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WM V3C0439

Chapter 0439 Revenge!

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


The Neil Andersen launched from the beach.

With water jets spewing from the back, launching from the beach posed no problem.




The Neil Andersen plunged into the sea, with its two crew members aboard.


“Switching to alchemy water jet propulsion.”

Ryo said aloud, making the operation clear.

It was important to confirm actions and set the mood…


But Abel hardly heard it.



Because he was captivated by the underwater scenery he was seeing for the first time…



The shallow depth allowed sunlight to illuminate the underwater world.


Schools of fish swam around.

Something glittered on the seabed.

Occasionally, the sun would be shaded, and looking up, he could see large creatures swimming above.


Since the submarine was made entirely of ice, the 360-degree view gave a floating sensation, creating a mysterious and spectacular scene.



Abel murmured in awe.


Hearing Abel’s words of admiration, Ryo nodded with satisfaction and deliberately advanced the Neil Andersen slowly.



After enjoying the scenery for a while, Abel asked Ryo,

“The fish swimming around us aren’t fleeing… they’re not dangerous, right?”

“Nah. The fish are normal. If we provoked them, the entire sea would become our enemy, though.”

Ryo replied, recalling a past mistake.


During his first dive, his careless actions led to a terrifying experience.


“So eventually, monsters will come?”

“No, the random small fries won’t come near us. We have the monster repellent activated.”

“Really? I don’t see the ‘sea monster repellent’ I know of…”

Abel looked around the submarine.

It was transparent, so it was easy to see everything.




Not even a single magic stone.


…Not a single magic stone?


“Wait, Ryo… how is this ship moving…?”

“How? By expelling water, of course.”

“No, I mean… it’s not running on magic stones, is it?”

“Oh, the power source? Of course, it’s my magic power.”

Ryo puffed out his chest a bit in response to Abel’s question.



Ryo was the captain, the helmsman, the sonar operator… and the fuel tank.



Abel shook his head slightly.

This ship seemed to defy all his common sense.

Or rather, the fact that it was a vessel navigating underwater was already beyond his understanding.


“Right, the monster repellent. In the Central Countries, it’s quite a large alchemy tool, right?”

Ryo recalled the ‘sea monster repellent’ he had seen before.

“Yeah, the bigger it is, the better it works.”

Abel nodded.


“I never saw one at Kenneth’s place…”

“In the Kingdom, everything related to the sea is under the jurisdiction of the Maritime Department. The ‘sea monster repellent’ is also managed by the Maritime Department.”

“Even though it’s alchemy?”

“Yeah. In the past, the administration was overcompartmentalized, causing various problems. About a few decades ago, they established the Maritime Department to consolidate everything related to the sea.”

“They overcame the issues of compartmentalization but became too large and lost innovation… The difficulties of administration.”


Ryo sighed softly at Abel’s explanation.



“Yeah. In the Western Countries, they’re transitioning from alchemy tools to magic formulas for the ‘sea monster repellent’.”

“What do you mean?”

“A magic formula that sea monsters avoid and keeps them away… was either developed or discovered…”


“There are magic formulas using wind magic stones and earth magic stones too, both of which are highly effective when combined with magic stones. With magic formulas, you can directly inscribe them on magic stones. So, essentially, just having the space for one magic stone prevents the ship from being attacked by monsters.”

“That’s amazing…”

Abel was genuinely astonished at Ryo’s explanation.



“This ‘Neil Andersen’ is inscribed with an improved version of those magic formulas, the world’s first ‘water-attribute magic formula for monster repellent’. It’s quite effective.”

“So, that’s why the monsters don’t come near…”

“Yes, weak monsters won’t come near, but…”

“Big ones will, right?”

Ryo said, and Abel nodded.


For something like a Bait Ball of sardine-like creatures, even a small monster repellent would be enough, but for large creatures… for example, a Kraken, the current monster repellents could be said to be ineffective.


“Still, how do you know about such magic formulas?”

“Hehehe. I learned from the Franzoni Shipping Company, one of the top maritime companies in the Republic of Mafalda, the greatest maritime nation in the Western Countries. I studied many other things there too.”


