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Chapter 282: Object X Cheers

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Although there was space in the city of Meratoni where the airship could land, to avoid unnecessary panic, we decided to land it a little further away from the city of Meratoni this time as well.

However, I decided that there was no need to hide the existence of the airship so much, so I landed it much closer than before.


“Okay, then let’s get off. Anyway, I’m hungry…”

“We’ve had consecutive battles today, after all, so we hadn’t had time to eat.’’

Come to think of it, I hadn’t eaten anything since morning.


“Let’s call the technical team and have dinner at the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“I’ll call them.”

Kefin took the initiative by raising his hand and left the bridge.


“Kefin, you’re just dying to be useful nya.”

Katy followed behind him.


Even the technical team would be hungry and he knows that they will come quietly if I collect their magic stones and magic tools, so he shouldn’t be in such a hurry.

I smiled at Kefin’s loyalty.


“You’re quite admired by the other races besides humans.”

Mr. Bazak turned his gaze towards the direction where Kefin and Katy had left and murmured.


“Haha, I’m glad if you think so. I consider everyone on this airship to be my friends and family.”

“… Family?”

Mr. Bazak looked clearly confused.


“Yes. Unfortunately, I tend to get caught up in a lot of things, and I almost died more than once or twice. The reason I’m able to live like this now is because of everyone who supported me.”

“……Is that so?”

“Yeah. Well then, let’s go.”

‘I’ll be in the Spirit Crystal.’

It seemed that her conversation with the Darkness Spirit was finally over, and Fornoir disappeared into the Spirit Crystal.


Estia seemed to be back and approached Alice to talk about something, so I left them to it, and after getting off the airship with everyone, we headed to the city of Meratoni, showing everyone that we had come down from the airship.



When I saw the soldiers gathered at the gate, I got the impression that they were extremely cautious, but as soon as they saw us, their guard was lifted.

“I’m sorry for always causing alarm.”

“Yeah… but Luciel-sama is the pride of this city.”

All the soldiers responded with smiles.


“Well, I’m grateful. But you don’t have to speak to me with honorifics. I’m not that great a person.”

“Hahaha. That’s impossible. Everyone is grateful to Luciel-sama. In any case, after becoming S-rank healer and Sage, this time you come riding in a vehicle that flies… the conversation topics about Luciel-sama will never stop.”

Although I haven’t done anything for them to be particularly grateful for… I’m confident that I’ve been reluctantly providing various topics to talk about.


“Haha, sorry. Is it all right if we enter?”

“Yes, of course. Welcome back to Melatoni, Luciel-sama.”

“Ah, yes. I’m home.”

For some reason, I felt comforted when I heard those words, perhaps because I thought of the city as my home in this world.


“Just in case, we will escort you to the Adventurer’s Guild with the people here.”

“Um, that’s not really necessary, right?”

As expected, that was a little over the top so I didn’t want to.

Even so, the fact that the destination was set as not the Healer’s Guild but the Adventurer’s Guild meant that nothing much had changed…


“…The residents have already gathered, so while I don’t think anyone will try to do you any harm, it’s going to be a mess, you know?”

“……Thank you for offering.”

I immediately retracted my previous statement and bowed to Gate guard-san.



And the gate guard was right on the money.


In this world with few avenues for entertainment, it seemed that flying vehicles had too much of an impact.


Most people in this world know of the magical flying city, Nelldal, that also flies in the sky and if it’s a clear sunny day, it’s possible to see Nelldal flying in the distance.

However, I realized that it is considered a completely different world from the one in which they live in.


Gate guard-san commented that the last time he was here he witnessed me flying in the sky, and this time he witnessed me flying in an airship, so he suddenly started to think that such an era was coming.


As we passed through the gate while talking about such things, the residents of Meratoni gathered in an instant.

Mr. Bazak looked puzzled by the commotion, but I couldn’t spare any focus on him.


“This feels a bit exaggerated…”

“No, Luciel-sama is like an idol to us.”

“An idol?”

“Yes. He flew in the sky with magic, and now he developed a magic tool to fly in the sky. He is just like the legendary Lord Rainstar. But we’ve known Luciel-sama from when he was the town healer.”

It was really embarrassing to hear that directly.


“While I was in Meratoni, I mostly stayed holed up in the Adventurer’s Guild.”

I smiled bitterly as I remembered the past.


“That’s true. However, even if Luciel-sama was in tatters, you always did your best to treat those who were in trouble due to injuries, so there are no residents who don’t know Luciel-sama.”

Gate guard-san was smiling happily the entire time.


Come to think of it, when my training with Instructor reached its peak, I was still given room to preserve magical power to provide proper healing once in a while.

As I was remembering things like that, we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild.


“The excitement is because we know Luciel-sama very well as an ordinary healer, not a brave adventurer or hero who appears in fairy tales. Therefore, we look forward to his continued success in the future.’’

