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WM V1C0142

Two intermission chapters again as they are short before we start the new arc next week!

Chapter 0142 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Tseirp

By the time the Royal Capital chaos occurred, Cohn had already left the Royal Capital.


C-rank adventurer Cohn of the Inbury Duchy.

That was a fact.

But he was also very close to the Duchy government.

Cohn, who appeared in the Adventurer’s Guild of the Royal Capital, confirmed that a letter addressed to him had arrived there.

“Set off immediately to the embassy.”

A very short text. However, the letter gave a sense of urgency.



Embassy of the Inbury Duchy.

There, his identity was confirmed and the instructions directly from the Duchy Government were received.

He checked the contents and frowned.

The instructions were thrown into the fire of the fireplace, and after confirming that it was completely burnt, he left the room.


“It’s a lot of money, but infiltration is always too dangerous …”

After muttering softly, he left the Royal Capital.

As a result, he was not involved in the turmoil of the Royal Capital.


The Duchy government instructions.

Simply put, it was an order for espionage.

The Duchy was still a very young nation, ten years since its complete independence.

Aside from its bureaucracy, its intelligence organization was said to be excellent, but still at a small scale.


However, information gathering was essential for the survival of a small country.

Therefore, the Duchy government engaged adventurers, belonging to the Duchy with proven loyalty, in intelligence activities.

With the resources it possesses, it was a powerful card that could only be achieved by the Inbury Duchy, which was one of the wealthiest small countries.


Moreover, many of the selected members were those who engaged in the behind-the-scenes work of the Duchy in the 『Great War』 ten years ago and fought by hitting the Union from the back.

They were by no means disposable and were very useful human resources for the Duchy, and were one of the factors that the Duchy gained considerable power in just ten years.


Cohn was one of those adventurers.


And Cohn’s destination this time was Jaycrea, the capital of the Handal Union.


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