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Chapter 284: Versus The Valkyrie Knights’

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It was a disappointing result for me, who had been looking forward to Grulga’s delicious food at the Adventurer’s Guild, but everyone seemed to be enjoying Grulga’s delicious food…

“Grulga-san, please let me eat some delicious food too. I can’t stomach any more food containing Object X.”

“Tch, the prototyping and research won’t progress unless Luciel is here after all. After fighting downstairs, come back to the canteen.”

“That’s why I like Grulga-san.”

“But please try a few more prototypes and let me know what you think.”


As expected, since he was called by the nickname of Cooking Bear, it was extremely scary to be approached so close.

Grulga returned to the kitchen while smiling at my reply.


After waiting for the conversation with Grulga-san to end, Kefin called out to me.

“So, Luciel-sama, you say you’re going to fight those people, but do you have any plans?”

“That’s right, nya. I think we can win if we do it normally, nya. But we’ve never practiced coordination, nya.”

Kefin and Katy didn’t seem to think they would lose individually, but they seemed to think they would have a hard time in team fights.


“You were trained by Instructor and Lionel in the Grandol labyrinth. It would be a different story if the two of you had been playing around for half a year since then, but since you can individually defeat demonized soldiers, I think we’ll be able to manage?”

“Luciel-sama, does that mean you will seriously fight against those people?”

“Does that mean I’ll be using spirit magic as well?”

Nadia and Lydia asked the obvious.


“Eh? That’s right. I’m also planning on borrowing the power of dragons. If possible, I’d like to know how well I can fight against humans. I won’t actually kill anyone, but other than that I’ll give it my all.”

Especially since even if I used the power of Thunder Dragon, I would still lose to Instructor who had his level lowered, so I wouldn’t be able to beat Lumina-san unless I tried my hardest…


However, Lionel made an unexpected proposal.

“Luciel-sama, if possible, I would like you to fight only by strengthening your body for a little while from the start…”

“Um, may I ask why?”

As expected, I was confused about responding to the request without knowing his intentions.


“Yes. If it ends too soon, we won’t be able to estimate whether or not they have the strength to counter a dragon.”

Lumina’s Accel Boost is the only thing that scares me, but other than that, I guess it’ll work out?

“…What about recovery and barrier magic? And what about Lydia’s magic?”

“If possible, please use only barrier magic. Dragon species have a high defense against physical and magic, so I think I can make a judgment on various things based on that. Also, there is no problem with Lydia using spirit magic.”

Lionel saw Lydia’s spirit magic at the Empire’s fortress, so he must have been able to judge whether there was a problem or not.


“Understood. Thank you everyone.”


Okay. Then the combat team is ready.


“Dolan, what will the technical team do? You don’t have any tools, so you can’t do anything… right?”

In the midst of talking to Dolan, Dolan grinned and pulled out tools from his magic bag.

Dolan… I felt like I saw Dolan’s pride as an engineer.


“I want to spend time analyzing these things that are still unclear, so I’m thinking of heading to the inn first.”

Paula, Rician, Ryina, and Nanya were nodding in response to Doran’s suggestion.


If that happens, only Estia and Alice would remain…

“Luciel-sama, I will watch the mock battle. After we finish eating, I’ll hang out with Alice for a little while.”

“…… All right.”

I had a rough idea of ​​Estia’s needs.


Then Alice, who was next to Estia, opened her mouth while looking at me and Instructor’s Object X.

“Hey, Sage-sama. You were just drinking… umm, Lament of the Gods/Object X? Are you all right drinking something like that? The contents I appraise were quite abnormal though?”

Come to think of it, Alice was a holder of Appraisal.

However… does the content mean that she was able to identify what it is? I wanted to ask, but I was afraid because she said it wasn’t normal.


“…Did you find out what it was through Appraisal?”

“Yes. It says that the one Sage-sama drank is double concentrated.”

“Oh, only that… wait, concentrated?”

“Yes. It says double.”

“That makes sense… I thought the colors were different… What is that person giving me to drink!”

When I looked at Grulga-san, he was cooking without acknowledging me.


“Also, it seems like it was made with a pill melted by magic, but what kind of pill was it originally?”

If I’m not remembering wrongly, this person died by mixing things into a dangerous concoction…


“…If you’re interested, you should drink it before you do anything.”

After telling her that, I decided to move to the training ground.