“Thank you very much. But I’m just trying to live my life to the fullest.”

“That’s exactly what Luciel-sama would say.”

After saying that, Gate guard-san told the assembled residents to disperse, and then returned to their posts.


And the residents who had nothing to do with us dispersed, but a few injured people remained.

There seemed to be some residents of the town, but from the looks of it, a party wearing the equipment of new adventurers was also looking at me.

“Area Middle Heal”

I healed everyone without listening to the details.


“If you don’t want to get hurt, I recommend you train properly at the Adventurer’s Guild’s training field. I’m a healer, but I trained at the training field for two years and now I can defend myself, so you guys would be even stronger if you do that.”

After telling them that, the door to the Adventurer’s Guild opened.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Luciel, and Sen’oni.”

“Instructor, why are you waiting at the entrance with a proud stance?”

“I’m just greeting you. Let’s go.”

He tried to drag me to the underground training ground as usual, but this time I didn’t have much time to spare.


“Ah, Instructor, please wait. Before that, I have something important to talk about.”


“Yeah, quite. And I’m sorry but I haven’t eaten anything since before dawn today, so would you mind if I ate first?”

“There’s no helping it if that’s the case. There are a lot of people at the training ground, so it’s fine.”

“Hoh, that’s rare. So you’re being a proper instructor then?”

“Yeah, it’s troublesome, we’ll talk about that later.”

Instructor slurred his words and proceeded toward the dining room, and we followed.


The first thing that caught my eye at the cafeteria was a sign that read, ‘Free food and drink if you drink one cup of Object X or finish a dish made with Object X’.

“Hello, Grulga-san.”

“Oh, Luciel is back. Thanks for helping my brother.”

“Don’t mention it. Thanks to him, some things have improved a lot… anyway, what is this about?”

“It’s exactly what it reads. I haven’t made any progress in developing dishes using that stuff. Of course, I’m paying for it out of pocket.”

How long has he been researching Object X? Should I get Alice to help? …Yeah, I could imagine a terrible future, so I stored that deep in my heart and would never tell her about it.


“I don’t doubt that. More importantly, I would like a normal meal for thirteen people.”

“Okay. A normal meal for thirteen people, two pitchers of Object X, and a meal using that stuff.”

“Um, whose is that?”

“What are you talking about? It’s obviously for Luciel and Broad. Give me a minute.”

After saying that, Grulga-san disappeared into the room behind the counter.

“Instructor, you’re drinking Object X?”

“…It’s to become stronger. If I finish it, I feel like I can win against anyone… though I don’t want to drink it if possible.”

I never expected that Instructor would be drinking Object X…


“So what’s the story?”

“Um, actually…”

Don, don.


“Well, let’s talk about that after drinking this. There’s a lot of audience waiting for this.”

Just before I started speaking, Grulga-san placed Object X, which he had poured into a pitcher glass, on the table.

“Hah, should I really drink this?”

Instructor Broad muttered as he held Object X in a depressed manner, but it seemed obvious that his Object X color was paler.


“Isn’t mine somehow darker?”

“I’m a beginner, and Luciel is probably an expert.”

“What’s the deal with that!?”


However, Instructor didn’t answer and instead tapped my pitcher glass with his own, and started drinking Object X in one go.

After drinking everything in, Instructor dropped to one knee and began to tremble, but I could tell that he must have endured a lot.

I felt like Whirlwind would blow up if someone called and disturbed him, so I reluctantly checked our surroundings and on the contrary, found the adventurers cheering and praising Instructor.


As expected, in that situation, I was afraid of what would happen if I didn’t drink and only Instructor drank Object X, so I too gulped down Object X and drank it all in one go.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to drink it. It was still thick, and the bitterness, smell, harshness, spiciness, and sourness mixed in my mouth, but also repelled each other and stuck in my throat, making me feel sick until the end.


“Ugh~ It’s pretty tough drinking it for the first time in a while. So Instructor Broad, I’m going to go to the foot of the Dragon Valley, where there are a lot of dragon species, and I’m sure I’ll be training there, so would you like to come with me? Of course, you’ll have work from the guild, so there’s no need to push yourself to agree…”


The people around me were calling me a monster as I was acting normal after drinking that, but I memorized their faces and would have a talk with them later.


“Ob couse I’m going, I’m definitely going.”

Instructor still seemed to have trouble speaking, but it appeared he planned to follow.

If he was going to jump at the opportunity this much, It was the right decision to stop by Meratoni.


Immediately after I felt relieved, a voice I knew echoed through the cafeteria.

“Luciel-kun, I would like you to allow us to accompany you there.”

At the entrance of the cafeteria where the voice was heard, Lumina-san was there with the Valkyrie Knights gathered in full force looking towards me.


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