Extra 8 <Intermission> The Teleported Djinn and His Followers – Part 2

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


The city the group arrived at wasn’t particularly large.

It was more of a settlement.

At its center was an oasis, where water bubbled up, and around it stood about twenty tents.


“It’s quite cool around this pond.”

Oranj exclaimed happily. Even as a Djinn’s follower, he didn’t like it too hot, cool was preferable.


“According to a book I read before, humans call this an oasis.”

“Indeed, Isolde. If only Oranj could emulate your attitude even a little…”

Garwin praised Isolde’s input.


“Why drag me into this? You didn’t even know, Garwin-sama!”

“Silence, Oranj! I don’t need to. As long as you guys serve me, you can make up for my shortcomings.”

“How selfish…”

Oranj lamented Garwin’s selfishness.


Being a follower seemed tough…



As the group washed their faces and drank water at the oasis, an old woman approached.



“I don’t understand the language.”

Oranj muttered when addressed.


Garwin blinked his eyes two or three times.




“Oh? I understand her!”

The old woman spoke the same words again, which Oranj now understood.


“Yeah. We got lost and ended up here.”

Garwin replied politely, a departure from his usual manner.


First, gathering information was crucial.


“It’s best to leave here as soon as possible.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because the members of the ‘Devil’s Guild’ will be arriving soon. Once they see your beautiful daughter, they’ll definitely want to claim her for themselves.”

The old woman said, glancing briefly at Isolde.



“The Devil’s Guild. Devil as in, that Devil?”

“Obviously not. Besides, the Devil isn’t interested in women.”

Oranj and Isolde were whispering to each other.


“If that’s the case, their naming sense is terrible.”

“I agree, but…what name would you give them?”

“Naturally, I’d call them Orange Juice!”

“Yeah, I shouldn’t have asked.”



Ignoring Oranj and Isolde’s conversation, Garwin asked the old woman.

“So, why are these Devil’s Guild people coming?”

“They’re coming to extort money and food from us.”

“Oh, I see. They’re a bunch of bad guys.”

Garwin chuckled.


For some reason, he seemed happy.


“Where are they coming from?”

“They’re coming from Tantoga, where the capital is.”

“Oh, I see. Is the capital far? Is it big?”

“It’s the capital, so it’s big. It’s just beyond two oases… Are you going to the capital?”

“Yeah. I’m starting to think that might be a good idea.”



An hour later.

The five of them ignored the old woman’s advice and sat by the edge of the oasis, resting.

The area around the oasis was surprisingly cool, so Oranj had been sleeping soundly.


Finally, men riding camels appeared from the western desert.

There were twelve of them.


“Hey! The usual collection…”

The man at the front shouted, but his words were cut off midway.

Not just him, but everyone else, their gaze fixated on one spot.


Approaching them was a black-haired beauty.


The woman spoke.

“Are you members of the Devil’s Guild?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”


At that moment, no one noticed the sinister smile on Garwin’s face.

Then, an order was given.



“Keep one of them alive. To guide us.”



And then, three gusts of wind blew through the ranks of the Devil’s Guild.


Oranj, Vim Lowe, and Juke.


The heads of four people flew, blood spurting from their necks, and three of them turned to stone.



“Huh? What’s going on?”

Among the Devil’s Guild, only the man who had been talking to Isolde at the front remained unharmed.

But a sword was pressed against his throat by Isolde.


“You’re our prisoner. Now guide us to the capital.”

“Yes ma’am…”



And so, Garwin’s group obtained twelve camels, including spares, and a guide.


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