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Chapter 24: Leonard Faith Country

Translator: Tseirp


Luna teleported to the royal capital, entered the adventurer’s guild with light steps, and went to the reception desk where Ocho was standing.


“─ Ocho-san, I just returned.”


“Welcome back, Silver-san! I heard you successfully cleared the emergency quest!”


“Oh, news spread quick.”


“Battalion Commander Nainggolan-san just sent a Call to Berg-san to inform him… in any case, I heard that it was a big, big, big success! That’s really impressive!”


“No, I didn’t do anything big (ehehe… you can praise me more)”


She replied with humility but was in high spirits internally.


“By the way, Silver-san, may I ask you something?”


“Sure, what is it?”


“I’ve been wondering for a long time, but… isn’t Silver-san clearing quests a little too quickly? I think it would take about an hour just to go to Query Cave from here…”


“Well, I use <Gate>.’’


“G-gate!? By any chance, do you mean the top-tier space magic <Gate> that allows instantaneous movement between two specified points?”


Ocho asked with wide eyes.


“Eh, that’s right.”


“T-that’s amazing! As expected of the Saint representative! You have such tremendous magical skills!”


“W-well, I guess (I’m not very good at magic though…)”


That wasn’t humility or anything, Luna wasn’t good at magic.


The power and effects of magic are determined by the formula: ‘Magic Skill x Magical Power Consumption’.


And Luna’s magic skills cannot be described as being skillful.

Constructing magic formulas, precise manipulation of magical power, specifying the range of magic, etc… the typical matrix used to evaluate magic skills, she is simply bad at them.


Shasha, the magician who was once in her Saint party, was exasperated and commented, ‘You really have zero sense…’.

After receiving advice from the swordsman Zell and the monk Fiona, Luna, after much consideration, abandoned her ‘magic skills’, which are considered the essence of magic, and increased her ‘magical power consumption’ to more than 100 times the normal amount.

Simply put, she was all in for ‘firepower’.


This muscle-brain style, which utilizes her bottomless amount of magical power, is a miraculous fit for the single-celled Saint, allowing her to use all kinds of magic at an extremely high level.


(Putting that aside… why did magic decline so much in this era?)


<Gate> certainly is a high-tier magic, and even in the world 300 years ago, its users were quite limited…

But that didn’t mean you would be highly praised just because you could cast it.

The difficulty level was that if you gathered 10 random magicians, about 2 to 3 people would be able to cast it.


The world of magic is constantly evolving.

Three hundred years have passed and she had assumed that magic would be incredibly advanced… but so far, it seemed like it was actually degenerating.


(Maybe… something happened after I was executed? I’m a little curious, so I’ll look into it in more detail next time.)


As Luna was thinking about that, Berg came from behind the reception desk carrying a large leather bag.


“Oh, Silver, you work fast as always! You really saved us this time! Now, here is the reward of 1 million gold!”


“Thank you. I certainly received it.”


Luna calmly took the large amount of gold coins and put it away in her <Storage>.


(Hoh… as expected of Silver. A million gold is just small change to him and doesn’t make him flustered. He works on a huge scale.)


(If a small-time citizen like me had that much money, I’d be in a panic and go, ‘Awawa!’… Silver-san is an amazing person after all.)


As Berg and Ocho’s respect for her deepened,


(Ah, awawa, awawawawa…!?)


Our Saint was trembling inside her armor.


(One-one-one-one…1 million, 1 million gold…)


After receiving an incredible amount of money, she became flustered.


Three hundred years ago, when Luna was still active as the Saint, there were many times when she received rewards of over one million gold from the country or nobles but…

She never took the money, and instead donated it all to orphanages and other underprivileged people.

Because of that, she had never had the experience of owning such a large amount of money, and her heart felt like it was going to jump out of her chest.


(I have now… grasped the core of the world. I have obtained everything in this world…)


While Luna’s eyes were rolling in her head and she was thinking about something incomprehensible as usual, Berg was scratching his head and spoke with a complicated expression.


“Ah, how do I ask this… Silver. I’m sorry this is so sudden, but could you please spare me some time?”


“I don’t mind, but what’s wrong?”


“Actually, you have a ‘guest’ coming.”




“Yeah, my old friend. He wanted to talk to Silver no matter what, so he forcibly asked this of me. Right now, he’s eagerly waiting in the back room. ─ This way, please follow me.”


“Okay (Berg-san’s friend must have a scary face too…)”


Luna walked after Berg while having a slightly rude thought… and they reached the ‘Special Guest Reception’ room.


(…Special Guest Reception…? Eh, maybe the guest is… someone important…?)


At that moment, Luna had a bad feeling,


“Hey, we’re coming in.”


Berg knocked on the door roughly and, without waiting for a reply, swung it open.


Inside the Special Guest Reception, there was a solid black sofa, a marble table, a splendid chandelier, a dignified statue, elaborately designed vases etc… the room was equipped with luxurious furnishing, making it seem like it wasn’t part of the adventurer’s guild they were just in.


Luna glanced around the room, checking the luxurious interior, and stiffened.


