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Chapter 0434 Ryo’s Negligence

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp



With a smile as radiant as blooming flowers, Sera was the first to embrace Ryo tightly.


“Hey, Sera, you came too.”

Ryo also welcomed Sera with a smile.


“It’s a national crisis, you know. I rushed here immediately.”

“Not exactly the immediately, but…we managed to make it somehow.”

Sera said, and Obaba-sama subtly denied it.

“The intention was there, at least.”


Both Sera and Obaba-sama had come from afar, so it couldn’t be helped.



“Ryo… I told you not to come back.”

“Well, Abel said some weird stuff that got me panicking! Saying the Kingdom was done for and not to come back to the Central Countries anymore. You guys seemed to be handling the situation just fine without me from the looks of it.”

“No, that’s because at that time, neither Sera nor Roman nor Nadia had arrived yet…”

Ryo mocked Abel’s last words from ‘Soul Resonance’.


“Right, Roman and Nadia… Ah, they’re over there greeting Merlin-san.”

Ryo noticed Roman and Nadia greeting Merlin.

By the way, there was a coffin-sized box next to Merlin.

What was inside… goes without saying.

It contained something with enough energy to fill the Western Dungeon, which lacked enough magic power for long-distance teleportation… a Fallen…


And their conversation went thus, “It’s been a long time, Merlin-san” and “Both Roman and Nadia have grown really well”.

Merlin was completely in the position of a grandfather for the two.


“Merlin? That red old man?”

“Yeah. The kind Djinn serving as a strategist for the Demon Lord’s army.”

“I see, the strategist of the Demon Lord’s army…huh? A Djinn!?”

Abel was surprised.

Naturally so. The one they were fighting until a moment ago was a Djinn.


“That’s why he’s a ‘kind’ Djinn. Apparently, he’s different from the Djinn called Garwin that everyone was fighting… according to what Merlin-san says.”



“Your Majesty, your sword.”

Dontan picked up Abel’s magic sword, which had been lying on the ground, and handed it to him.

Abel took it and finally managed to stand up with his beloved sword’s support.



By the way, during all this time, Sera was still clinging to Ryo.



At that moment, it seemed that the priests had finally recovered enough to stand up.

Ryo looked at them and exclaimed in surprise.

“Isn’t that… ‘Long-Range Diffusion Mercy of the Goddess’? To have brought out something like that… it really must have been a full-blown war, huh?”

“Thanks to that, we managed to keep the front line from collapsing. Thanks to the priests and… Kenneth.”

Abel said, looking at Kenneth, who was still sleeping next to the ‘Long-Range Diffusion Mercy of the Goddess’.


Ryo looked at him with a puzzled expression.


Immediately, Ryo noticed what Kenneth was holding in his right hand.

Although the main body was already shattered and no longer there, the string attached to it for hanging around the neck was familiar.


“Ah… did he activate the stored Bullet Rain…”

“Stored? Well, it was activated without chanting. Is that alchemy?”

“Yeah. Despite being disposable, it uses quite valuable materials… and on top of that, it consumes all the magic power in the body.”

“That’s outrageous…”

Abel was surprised at Ryo’s explanation.


“Because it forcefully activates the highest-level wind attack magic without chanting… But currently, it’s not very practical, according to Kenneth. He only made prototypes. But for him to have used it…”

“He was amazing. He stood in front of that device and… with Bullet Rain, pierced the Djinn full of holes. It was meant to seal it, but the seal failed, and the Djinn regenerated…”



At that moment, Ryo shoved Sera away who was clinging to him.



Why? Sera’s expression showed her confusion as she moved away.


And then, she saw it.


An arm ‘growing’ from Ryo’s chest, precisely from the position of his heart.



And blood gushing out.





Blood spilled from Ryo’s mouth as well…



“I know, the Fairy King’s Robe deflects everything as long as it’s wrapped in even a little magic power. But conversely, if you completely remove the magic power, you can penetrate it.”


That voice was familiar to everyone present except Ryo.

It was the voice of someone who should have disappeared earlier.

The abominable voice of the Djinn… Garwin.



Ryo fell to both knees.



Only Garwin’s left elbow and beyond pierced Ryo’s chest.



Garwin’s main body quickly regenerated a little distance away…


“Garwin-sama, resurrected.”

The Djinn said, laughing, as he revived.



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