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WM V3 Extra 16

Extra 16 Rondo’s Last Stand

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


In the night, Ryo screamed.

“Eureka! Eureka!”

As he ran around.


Abel, taken aback, just watched.


There was no one else on the beach but the two of them.

So, making a ruckus wouldn’t bother any neighbors, but…

Abel was still a sensible person.


“Ryo, what’s going on?”

He asked, just to check.


Ryo snapped back to reality.

And replied.

“Abel, when you make a great discovery, there’s a tradition of running around shouting ‘Eureka’.”

“Uh, I’ve never heard of that.”


Of course not.

Abel wouldn’t know about Archimedes from ancient Greece.

Nor would he know the story of Archimedes running through the streets naked, shouting Eureka.


“If it works tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about it.”




The next morning.

Ryo ran to the beach.

Watching from the corner of his eye, Abel went into the forest to hunt.


Ryo began to chant.

“<Ice Create: Submarine>.”


And then, a ten-meter-long submarine made of ice appeared.

It was exactly as he had imagined!


“Ha ha ha, with this, I can win!”

It seemed he was satisfied with the result.

Ryo patted the submarine.


“Your name is Rondo. You’re the first ship of the Rondo class. You will be the ruler of the sea!”

He declared as he climbed aboard the Rondo.


The inside was very simple.

A single-seat setup… just one seat.

In front of the seat, protruding from the floor, was a control stick.

The idea was to move using his water-attribute magic and attack with spells like <Ice Lance> if necessary.



He just made it for now.


That’s how it was.



First, a trial voyage.

“Alright, let’s set sail into the sea!”


The Rondo slowly began to move into the sea, propelled by water jets from the rear.



Perhaps due to the high transparency of the water.

The underwater scenery was very beautiful.


Being an ice submarine, it allowed a 360-degree view, giving Ryo a complete and panoramic sight of the marine landscape.



Ryo might have been too enchanted by the unexpected beauty.



He noticed something approaching just in time.


“Evasive maneuver!”

He pushed the control stick to the left.

Simultaneously, the <Water Jet Thruster> on the side of the Rondo activated, propelling water out.

With the side thrusters and rear jets combined, the Rondo swiftly moved diagonally forward to avoid the obstacle.


After evading, Ryo realized what it was.

A long arm.


He had entered the territory of a Kraken.

Without clear boundaries, such unexpected encounters could happen anytime, anywhere…



But he was also excited.


“With Rondo, I can fight the Kraken!”

He felt a surge of confidence.



But it was short-lived.



He thought he saw something glowing red in the distance.

“The Kraken’s… eyes?”


In that instant…


“Huh? Rondo? Why isn’t it moving…”

The control stick wouldn’t budge.

The water jets at the rear had also stopped.


“I’ve lost magic control…”

Despair washed over Ryo’s face.



The Kraken had seized control of the Rondo’s magic.

The now immobile Rondo was being pulled toward the Kraken.

With Ryo still inside.


“Rondo! Move!”


Ryo poured all his magic power into the Rondo.


But it didn’t move.


He tried to reclaim magic control, but it was futile.



“This is bad…”

Still inside the Rondo, Ryo was being drawn toward the Kraken.



“Rondo! Wake up! Please! ”



He knew it was futile.

The Kraken had taken over.

Yet, he shouted.


But there was no response.






Just as Ryo called out in a faint voice…









Ryo found himself in the water.

The Rondo had ejected him from the rear.




Ryo was expelled, and thrown backward.

After ejecting Ryo, the Rondo was pulled towards the Kraken.


Despite losing control… the Rondo seemed to act with a will of its own… using its last bit of strength to save Ryo.






Ryo’s tears blended with the sea.


But through his tears, the fading Rondo… looked as if it was smiling.

As if satisfied with having saved its master in the end… it seemed to be smiling.




When Ryo regained consciousness, he was on the shore.


He looked out to sea.

Wishing it was a dream.

But he knew it wasn’t.


More tears flowed.


Rondo had used its last strength to save him…

Rondo, whom he couldn’t save due to his lack of magic control…

Rondo, sacrificed due to his naivety…



For hours, Ryo sat in a daze. Abel, saying nothing, silently handed him dinner.

He understood that Ryo had gone through something painful.

So he said nothing.

But it wasn’t out of disregard.


He knew that when someone was truly hurting, they might not want to speak.

So he asked nothing, said nothing…



Ryo slept.



In his dream, the Rondo appeared.


Ryo cried out.


[A.v.e.n.g.e m.e…]

He thought he heard.

Rondo seemed to say that.

To Ryo, it sounded unmistakable.



The next morning.

Ryo shouted upon waking.

“I will definitely avenge you, Rondo!”



Later, as promised, Ryo avenged Rondo with the Rondo-class second ship, Neil Andersen…



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  1. Nanashi

    If we were going to get this as a chapter this soon why not in chronological order author…
    Thanks for the chapter

    • Anonym

      Probably wasn’t in chronological order so we could get the same explanation that Abel got during the first voyage of it. The second one happening first let us feel like we were in Abel’s shoes, being taken along for the ride in the submarine, instead of just watching Ryo like this one. Would have made the second voyage less about the wonder of getting in a fully clear submarine and more about the avenging it if we had seen it already.

  2. Evra

    Ryo is a stupid genius

  3. kel

    Wilsoooooo- I mean Rondooooooooo!!!

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