(W-wow… there are so many expensive things… If I move poorly and bump into something, I’ll be in big trouble…)


Since she was currently wearing a 2-meter tall plate armor, she was more than a size larger than usual.

If she accidentally misjudged the distance and damaged the furniture… she may be forced to pay a large amount of compensation.


As Luna was increasing her level of vigilance towards her surroundings,


“─ Oh, Silver-dono! It’s an honor to meet you!”


The man sitting on the sofa stood up and walked over to Luna.


“I am the Kingdom of Elgia Prime Minister, Nirva Steindorf. I am glad to make your acquaintance.”


Nirva Steindorf, 42 years old.

He is a large man, 198 centimeters tall, with a thick-boned body and powerful muscles.

With neatly styled middle-length brown hair, a brawny fierce look on his face, a sharp gaze like a hawk, and a large slash wound across his left eyelid ─ he truly had the fierce look of a seasoned warrior and was dressed in highly practical aristocratic attire.


(The Prime Minister, so it was an extremely important person…)


Her bad premonition came true.


Nirva holds the real power in the military and politics, is the No. 2 of the Elgia Kingdom in both name and reality, and is an extremely important figure.


“H-hi, I’m Silver Glorious L Bloodfallen Heart… Nice to meet you.”


“It is my pleasure to meet you.”


As a sign of friendship, the two shook hands firmly and sat down on the sofa.


Berg, who watched Silver and Nirva’s self-introductions, clapped his hands.


“─ All right, then I’ll go back to work.”


“Oh, thank you, Berg. Next time I’ll bring some good booze to your place.”


“Heh, I’m looking forward to it.”


Berg turned heel to reply before opening the door.

(Berg-san, please don’t go…)


Luna pled desperately in her heart… but the door was slammed shut mercilessly.


(Ugh, I let my guard down… that ‘Bald murderer’…)


She clenched her molars and glared at Berg, who was no longer there.


Even if she was the Saint, no matter how many deaths she faced, her basic sensibilities were the same as those of a teenage girl.

She definitely did not enjoy being alone in a close room with a large man ─ moreover the second most important man in the Kingdom.


(Fuu… let’s calm down. Don’t panic, I have to follow Adventurer Silver’s ‘setting’… It’s okay, I’m currently wearing a 2-meter-tall plate armor, so I’m evenly matched in terms of physique!)


As the 158cm tall Saint tried to stay strong, Nirva, who hates silence, began small talk.


“Well, I apologize for barging in on you all of a sudden. Actually, I’ve been wanting to talk to Silver-dono for a while now, but I haven’t been able to get the chance to do so… While I was wondering what to do, I received information that you had accepted the emergency quest. I couldn’t stand still, so I quickly came to see you.”


“I see.”


Having succeeded in starting a conversation, he cleared his throat with a small cough and began with the lightest of his three things to do.


“─ Silver-dono, first of all, I must express my gratitude to you.”




“Yes. Thank you very much for your help in subjugating the demon Weiss Baderhorn the other day. If it weren’t for Silver-dono’s help, that city would have suffered catastrophic damage. His Majesty the King wishes for me to convey his words ‘I want to convey my gratitude’.”


“Don’t mention it. As the Saint’s representative, I am merely following her will.”


“Indeed. Then, the emergency quest too…?”


“Of course, there’s no need to thank me for that either. I’ve already received an appropriate amount of compensation from the Adventurer’s Guild.”


When Luna said that, Nirva cringed slightly as if in admiration.


“As expected of a representative of the Saint, you are a very generous person.”


“Fufu, praise will get you nowhere. (Nirva-san, you look quite scary, but you might be a nice person who is easy to talk to…!)”


As usual, the little Saint-sama relaxed her nerves, and when the atmosphere in the room warmed up nicely, Nirva decided to ask something a little more in-depth.


“By the way Silver-dono, I wish to ask something unrelated… the secret treasure of our country that was taken away by the demons ─ the ‘Red Book’, where is it now?”


“…I returned that prophetic book to the Saint.”


“I see… it was originally the Saint’s possession, so that’s only natural (Silver-dono’s wariness increased tremendously. It’s a shame about the prophecy book, but I shouldn’t push any further).”


“Thank you for your understanding. (Whew… that was lucky. I was worried about what I would do if he asked me to give it back, but I’m glad he backed down so easily…)”


Self-introductions, small talk, in-depth topic ─ from the light introduction, the conversation gradually progressed to more serious content, and finally, the ‘last business’ began.


“Well… we’re both busy people, so let’s get down to business.”


Nirva straightened up and looked straight at Luna.


“The reason I came here today is to make a ‘certain request’ to Silver-dono.’’


“What kind of request?”


“According to research by my country’s intelligence personnel, recently, the remnants of the Leonard Faith Country seem to be plotting something nefarious… I would like you to investigate.’’


“Leonard Faith Country’s… ‘remnants’? Huh, did that country perish?”


Leonard Faith Country is a collection of demon worshipers.

300 years ago ─ during a time of war when demons and demi-humans were rampaging, Founder Leonard spread the doctrine of ‘Human and Demon Union’.

