests.”

Garwin said, laughing.




At that moment.



The sky tore open.



And something emerged.



A resounding voice echoed.



Followed by another voice.

“<Icicle Lance Shower> <Water Jet Thruster>”



The next moment.



The Djinn and its minions were riddled with holes from ice lances.

Simultaneously, the Djinn was slashed by ice swords wielded by three figures.


“<Water Jet 2048>.”


The Djinn was further shredded into pieces.



As a result…

The Djinn vanished.



It was the return of the water-attribute magician, Ryo.


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      Ryo: Able doesn’t want to know.

      Elenor: We’ll fight later. You owe me Ryo!

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