The Valkyrie Knights were already waiting in formation at the training field, and the people who would have been training had already vacated the inside of the training field to the passageway outside the training field.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting. Instructor also came here earlier.”

“Yeah. If I fought Luciel after eating that, it would probably turn out badly in many ways.”

“……Is that so”

I ate as much food as I could of Instructor’s Object X-containing dishes… of course, I couldn’t complain about that out loud so I kept it in my heart.



“So, Luciel-kun, I would like to double-check the rules this time.”

Lumina-san is truly an honest and upright person.


“Anything is allowed except for instant death attacks. It doesn’t matter if you cut off an arm or a leg. I’ll heal everything once the battle is over. If there’s anything you want, you can state your terms.”

“…I understand. I’ll accept the conditions as they are. We will remind Luciel-kun of the power of the Valkyrie Knights Corps.”

Lumina-san’s smile had already disappeared.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

After Lumina-san and I distanced ourselves a little, Instructor gave us the signal to start.


“Then let’s start right away… begin!”

Instructor looked at me and Lumina-san, who were about 10 meters apart, and then gave the signal.


Immediately after the signal was given, Lumina-san’s sword came towards me, as if she had read that I would jump backwards.

It seemed like she activated her Accel Boost from the very beginning.


For a moment, I thought that Lumina-san’s momentum was so fast that it might be a bit unpleasant, but Lumina-san’s sword never reached me.

A high-pitched sword clash resounded, and Lumina-san’s sword was repelled by Kefin’s sword, who had pulled me out from behind.


The moment I landed, I circulated the magical power within my body at high speed and seriously slashed Lumina-san with my Illusion Sword.

Lumina managed to block it with her shield, but her body floated up and was thrown backward.


“Luciel-sama, even though you were trying to lure me in, if you just jump backward without strengthening your body, you’re just a target.”

“But, Lumina-san took the bait after all, right? Everyone on your side didn’t move either.”

“Luciel-sama, lately… never mind, let’s go then.”

What was it? I was curious since she stopped midsentence…

But I didn’t have time to ask, so I did my task first.


“Before that─”

I activated Area Barrier on everyone.


That was the signal for us to start fighting.


Kefin and Katy spread out to the left and right, dividing the consciousness of the Valkyrie Knights to the left and right.

Then, an icicle created in the air by Lydia’s spirit magic attacked the Valkyrie Knights.

Nadia and I stood by on the spot, waiting for the Valkyrie Knights’ formation to collapse.



Four years have passed since we first met.

Not a single new Holy Knight joined the Valkyrie Knights Corps.

However, not a single member of the Valkyrie Knights Corps dropped out.


Anyone could understand that the Valkyrie Knights Corps would be exposed to a much more difficult battle if someone got injured or dropped out due to the lack of replenishment of forces.

Even before the current demonization scandal, Lucy and Elizabeth, who were injured in the war with the Empire, were said to have returned immediately, and the troop’s morale, training, and cooperation were at a high level.


That’s why we had to assess Lumina and the others.

Were they someone to be protected or someone to fight alongside?


Marluca-san and Gannet-san came forward to counter Lydia’s spirit magic, and when they held hands, red and green magic powers mixed and blew away all of Lydia’s icicles.

Then, Lipnea-san and Bearice-san went to Kefin, and Elizabeth-san and Saran-san took care of Katy.

Lipnea-san and Elizabeth-san, who are masters of twin swords, were competing based on the number of moves, while Bearice-san and Saran-san were supporting with spears and great swords.


The orthodox Cassie with a long sword and a shield, a small shield and rapier Queena-san, who emphasizes speed, and Myra-san, who uses a naginata, which is rare in this world, believed in their friends and were wary of me and Nadia.

Lucy seemed to be observing the whole field while treating Lumina-san who was blown away.


It seemed like each person was concentrating on their battle, fulfilling their roles.


“But, that’s exactly why… I don’t want you to accompany me to the dangerous foot of the Dragon Valley.”

If you just want to raise your level, after everything is finished, you can raise it in the room where the random boss appears in the labyrinth of Grandol.

I intend to follow Lionel and Instructor’s decisions, but I had decided to seriously try to break the hearts of the Valkyrie Knights.


“Nadia, are you ready?”


“Lydia, three times as much as before.”


Taking a deep breath, I gave the signal to take action.


At that moment, our real attack began.


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