They took advantage of the strained era, utilized the public’s anxiety with skilful words, and quickly expanded their power ─ eventually growing to become a nation.


When Luna was executed, it was at the height of its prosperity… but according to Nirva, it was already in ruins.


“Three hundred years ago, several months after the Saint’s execution, Leonard Faith Country was defeated at the end of a fierce ‘religious war’ with the rival Saint Church. The founder Leonard led the high-ranking executives and a few zealous fanatics and disappeared from the public eye. (…This is strange. Why doesn’t he know about the downfall of the Leonard Faith Country? Isn’t Silver-dono the Saint’s representative who lived since 300 years ago…?)”


Silver is a member of the Saint’s Party and is an ‘unsung hero’ who has chosen not to leave his name in history ─ that was the latest opinion of the Saint Society and it was an idea that had received wide support.


As Nirva quietly deepened his insight,


(Uwah…the Saint Church is a group with such history and power…)


After learning that the ‘troublesome fans’ surrounding her were more powerful than she expected, Luna felt worn out from the bottom of her heart.


“There are two main things I would like to ask Silver-dono to do this time. First, infiltrate the Leonard Faith Country and investigate their plan. And if it is evil, crush them before the plan can be put into action.”


“I see…”


Having grasped the outline of the quest, Luna folded her arms in thought.


(…Hmm, it looks like it’s going to be difficult…)


She came to the guild today with a very lighthearted mindset, and didn’t want to accept any troublesome requests.

On top of that, her heart was filled with a sense of fulfillment as she just completed an ‘emergency quest’, a very adventurer-esque task.


(Yeah, I guess I’ll decline this time.)


Luna’s decision was shaken by Nirva’s next words.


“Please keep this to this room… According to the information obtained by the intelligence officer, the remnants of Leonard Faith Country are hiding the relics of the legendary Saint Party ─ the ‘Holy Relics’…”




She instinctively stood up from the sofa and leaned forward.


(He reacted! There is no doubt that the order Silver received from the Saint was to ‘recover the holy relics’!)


Nirva’s reasoning ‘was not exactly correct but pretty close to it’.


“Nirva-san, could those holy relics be the Saint’s prophecy books?”


The holy relics are the ultimate treasures in human history left behind by the legendary Saint party.

What was important to Luna was whether those relics belonged to the Saint or another member of the Saint party.


“I’m sorry, but unfortunately we don’t know that much… However, as Silver-dono knows, Leonard Faith Country was once a great and prosperous country. It won’t be strange if the holy relics they possess are the prophetic books of Saint-sama.’’


“…You’re right…”


Nirva’s reasoning made sense.


“If you accept this request, we will provide Silver-dono with all the information we have after investigating the Leonard Faith Country for many years. Also, if we discover any holy relics while investigating the Church, I promise to transfer them to you.”


“Hmm… (Recovering my dark history is one of my top priorities. I will need to go to the Faith Country someday since my holy relics may be there…)”


As of now, Luna knew almost nothing about the Church.

Where they are now, what they are doing, and what kind of sinister plans was the Kingdom on guard against? If she were to investigate that from scratch, it would take a huge amount of time.

However, if she accepted Nirva’s request, she would receive information from the Kingdom and the holy relics she discovers will become hers.


(Yeah, this is a pretty good deal…)


Luna, sensing the good deal, nodded meaningfully, and Nirva decided that ‘this is the best time to push’ and presented additional conditions.


“This request is extremely dangerous. That’s why we, the Kingdom, have prepared a perfect support system.”


“That’s reliable. May I ask you specifically…?”


“Yes. We are planning to hire excellent Holy Knights as Silver-dono’s bodyguards!”


“Eh, holy knights as escort…?”


Those words made Luna feel a little uneasy.

Naturally, since the holy knights she had seen were a bit… no, quite unreliable in terms of military strength.


Seeing the unexpectedly reluctant reaction, Nirva hurriedly added a correction.


“Ah, no, that was a bit of an inappropriate expression. I am fully aware of Silver-dono’s strength, so rather than calling them ‘bodyguards’, I should call them ‘scouts’. Since the Faith Country is located underground in the desert, we will provide someone to guide you through the underground labyrinth, search for holy relics, and provide such logistical support.’’


“I see… that’s helpful.”


It wasn’t a social gesture or anything so she really appreciated the offer.


After all, Luna was not very good at performing delicate tasks such as searching for enemies, exploring, and detecting.

It was very reassuring to have scouts who specialized in those tasks.


“This time, we selected three people from within the Elgia Kingdom. In front of Silver-dono, I call them ‘scouts’, but in reality they are all ‘quite skilled’.”


“Hoh, could you please tell me who will accompany me…?”


“Of course! First of all, the captain of the Third Holy Knight Platoon, Rayos Reinhardt! And the vice-captain of the same squad, Kaas Melef! Furthermore, the ‘Heavenly-gifted Sword Saint’ Oulu Rustia! The three elites of the Elgia Kingdom is proud of ─”


“─ Sorry, please change them.”


Luna answered immediately.


TLN: Please read my translations at, I did not give permission to any site to host my translations. 

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