The knowledge Ryo gained in the Republic of Mafalda was now being put to use.


You never know when and where knowledge will come in handy.




The Neil Andersen continued forward slowly but surely.

There was no hesitation in direction.

Ryo seemed to know exactly where to go.


“Ryo, do you know where the Kraken is?”

“Yes, I do. It’s waiting for us up ahead.”

Ryo answered Abel’s question with a determined expression.


He was avenging the first ship, Rondo.

Naturally, his expression tightened with resolve.


“Sea creatures like Bait Balls won’t attack unless provoked. But the Kraken is different. It will mercilessly attack anything that enters its territory… or domain?”

“Yes, you mentioned before. That the smuggling ship I was on was attacked because it strayed off course during two storms and passed too close to the Kraken.”


Abel understood from Ryo’s explanation and his own past experience.



The Kraken was quick to pick a fight.



“It’s almost time.”

Ryo said.

As soon as Abel nodded, Ryo chanted,

“<Ice Wall 20-Layer>.”


The moment he finished chanting.




A heavy sound echoed inside the ship.


“What was that!?”

Abel exclaimed in surprise.

“It’s alright. Just its jab.”

Ryo wasn’t startled.

Of course. That was within expectations.




“Somehow… it looks like the ice wall is being peeled off?”

Abel muttered as he watched the scene outside.

He could see the ice wall Ryo had created being peeled away from the Neil Andersen and sinking to the seabed.


“The magic control of the Ice Wall has been stolen.”

Ryo said regretfully.

Even though it was expected, it was still frustrating.


Even after all his training, the Kraken surpassed him in magic control.



The pinnacle of water-attribute magic was still far away.



“This is within expectations. I can’t win with water-attribute magic yet. I acknowledge that. So we’ll counter with alchemy! Activating ‘Alchemized Armor’.”

Ryo announced, and an ice coating formed on the exterior of the Neil Andersen.

It was hard to see because it was ice…


“This was generated by alchemy, so the Kraken can’t steal it.”

Ryo declared confidently.


Clink. Clink.


Occasionally, there were very high-pitched, but very faint sounds.


“What’s that sound…?”

“It’s probably the Kraken trying to steal the magic control of the alchemized armor and peel it off. Kenneth mentioned this before. When something generated by alchemy is being taken over, it can make this sound. But the fact that we’re hearing this sound means it can’t hijack the control.”

Ryo replied with a confident smile to Abel’s question.


And then he firmly declared.



“Alchemy won’t lose to the Kraken.”



Ryo described the anticipated developments.


“The Kraken is about forty meters long. It has ten legs, two of which are long, probably about a hundred meters. That attack on the <Ice Wall> earlier was with those legs.”

“I see.”

“Once it realizes it can’t steal the armor, it will come at us. Abel, hold on tight.”


Abel tilted his head at Ryo’s words.

Of course, he would hold on, but why say it now?


“The decisive difference between ground and underwater battles is that this is a fully three-dimensional fight.”



Almost simultaneously with Abel’s response, Ryo shouted.

“You won’t hit us!”

He steered the vessel sharply.

One of the Kraken’s outstretched ‘arms’ brushed past the outer layer.


Ryo felt like a pilot in a red mobile suit from a certain anime.

Though he couldn’t move three times faster like in the anime.


“That won’t work!”

He dodged the second ‘arm’ as well.



“We’re charging in at full speed!”

As soon as Ryo spoke, he accelerated the Neil Andersen.


Dodging the two long arms, they entered the enemy’s range.

It was better to advance at one go.


“Red eyes…”

Abel muttered.

Ahead, he saw two red glowing eyes.

Presumably, the Kraken’s eyes.



“Abel, hold on!”

Ryo emphasized.

Indicating even more intense maneuvers were coming.


Abel braced himself.



But… it surpassed his expectations.



The Neil Andersen started to roll.

In other words, it began to rotate slowly like a bullet… while still advancing.


“Here come the eight short arms.”

Ryo shouted.


Thud. Slash. Slash…


They couldn’t avoid all the hits.

