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Chapter 283: The Valkyrie Knights’ Mission

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Why was the Valkyrie Knights, the most powerful group in the Saint Schull Allied Nations, in the Adventurer’s Guild?

“Um, why are Lumina-san and the others in Meratoni? Or more importantly, in the Adventurer’s Guild?”


Lumina-san and the others stopped at the entrance of the cafeteria, and Lumina-san spoke on behalf of them.

“Actually, the Pope has given us, the Valkyrie Knights, an order to ‘escort Sage Luciel’s instructor safely to Meratoni, and if possible, find out the secret of how one can become so powerful as a healer.’’

Why the heck would the Pope issue such an order? Escorts for Instructor… even if she was completely mistaken, I’m sure she knew that the roots of my power came from his training…


“… Even without such an order, you all should know it’s because Instructor trained me for two whole years, right?”

“Yes. That’s why we also received an order that the Valkyrie Knights must acquire power to not only be the strongest in the Saint Schull Allied Nations, but also enough to defeat demons and demon lords.”

What a ridiculous order? Moreover, since they are the strongest force of the Saint Schull Allied Nations, why would she dispatch them away?


“Would the Saint Schull Allied Nations headquarters be okay if the Valkyrie Knights leave the Holy Capital?”

“Yes. To align matters, it appears that our presence would get in the way of reform… So, after this mission is over, I was thinking of traveling around the world to research and ensure that the Healers Branch Guilds are running properly.

Ah, that’s why she wanted to accompany us.

Even so, I could at least understand why Instructor found it troublesome to explain.

Instructor probably wanted to hide the fact that he was being escorted.

Lionel was looking at Instructor with amusement.


“Then, the reason why people were gathering in the underground training area is because Lumina-san and the others were there, right? Usually Instructor is alone or he drags the adventurers underground to train them, so I thought it was strange… ouch.”

Instructor slapped me on the back.

“Don’t run your mouth.”

“Ah, Instructor, you’ve come back to life?”

“…Somehow. I’m not some crazy pervert who could drink that without any issue.”

“As if I’m some crazy pervert who doesn’t mind drinking that. That’s outrageous. It tastes bad, it smells bad, and I don’t even look happy when I drink it.”

“Hey, can’t we do something about this smell?”

“Huh? Ah, Purification.”

When I cast Purification on Instructor and myself just in case, I could see it take immediate effect by looking at Instructor’s face.


“As expected. Of a person who drank that for a way longer time than most.”

“Please don’t be impressed by that.”

Then, the Valkyrie Knights came into the cafeteria in droves… perhaps they were concerned about the smell of Object X?


“Master, have they ever smelled Object X? Or drank it?”

“…I was made to take an oath that I won’t say anything.”

Instructor spoke with a distant look in his eyes.

How did they pressure Instructor to make an oath? But now I know that Lumina and the others have an accurate grasp of Object X.


“So, Luciel-kun, we would like to accompany you, is that okay?”

“Hmm, I’ll have to look at your abilities. I know that you all, including Lumina, are strong. But where we’re going from now on, we’ll need both group and individual strength.”

To begin with, I didn’t really know the actual strength of the current Valkyrie Knights.

I was given good training when I was still at the church headquarters, but if they were not that much stronger compared to back then, I couldn’t take them with me.

I knew I was being demanding, but it couldn’t be helped since the opponent we were trying to fight was a dragon.


“Then how can we get permission to accompany you?”

“Let’s try a group battle. I’ll ask Lionel and Instructor to be the judges. How about me, Kefin, Katy, Nadia, and Lydia versus the Valkyrie Knights?”

“…Are you underestimating our abilities?”

Well, it was only natural to think that way since the number of people was half…


“No, with this lineup, I think we can destroy all the Knight Orders in the Holy Capital except for the Valkyrie Knights. The reason I didn’t include Lionel and Instructor is because I have to ascertain whether you all have the actual power to fight dragons.”

I truly believed that much power was needed.

I felt bad for Kefin and the others for making the decisions without their input, but Kefin and Katy haven’t fought against the Valkyrie Knights since their levels rose, so I could see their current abilities.


“…I understand. But are you sure you want to judge solely based on who wins?”

“Yeah. Because that is the simplest. It’s been a while since I’ve fought against Lumina-san, so I look forward to it.”

“The same here.”

I could see fire in Lumina’s eyes.


“Tch, I’m on judge duty this time.”

Instructor clicked his tongue, looking bored, but it seemed like he wasn’t against the mock battle.


“Luciel-sama, in that case, will we be spending the night in Meratoni?”

“Hmm, I guess so. I feel like flying at night is dangerous…”

“Then it can’t be helped.”

Now that I think about it, it’s been half a month since Ienith suddenly contacted him.

“Lionel probably wanted to head to Ienith quickly because of Nahlia… I’m sorry.”

“No problem, if we can gather more numbers to form a fighting force, it’s a good thing. Then we’ll have to find accommodation.”

He really is a model retinue.

I’ll have to think of something to reward him.


“Then I’ll get that sorted for you. Luciel and the others should eat first.”

“Thank you Instructor.”

“Of course, Luciel will stay in the basement.”

Ah, that smile means he’ll have mock battles with me until he’s satisfied…

But I couldn’t refuse his suggestion.



“Then we will first formulate a strategy downstairs.”

“Okay. We’ll head to the training ground in an hour.”

“See you later…”

After saying that, Lumina-san headed toward the cafeteria entrance, but Lucy-san and Elizabeth-san seemed to have something else to say, so they approached us.


“Luciel…sama, I couldn’t thank you when you saved me last time. Thank you for saving me back then.”

“Luciel-sama, thank you for saving me that time when my mind and body turned into a demon.”

Both of them seemed confused about how to interact with me now that I was a Sage.


“Since we’re not at the headquarters of Saint Schull Church, I am not of a higher rank than the two of you, so I would be grateful if you could continue to treat me as usual.”

“Really? But thank you very much.”

“Luciel-san, even if your position changes, your attitude doesn’t change much.”

“Because I’m still a greenhorn.”

They, not just Instructor and Lionel whom I respect, really make me realize things that I wasn’t aware of and often taught me things.


“Exactly what Luciel would say. But the Valkyrie Knights will win.”

“Be prepared.”

“Sure, then I have a message for Lumina-san. If you think of this just as a mock battle, it’ll be over in an instant. Just tell her that.”

I smiled a little and tried to be intimidating.



“L-later then.”

The two left the dining room.



“Luciel, have you already decided whether or not to take them with you?”

“No, not yet. If we judge that the person, on their own, can’t confront a dragon to buy time or escape, we can’t take them with us. That’s why I asked two people who can accurately measure the margin of growth to be referees.”


“It’s going to cause trouble again… but it can’t help it if that’s the case.”

“Leave it to me.”

Instructor Broad was reluctant, but for some reason, he was holding back a smile and nodded.

Lionel was still the same.


“Luciel, please help me carry the food.”

Just then, Grulga-san called out to me, and there seemed to be two dishes: a regular dish and a covered dish.

“This is the dish made using Object X. I’m sorry, but please eat it here.”

“Um, but you call me to carry the food?”

“I’ll carry the normal food to them, but Luciel, please carry this to your own mouth.”

“What!? Then Instructor…”

“Broad left immediately when I called out to you.”

It was planned.

In the end, I ended up having to eat two portions of a meal made using Object X and I somehow managed by staring at the food the others were eating.

Some adventurers praised me, but no one approached me.


Once again recognizing the effect of Object X on repelling not only monsters but also people, I cast Purification and moved to the other table to have the meeting on the fight with the Valkyrie Knights.


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