But it was within expectations.

The Neil Andersen continued its charge, deflecting the arms that hit the ‘alchemized armor’ with its rotating motion.


The linear kinetic energy from the forward charge was converted into rotational kinetic energy through the rotation, then reverted to linear kinetic energy outside the armor, flowing backward.


With each hit, cracks appeared on the ‘alchemized armor’.


Abel could clearly see this from his position.


Although Abel said nothing, Ryo seemed to understand his concern.

“Don’t worry. Damage control is also described in the magic formula. It will auto-repair.”

“I see…”



All ‘ships’ inevitably sustain damage.

Whether it’s a warship or a civilian vessel, collisions with icebergs, pirate attacks… and other mishaps are common occurrences.

The most crucial factor in such situations is…


Ensuring that the ship does not sink.


Ships are designed with this principle in mind, prioritizing it above all else.



When a ship is damaged, what measures are taken?


These considerations are factored into the design phase.

And are addressed during operation.

These two aspects comprise damage control.


Ships from maritime nations with long histories are less likely to sink because they incorporate damage control know-how in their design.

Decisions about the layout.

The placement of various devices.

And the control of air and water to prevent the ship from sinking when taking on water…


Though easy to describe, implementing such designs is exceedingly challenging.


Moreover, considerations about how much cargo to load.

Where to store weapons and ammunition.

And where to allocate crew living spaces.


All of these factors must be taken into consideration.



Ryo’s ship, the ‘Rondo-Class,’ is a decisive weapon.

A final weapon deployed to determine the outcome of battles.

Even if it sustains some damage… its role is to defeat the enemy.


Thus, the expectation of damage is built-in.

And the damage control system is automated through alchemy to avoid burdening Ryo.



Ryo focuses solely on attacking!



“This is it, the final blow!”

He shouted as they dodged the eighth short arm and completely penetrated the Kraken’s defense… getting close enough to see its mouth.


“This is for Rondo! Mark 256 torpedoes, 32 rounds, forward gun ports open. Fire!”


Following Ryo’s command, Abel saw numerous ice lance-like projectiles launch from the front of the Neil Andersen.


As the ice lances struck the Kraken, dozens of long spikes emerged from each lance.

Piercing the Kraken.




The Kraken’s scream echoed through the water.

Hundreds of icy spikes stabbing into it must have been excruciating.


During this, the Neil Andersen continued its charge, thrusting into the Kraken’s wounded mouth.


“This is the end! All gun ports open, Icicle Lance Shower ‘Fan’ Alchemy Coating, full barrage!”


Ice lances launched from the entire hull of the Neil Andersen.


From a distance…

The ship would have appeared like a hedgehog, with ice lances protruding in all directions.


Despite being deep offshore, the high water transparency allowed sunlight to penetrate.

Causing the ice lances to reflect light and create a fantastical scene.


Although, for the Kraken, it was undoubtedly a tragic sight.



Its body was pierced and shredded by the ice lances.


Yet, the Kraken wasn’t dead.



Being large perhaps conferred great resilience.



“What is this… I can’t see?”

“Ink! It’s a giant squid, after all.”

The Kraken had released ink.

Obscuring their vision.




“I can see it! We have sonar.”

Ryo said, chasing after the Kraken, which tried to escape in the cover of ink.


“There! You’re not getting away. Activating manipulator capture arms!”


Six manipulators extended from the Neil Andersen, swiftly grabbing the Kraken.


“Activating steel plunder arm. Attack!”

A seventh arm extended from the front of the Neil Andersen, stabbing into the Kraken.




The Kraken screamed, its voice faint.

Having no choice but to flee, it had almost no strength left to resist.


When the plunder arm withdrew, it held a massive blue magic stone.


After storing the magic stone in the hull, the six arms released the Kraken.

Amazingly, the Kraken did not die but weakly swam away…


Having lost its magic stone, the source of its magic power.

It would no longer pose a threat.


“Complete victory!”

Ryo raised his arm in triumph.

Tears welled in his eyes.


And he murmured.


“Rondo, I have avenged you.”



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